Why Fear is Stopping you from Succeeding

Why Fear is Stopping you from Succeeding

Why fear is stopping you from succeeding! How to pursue your dreams fearlessly!

Fear / Being Afraid

Afraid of the unknown, the possibilities, danger, or possible outcome. Everyone has something that they fear, and everyone let’s fear hold them back. Some of the fear we have created in our minds. Did you know that fear is stopping you from living your happiest life? Sometimes fear is actually destroying our success. It’s okay to push fear aside, in fact, it’s essential.


How is fear ruining your success?


You are afraid to go after your dreams.

Fear is stopping you from going after your “dream” life. You are maybe afraid that you are wasting your time. Or maybe you are afraid that you will get laughed at. There will always be those who will try and stop you from going after your dreams. Don’t allow them to become a road block. It’s people like them that don’t deserve recognition. Ignore the negativity.

You are afraid of failure.

Being afraid of failure needs to become a distant memory. The only way you will truly fail is if you give up. Stop letting the fear of failure be the reason you give up. As I always say, success takes time, dedication, and consistency. It also takes a whole lot of believing in yourself. It’s time you get up, dust yourself off, and believe in who you are and what you are capable of.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

If you set your mind to achieving success, you will. Don’t let fear of failure be the reason you don’t succeed.

You fear your time being wasted.

In my opinion, if you are doing what you love, your time is never wasted. Think about it. If you are happy doing what you are doing, then that’s time well spent. Maybe it will take longer to achieve your success compared to others, but that doesn’t matter. Stop comparing your path to someone else’s. No path is the same, each person’s journey to success is different. Your path makes you unique and different from everyone else. It takes time to travel, be patient and as long as you love what you are doing, your time is not wasted.

Push fear aside and take a chance.

If you let fear control you, you may have regrets. You will regret the chances you didn’t take, the experiences you missed out on, and the “what ifs” will drive you crazy. Don’t have “what ifs”, it’s time you know. It’s time you take those chances, live those experiences, and not have to wonder “what if”. Push fear aside and go after each opportunity that is coming your way.

Fear can be controlling if you let it. You are stronger than fear and all that it stands for. What makes you beautiful is your courage, mind, and determination. You have goals, dreams, and aspirations that you want to achieve. Maybe you feel afraid, let this be your sign. It’s time to stop being afraid. Let this be your moment to start chasing your dreams. You deserve to live a life that makes you happy. You should be able to look at the life your living and smile. It’s time to let fear go, and it’s time to believe in yourself.

Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t succeed, let it be the motivation that drives you to the top. 

“Ask yourself what would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.” – Sheryl Sandberg


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  • You are posts are so inspiring… fear kills dreams and hopes than anything else. Fear can even freeze your mind when you have to make an important decision, It is about time we push fear aside and go for what we truly want. Thank you for sharing this, I needed a reminder

  • Lovely article. I feel that most people fear failure, so that they don’t even want to try. They don’t realize that failures (no matter how many) will become a success. As you said, it will take time.

  • I am 100% in agreement. I am constantly battling this in myself. Sometimes I just have to tell myself if I’m scared, that just means that I HAVE to do it!

  • The fear of time being wasted is definitely me. There are so many things I stop myself from doing – even though they make me happy – because I feel like I *should* be doing something else. Great post!

  • Your post really speaks to me. I’ve recently started working as an independent artist for a cosmetics company, and it’s starting slowly. It’s a fantastic line though, and I know it’s going to be huge. I’m afraid that my old school friends will wonder why I’m not using my degrees. I’m worried they’ll think I’m a nuisance or that they will make fun of me behind my back.
    I also write a blog, and everyone seems to think that’s good though, so what’s the difference?
    It’s hard for me to ignore these thoughts and to try to be successful. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Yes! And the next, fear of success… because then what. Sometimes I find this as much of a factor as anything. Regardless, there is always a way to stay stuck unless one doesn’t! This was a great post as always! Thanks 🙂

  • You are so right. I think my biggest fear is what other people think. Except I don’t really care as much as I think I do.
    Lovely little inspo post for a Friday night! 🙂

  • I just love this. Everything here is so true! Being afraid of the “what-ifs” is definitely a huge struggle of many, myself included!! We all need to strive towards greatness, and breaking through those barriers that are holding us back…
    Thank you for always being such a positive light and inspiration to us all!!:)