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How to Manage Stress

How to Manage Stress & What you Need to Eliminate!

Stress is undeniable, it creeps into our everyday life even when we aren’t asking for it. Here’s a list of ways to manage & deal with stress as well as some things you should eliminate to start living a stress-free life!

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How to manage stress and anxiety when you are feeling overwhelmed. Read these tips!

Time Management

Nothing is more stressful than not having enough time to complete all of the tasks you have to do. Making sure you give yourself enough time in the day is really important! If this means having to wake up a little bit earlier, than do so! That really helps me to get a lot more done. I used to be one who would sleep in forever & then stress over not having the time to clean or do my grocery shopping. Making sure to plan your time wisely is a must!

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30 Mins Of Cleaning A Day

This makes my life a lot less stressful. Nothing is more stressful than a messy house. I don’t know about you but when my laundry piles up days after days I begin to really freak out. Set a timer and clean as much as you can within 30 mins. Do this daily and it will make your life a lot less hectic and stressful. Plus a clear clean space = a clear clean mind!

Make Lists

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed if you have too much to do. Making lists helps to keep you focused and organized. It helps to lessen the stress of the everyday hustle & bustle. I personally find making lists very therapeutic. Grocery lists, to do lists, chore lists, idea lists, any kind of lists!

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Declutter The Negativity

Toxic relationships and negative people have stress written all over them. Eliminating all negativity from your life will create a stress-free environment. I’m telling ya.

Disconnect From Technology

I know it’s difficult because let’s face it, in this day and age almost everyone is glued to their cell phone. Social media is actually known to cause a lot of stress. If you disconnect even for a day you will feel a sense of relief.

Stress Balls

Admit it, squeezing a stress ball helps. You know it, I know it, we all know it!


I know I am constantly repeating myself with this whole yoga/meditation ordeal but it’s real! It works! It reduces stress so effectively, I recommend it to everyone.

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Sit Out In The Sun

Get that vitamin D ! Sunlight helps not only with depression and anxiety but with stress as well. Go outside, get some fresh air, and soak up the sun.

Budget Plan

This is my #1 go to for a stress free lifestyle. Financial stress is the worst kind of stress out there. There is nothing worse than living pay check to pay check each week. Nothing worse than worrying if you are going to have enough money to pay your bills on time. With a budget plan you KNOW you will be able to pay your bills on time and you will even see how much money you will have left over. Starting a budget plan each month helped reduce so much of my stress. I wish I did it sooner.

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Get A Massage

Stress can cause built up tension in your muscles. Getting a massage helps to loosen the tension and reduce stress. It’s a plus that massages are also relaxing and make you feel amazing in general. Everyone should treat themselves to one.

Prepare For Your Day In Advance

Remember when you would get so excited for your first day back to school. You would plan out your outfit and everything the night before. Continue this! It helps! Think about what you need to do to get ready for the day that’s ahead of you. Plan your day out the night before. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared. If you are prepared, you have no reason to stress.

Get Lots Of Sleep

This is vital. It’s important that you rest. If your body is tired then you will have no energy to want to get anything done and chances are you might push important tasks off to the side. Not to mention sleep is important for good health as well. 7-8 hours is the perfect amount.

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Use A Planner

A perfect tool to use when it comes to dealing with stress. This falls with planning your days in advance. If you have an important appointment coming up, write it in your planner. Just like the school days. Nothing wrong with writing important dates down, or any notes in general.

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Focus On What You Can Control 

I find often that we focus more on what we CAN’T control rather than what we CAN control. Unfortunately we can’t control everything but if we focus on what we can control instead, maybe we can simplify our life.

Let Go Of The Past

This is part of the “things you can’t control” category. The past is the past and leave it there. You can’t change it, so stop stressing over it. Move on and live in the present and you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Think Positively & Spread Kindness 

If you have a more positive, kind, mindset you will soon notice that positivity will be flowing out your veins. Eventually, hopefully, your positivity will rub off on others. This provides you with a happy, positive, stress free, lifestyle!

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This gets your blood pumping and can relieve stress! This is a fact that many already know but I like to add it in there.

These are some of the ways I have managed and controlled my stress. I hope these help for you as well!

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