How To Feel Rich In Your Twenties

Do you ever wonder what it takes to get rich at a young age? Maybe you are in your 20s and you don’t feel financially stable, but you wish you were. Let’s take a minute to be honest; in your 20s it’s common to feel strapped when it comes to money. Being an adult isn’t easy and in our 20s it’s a new lifestyle where we are getting slammed with bills. The last thing we feel is rich. It’s true, success and wealth doesn’t happen overnight, but if you work for it you can have it. As I venture through my 20s I have learned a few tips along the way that have helped me get rich at a young age. If you want to learn how to get rich in your 20s then keep reading! 

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How to feel rich in your twenties. The best tips for feeling financially stable.

How To Get Rich In Your 20s

Figure out where you are spending your money.

The first step to getting rich in your 20s is to figure out where you are spending your money. Once you find out where all your money is going it makes it easier to fix your problems.

Here’s what you need to do: Every time you spend your money write down what you spent it on and how much you spent. Once you do this for a month it’s time to look back and see where your money is really going.

P.S – I really recommend reading You Are a BadAss at Making Money. This book is pretty life changing.

Then determine what you really NEED and cut out all the “what you wants”

You may want a new outfit, but you need to pay your electric bill. Stop spending your money on things you don’t need! This is one of the biggest issues for most, but if you want to get rich in your 20s you need to stop spending money sporadically. We spend money on things we want rather than things we need and sometimes that can end with us being broke!

Needs include things like: gas for your car, electric for your home, oil for heat, toilet paper and food. Be wise when it comes to spending your money on things. It might be wise to cut these unnecessary items out of your spending. 

Eat at home instead of out

It’s time to start cooking for yourself and prepping meals to help save you a few extra bucks. In your 20s you will find that a crock pot is your best friend. A crock pot meal can easily last a week which can also save you money! This will leave you feeling rich!

Save your change

Instead of dropping your dimes in random spots and forgetting about them, you should save them! This is probably the easiest thing you can do and you will be surprised at how much it can add up. I love doing this.

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Make a budget plan

One of the smartest things I do at the beginning of each month is make a budget plan. Having a budget was the key to getting rich in my 20s. I take my expenses (bills) and divide each one by how many days I work before that bill is due. That answer is how much money I need to save each work day to have enough money for the bill by the due date.

It really helps to make sure I am paying my bills on time. You can also take your bill and divide it by how many “pay days” you have before it is due. That answer would also be how much you need to save before the bill is due.

Ex: Rent(R): 700$  WorkDaysBeforeDue(W): 21

700/21 = 33.3 ($34) which would mean each day I work I would need to save $34 in order to pay my rent on time.

OR Rent(R): 700 PayChecksBeforeDue(P): 4

700/4 = $175 which would mean each pay check before my rent is due I would have to save $175 of it so that I would be able to pay my rent on time.

My Favorite planner to use to create my budget plan is this one. I also purchase budget extensions to help budget even more!

Pay your debts off and build your credit.

When it comes to getting rich in your 20s you need to establish good credit. What you don’t want to do is drive yourself into debt, ESPECIALLY credit card debt. We always think credit cards are a good idea when you really want something, but can’t afford it in the moment. This is a clear indication that you should probably not be buying this item.

When using a credit card to build your credit here is a trick: Don’t use your credit card unless you can pay it off in that moment.

Look in your wallet and see if you have enough money on you for the item. If the answer is yes, use your credit card to purchase the item and put the cash aside to pay off the credit card immediately. This will make it so that you are not going into crazy credit card debt while establishing a good credit score at the same time.

Make sure to never put off your debt bills because this will only cause your credit to crumble which will make it even harder to get out of debt in the future. One to two credit cards is fine. Do not have more than that! Credit cards are true enemies in your 20s.

Have a day or two where you decide that you are not going to spend any money

My favorite thing to do is a no spend challenge. This is when I choose a day where I don’t even buy my favorite coffee. Having a day where I chose not to spend any money has helped me save more money in the long run. I usually will do this on my days off because then I know that I don’t necessarily have to drive anywhere, so I can save when it comes to spending money on gas as well.

Put away $10-$25 a week

Something that’s helped me become rich in my 20s is by choosing to put aside a set amount of money each week. Choose how much you can afford to put away each week and continue to save. I promise you the money will add up quicker than you think and before you know it you will finally feel that sense of financial stability. This is a savings you CAN NOT dip into. Let it be and keep saving. It truly is the best feeling. At this point I feel rich!

Ignore the impulse shopping feels

I am just as guilty as you are when it comes to “therapy” shopping. Those days when I am just in the worst mood and the only thing that will make me feel better is a new pair of shoes…That’s when I need to walk away and say No! No! No! This mindset just gets us into trouble. Instead I try watching my favorite movie or going for a walk. 

Cut back on your coffees

No one wants to hear that they need to cut back on their coffee intake, however those daily Starbucks coffees add up! Think of ways you can still have a cup of coffee without spending as much. This goes for anything you buy everyday that you don’t need.

Cutting back on hair & nail expenses

Another luxury item for me is getting my hair and nails done. Cutting back on this expense has helped me save a lot of money over the years. Ask yourself, do you really need to go out and get your hair colored or your nails painted? Try to paint your own nails if anything!

If you do your nails yourself you can save a lot of money! When it comes to your hair, it’s okay to flaunt your natural hair color! You’re beautiful either way. I know when I get my hair colored it could easily cost me at least $80 – $150. Be wise and choose a hairstyle that doesn’t cost much to keep up with.

Learn how to use coupons

Coupons can save you a lot of money in the long run! It’s something worth getting into. I know it can be tedious and you’d rather not waste your time, but it’s not time wasted if it’s money saved! Try it out.

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Think about getting rid of cable

I know for a fact that my cable bill is pretty pricey. I’d rather rely on Netflix or Hulu for $8 a month and cut my $135 bill in half.

Try and do more activities that cost less

Instead of going to the movies wait for the movie to come to red box. Do activities that cost less like going for a walk or hike. Have a romantic dinner at home rather than a fancy dinner out.

Set financial goals and work on achieving them

The best way to get rich in your 20s is by setting financial goals and planning for your future. Start investing in your future and it will pay off.

Find ways to make extra money on the side

There are so many different ways become rich in your 20s, especially when it comes to making a little bit of cash on the side. Some ideas include; selling old text books from college, selling old items on Amazon, and selling clothing that is still in good shape that you no longer wear (poshmark, letgo). You could start freelance writing, taking surveys online (swagbucks), using Ibotta when you do your shopping. These are all ways you can make a little extra money. What I decided to do is create my own blog and turn it into a full time career! Read how I did it here.

Rule your 20s, don’t let your 20s rule you

These are some of my favorite tips for conquering financial struggles once and for all! If you want to become rich in your 20s too then be sure to put these tips into practice!

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