How to Slay Your Twenties

How to Slay Your Twenties 

Your twenties are definitely difficult to venture through. I still find myself asking “When will it get easier?” or “When will I finally feel successful?” Well, success takes time my friend and it doesn’t come easy. When you feel like throwing the towel in, remember that you can slay your twenties. Here is a list of tips that I put together for you. 

How to slay your twenties


You’re only young once so travel while you are still young. Go outside of your comfort zone and go places you’ve never been before!

Save Your Money

As often as possible, put money aside and start a savings. You will thank me later! Be money smart. It is the best thing you can do for your future.

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Invest In Your Health

Love your body, treat it well. Do things to better yourself. Keep yourself healthy. This includes mental health too! Practice self-love and learn how to love yourself.

Have Morning & Night Routines

Your twenties can be chaotic. To make it a little less chaotic, create a morning and night routine. This will be a way for you to stay on track. Whether it be a skincare routine, time set aside for yourself to unwind, a time to write everyday, going to bed at specific times and waking up at specific times. Having daily routines help to create a stress free environment.

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Have Personal Time Daily

I love setting aside time where I hang out by myself and just unwind from the day. I think this is extremely important. Alone time is not a bad thing. Take a bath, put on a face mask, and drink a glass of wine. You deserve it!

Have a Resume

In your twenties you start to think about your career more than before. If you plan on applying to jobs, it’s important to have a resume! Make it the best you can. It’s never a bad thing to invest time and effort into perfecting your resume.

Figure Out Who Your True Friends Are

Life happens and in my twenties I truly found who some of my true friends are. After high school and college you will lose touch with those who you thought you’d know forever. That’s okay. You don’t need a ton of friends to live a happy life. Find out who truly cares about you and keep them close. As you get older time becomes limited so it takes a lot of effort to keep a friendship alive. You will know which friendships are worth the effort and make sure the effort is reciprocated. Your friends should be your biggest supporters.

Keep Up With Your Car 

Your car is a priority if you need to get from work and back or just in general. It’s time to be an adult and keep that bad boy alive. Oil changes, tire checks, brake checks, alignments, tune ups it’s all important. Having your car break down is pricey and can really put a dent in your plans.

Learn How To Stop People Pleasing

I can’t say this loud enough. In life you will NEVER please everyone so stop trying to. It will eat you up inside if you go through life trying to please everyone. You will always have those who have opposite views and opinions and that is okay! Be the bigger person and accept your opposite views and move on.

Learn To Shake Off The Haters

There will always be those who will hate on you in life. They will want to see you fail. They refuse to watch you succeed. That’s when you shake them off and continue to live your life the way you want. I still have to practice this piece of advice myself. I tend to take what everyone says to heart but, sometimes you need to just shake it off. No Taylor Swift pun intended. (;

When You Fail, Don’t Give Up

We all fail at one point or another. It’s okay. You learn from your mistakes and you keep pushing forward. Don’t give up just because times are getting a little bit tough. You can push through and you will succeed. Try, try, try again!

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One of the best decisions i’ve made was to practice faith. I believe it is important to have faith in something. I just happen to have faith in God. Whenever I need someone to turn to, I turn to him. It helps me to feel better about the most difficult situations and it helps me to believe that things will look up. Pray because he always answers.

It’s Okay To Not Know What Your Purpose In Life Is 

My biggest struggle is trying to find my purpose in life. What is my calling? What am I supposed to be doing? You have an aunt that constantly reminds you to go back to school. Or you have an uncle that asks what your plans are after college. It is okay if you don’t have all the answers just yet. It takes time. Don’t feel that you aren’t on the right track if you are still unsure of what you want to do for the rest of your life.

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Be With The Right Partner

Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t recognize your worth. Be with someone who reminds you everyday just how lucky they are. Make sure they are making you feel loved and important. Life is too short to be in a toxic, unhealthy relationship. It’s important to be respected and feel love.

Make Time For Your Family

As we get older life becomes busier. This is no excuse to not make time for your family. Family is forever. Even communicating with your family is important and there is time. It is simple, you make time. You will regret it if you do not make the time. Too often I see families only spending time with one another at a funeral. By then it’s too late.

Give Yourself A Break

Take time to sit back and relax. You don’t have to be on the go 24/7. It’s also okay to tell yourself how well you are slaying life. Don’t be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect.

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Know That You Are Not Alone 

There are many who are going through the same struggles that you are. Don’t feel as if you are the only one. Although I know sometimes it may feel that way but, that is not the case. There are so many out there who have no idea what they want to do with their future. There are so many out there who feel as if they can barely make it by. There are so many out there who feel as if they are not “good enough”. You are never alone.

Ask For Help

Don’t ever be ashamed to ask for help. I still ask my parents for help often. I for sure do not know everything and my parents have been through it all. They always have the answers. It’s okay to ask for help every now and again!

 Keep Your Space Clean 

It’s your space, take pride in it. The clearer your space is, the clearer your mind is. You will feel a lot less stress and anxiety.

