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Are you ready to step towards your soul's purpose?

Natal chart readings - astrology - finding your soul's purpose

Did you know astrology can help you discover who you are and what your soul was meant to do in this lifetime? Did you also know that astrology is more than just your sun sign?

When you look into your natal chart using astrology you can discover more about yourself than ever before. 

I used to be a non-believer of astrology until I started researching my own natal chart. Learning astrology has changed my life. It helped me discover myself in unbelievable ways. Astrology pointed out not only my strengths, but also my weaknesses. I was able to face my own shadows and improve so that I could finally live out my most authentic self. 

Your natal chart is essentially the blue print of your life. 

It even brought up childhood trauma that happened to me in the past that only I would know about. This helped me face my unhealed trauma so that I could finally heal and move forward.

If we have unhealed trauma, we carry that with us into adulthood and that holds us back from reaching our full potential. This is because of our fears and mindsets that stem back to the pain caused from our unhealed traumas. 

Astrology also taught me what my soul was meant to do during this life time and what my soul did in previous lifetimes. 

With astrology I was able to look into how my husband and I could strengthen our marriage together. My husband was also a non-believer until I did a reading for him and compared our charts.

There have been so many moments in my life that lead me to my life purpose. Through astrology, manifesting, reframing my mindset, and going on my own spiritual journey I have been able to completely transform my life.

My hopes is that through the services I offer, I can help you do the same!

Now don’t get me wrong, astrology DOES NOT dictate your life. You have free will and your life can manifest in many different ways, that’s all up to you!

I only aim to help you discover your true potential because we are all destined for greatness, but ONLY YOU have the power to get yourself there!

My services are for you if:

  • you are finally ready to take that step towards your soul’s purpose!
  • you are ready to face your shadows so that you can finally heal and come out on top!
  • you are ready to manifest the life your soul has been craving!
Soul's purpose - self discovery call

60 Minute 1:1 Self-Discovery Natal Reading Call - $66

During this 1:1 60 minute call I will go over your natal chart with you and what it all means. 

We will discuss your strengths as well as areas in your life that you may struggle with. We can talk about it and figure out how to help you improve. 

I will also talk to you about shadow work and how you can heal from your own traumas so that those unhealed wounds don’t hold you back. 

We will also talk about potential career paths and what your soul’s purpose is during this lifetime. 

The 1:1 call offers face-to-face personalized discussion which some prefer rather than a written explanation with no additional discussion.

You are allowed to be as vulnerable as you want, free from any judgment. I hope that this call will bring you a sense of purpose, direction, healing, and a changed perspective so that you can finally take action towards your ideal, reality.

*as a disclaimer, in order to get the most accurate reading I will need to know your date of birth, the exact time you were born, and the location you were born at. This is how I see the exact position of the planets in your chart at birth and this all matters. If you don’t have all of this information then the reading will not be accurate. 

Written Natal Chart Reading - $33

This is an in-depth written reading of your natal chart that highlights everything that we would discuss during the 1:1 self discovery session.

The difference here is that there is no back and forth discussion of where you are currently at or the direction you want to go.

I email you your written reading telling you what your natal chart says about you.

I offer some personalized suggestions on how to make use of the information being shared to help you move forward. 

I also include personalized shadow work journal prompts to help you address past traumas and limiting beliefs that your planet placements might cause you.

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1:1 Synastry Reading 60 Min Call - $66 OR Written for $33

A synastry reading is when I would look at your natal chart and your partner’s natal chart and compare.

In the written reading I would discuss compatibility, your strengths, and how you both could improve to help strengthen your relationship moving forward. 

I also include activities, questions and things you can do to help work on areas that you and your partner might struggle with.

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Tarot Reading
Written Channeled Tarot Message - $15

1:1 30 Minute Call - $40

1:1 60 Minute Call - $70

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