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Build Your Credit

The awful, dreaded word; Credit. This can make or break you. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid multiple credit cards. The key is to have one or two credit cards that you pay off the balance monthly. You NEVER want to max them out. I have been trying to improve my credit score so I try to keep my balances no higher than 40%. Having a good (high) credit score is key to your future. This will allow you to get approved for car loans, a mortgage, and more. Pay your bills on time!

Set Goals 

Do this!!! Set goals and work to achieve them. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals. Set financial, career, relationship, health goals. Don’t stop until you have achieved them!

Stop Settling 

Don’t settle on anything, EVER. You are much too young. You deserve a relationship where you know it’s “the one”. Don’t settle because you are afraid to start over. Travel the world. Don’t settle and stay in one spot because you think you have to. Have a career you love. Don’t settle for a career you hate just to “make money.”

Focus On Positivity Rather Than Negativity

The more positive you are, the less negative you will feel. Stop spreading negativity and spread positivity instead. Try to focus on what is going right in your life rather than focusing on what’s going wrong.

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 Believe In Yourself

Only you know what is best for you. Believe in yourself (when I say this I think of the Arthur theme song..anyone else? #weird)  and find your confidence. This will take you a long way.

Stop Comparing

There is nothing worse than comparing yourself to someone else. You may think someone else is better than you but that’s just not true. Just because someone graduated before you doesn’t mean they are “better” than you. It’s okay to have a different path in life than someone else. We can’t all live the same life. It’s especially important to stop comparing your relationships. You only see other’s relationships from the outside. Who knows what their relationship is like behind closed doors. Every relationship has their struggles. It’s normal. You are also beautiful in your own way so stop comparing your waist size and beauty. Comparing will eat you up inside.

Don’t Go Out To Eat Often

Do yourself a favor and save your money by eating at home. Going out to eat for dinner becomes quite the expense. Become friends with a crock pot and find your wallet to be fuller as well as your tummy.

Laugh Often

It sounds extremely cliche but laughing keeps you young and healthy. Always find a reason to laugh. Life is too short to be serious all the time. Have some fun and a sense of humor.

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Push All Fear Aside 

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love. I am talking about; fear of failing, fear of others opinions, fear of embarrassment etc. You need to push these fears aside if you want to slay your twenties. Go after what you love and forget about fear.

A Drama Free Lifestyle Is Key 

As you get older you start to realize the drama is not worth it. It’s okay to live a boring drama free lifestyle. In fact it’s the best way to live!

Remember You Do Not Know It All

There is absolutely no one who knows it all. Even those who have been on this earth for 100 years do not know it all. If you act as if you know it all, it will lead to unwanted drama. Be humble and remember that everyday you will learn something new.

I hope these tips help you slay your twenties. It sure has helped me so far and like I said, each day I learn something new! (:

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  • I feel like some of these seem so obvious but they’re also so easy to overlook/ignore. Especially things like saving money and taking time for ourselves! I’m in my mid-twenties and I still struggle with a lot of these things, but I’m getting better! Great points though, to the point and very necessary.

  • Trying to figure out who your true friends are is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I’ve been feeling the exact same way as you do when it comes to “When will it get easier?” or “When will I finally feel successful?”. I love all of your advice!

    Love always,


  • Totally agree with the health point, especially mental health!! Learning to put yourself and your health first is super important ♥️ Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to read more of your content x

  • I have a few years left in my 20s and I need to slay the best I can! I’ll definitely be utilizing some of the tips here that I don’t already do! So far, I have mastered a few of these tips. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hey Lauren, this is a lovely post and I wish I had read it a few years back. Long past my twenties but these are still relevant and important for my daily life too! I especially think younger people would benefit from staying home for dinner, there is so much money spent on eating out but often the quality of food isn’t healthy or worth the price!

  • Love these tips…they really do put things into perspective and allow space to reflect and refocus.
    One point that stood out to me was “it’s ok not to know what your purpose is” (which I have been having a hard time trying to figure out) because I love to travel but I can’t find a career that I love to provide money to live and travel (I’ve been in too many part time jobs that I’ve hated e.g waitressing, retail, cafe work, and they’ve got me down so I’m again at square one with trying to find a career I love and find my purpose. Any suggestions?

    • Have you ever thought of starting a blog and writing about your travels! Blogging is actually my full time job and it takes me places (:

  • Before diving into the world of blogging, I was employed part-time as a medical office assistant for a busy family practice specializing in obstetrics. Previous to that job, I have worked for the University of British Columbia Southern Medical Program, an optometrist office, and in a pediatric ophthalmologist clinic. My passion for helping people drew me to employment in the healthcare field and now into the entrepreneurial world full-time. I am excited about all the possibilities to come!

  • This post is such a great reminder of what we should be striving for in our twenties! I’m definitely working on letting go of people-pleasing and building my credit… and if I’m being honest I need to be better at taking care of my car…