12 Laws Of The Universe & How To Manifest By Following Them

12 Laws Of The Universe

What are the 12 laws of the universe and how can you use them to manifest and become the co-creator of your reality? I really wanted to talk about 12 of the well known laws of the universe that can help you improve your reality and become a master manifestor. These laws of the universe are not man made laws. It’s truly how the universe works. They are consistent and never change. When you learn these spiritual laws and allow yourself to work WITH them, you can attract abundance effortlessly into your life and shift your current reality.

Knowing these 12 spiritual laws has been a game changer for me and I am hoping that teaching you a bit of what I know will help change your life too!

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1. The Law Of Divine Oneness

The first law of the universe is the law of divine oneness. This is the foundational law in which all of the other laws are built off of.

The law of divine oneness means that we are all one. Every single thing in this universe is connected. Every thought, action and experience is connected. We are all connected subconsciously. Everything we do and say affects the whole which is why it’s important that we are mindful of how we use our energy.

Practice patience, kindness, and spread love. I know it sounds cliche but our actions cause a ripple effect.

There’s this beautiful quote by Novalee wilder,

“Every atom inside of you is connected in some way, shape or form to the rest of the universe you move through.”

The more we show compassion and act in a compassionate way, the more opportunity we have to create a potential ripple effect of compassion. Do you see what I’m saying?

However, if we choose to instead do the opposite, then the opposite will transpire.

Let’s say I am running late for work and I leave all flustered. I make the choice to start speeding and driving recklessly out of frustration. Since I am driving recklessly I don’t notice the red light so I slam on my brakes. This causes the person behind me to slam on their brakes and they spill their drink all over themselves as they were on their way to their first day at their new job.

Notice how my energy has affected others energy.  Now of course you may have already known this to be true, but did you actually take the chance to really think it through. Sometimes our energy is affecting others without us even being aware of it.

2. The Law of Vibration

The second law of the universe is the law of vibration. This law says that everything has a vibration and is in constant motion. Everything is constantly vibrating and moving (think atoms and science, nothing is ever still) 

Sometimes we may feel as if we are “stuck” but the truth is, we are never stuck. Stagnation is just a lower vibrational energy and usually indicates that you are needing to make a shift to raise your vibration.

keeping your vibration high will attract abundance because low vibrational energy is what pushes abundance away. It can also cause an illusion of stagnation and feeling stuck, but nothing is ever still.

That’s why you always hear the spiritual gurus and manifestation coaches talk a lot about raising your vibration. It’s because you need your energy to be in alignment with what it is you are trying to attract.

We are constantly vibrating at different frequencies. Even emotions have their own frequency. Feelings like happiness, excitement, love, enlightenment all are examples of high vibrational emotions. Then of course you have lower vibrational emotions like anger, jealousy, pain, and fear to name a few.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel these emotions because it’s part of our human experience to allow ourselves to feel and release these emotions. That’s why it IS so important to FEEL emotions because feeling them allows us to release them.

If we choose not to feel the emotions, we instead store these emotions within our body which is contributing to our frequency.

With the law of vibration, things with similar vibrations are going to be attracted to one another. This is why when you start to shift your frequency and vibration you might notice that you lose friends. This is an indication that you are no longer vibrating at a similar frequency. There’s a shift in alignment.

When it comes to manifesting, this is a really important law to remember! 

Great ways to raise your vibration would be to meditate, listen to high vibration music Or energy healing music, spend time in nature because nature is vibrating at a very high frequency, do things that bring you joy, and get your body moving!

3. The Law of Inspired Action

Law number 3 is the law of inspired action. What this universal law indicates is that you must put action behind your thoughts! Simply thinking your reality into existence will not work. You must take inspired action when manifesting.

Make sure your actions are at a high vibrational frequency that matches what it is you are trying to manifest. Your actions must be in alignment with your thoughts. It’s important to make sure that your actions are supporting the dreams that you have or the goal you vision and think for yourself.

We are all energy and action is energy in motion. Taking inspired action will also help to create momentum.

One famous quote I love is,

“nothing changes if nothing changes.”

I struggled with inaction for a while. I was working as a full time waitress which brought me no fulfillment. I would go home upset almost every night feeling completely drained and unfulfilled. I always thought to myself “it would be so nice to have a job that I actually enjoyed. Maybe one day”  I kept thinking these thoughts, but kept my routine the same.

This got me no where. If you want to manifest a new career, then you need to take inspired action towards that thought.

That’s what I finally did! One little action can create so much momentum.

One day I started pinning on Pinterest. I was pinning content that I felt inspired by and that one action to create a Pinterest lead me to articles on how to start a blog. I took the action to read and learn.  I started a blog and then I took action to market my blog. Within a year my blog became my full time job and I was able to quit my waitressing job. My blog opened up so many opportunities and created a positive chain of events.

The moral of the story here is that you need to take action towards what you dream for yourself. You can’t expect it to fall into your lap. Realize that inspired action has a lot of energy and if the action is in alignment with your desires, it will create momentum.

What action are you needing to take that you’ve been putting off due to fear or procrastination?

Note that if you ever feel an intuitive tug, you need to listen to it! Usually there’s a reason for it! 

4. The Law of Correspondence

The 4th law of the universe is the law of correspondence. This law states that the universe is your mirror. How you feel internally is what is shown to you in your external reality.

Your relationships will reflect back to you how you feel internally. If you have unhealed wounds, your experiences and relationships will reflect these unhealed wounds to you until you are allow yourself to heal.

If you change how you are feeling within, you have the power to change your external life (or the reflection). Everything is corresponding to each other. Your consciousness and your life are in direct correspondence.

As a child I had a difficult relationship with my dad. He struggled with pain, addiction and depression which kept him on edge. For a really long time I held onto this unhealed wound and what would happen was that I was actually creating experiences for myself in my reality that would reflect this unhealed wound to me.

I was constantly ending up in situations where people would be yelling and arguing. I was attracting relationships that would make me feel rejected and unloved. What i’ve realized is that these experiences and relationships were happening because I was creating them subconsciously to trigger me. I needed myself to recognize these wounds so that I could heal and let go of these stored emotions.

Remember what I said earlier, when we don’t address our feelings and emotions, we store them within. Once those emotions we stored get triggered, they come out.

Realizing this universal law has been a game changer for me. Our external reality is just a reflection of how we feel internally. If you find yourself in relationships where you are feeling unloved, ask yourself, how am I constantly being triggered?  Your triggers are often indications of what is needing to be healed within.

For example,

If you have a boss that you can’t get along with, take a moment to think of what triggers you about your boss. Then figure out where this trigger stems from. 

We are only human, we are living human experiences. Nothing is ever perfect. We are meant to feel emotions and learn from experiences.

Once I recognized this it was easier for me to do the inner work. I realized that my dad had trauma and experiences of his own that he was dealing with. At the time he hadn’t healed yet. There were a lot of emotions stored away in his body and he was reacting accordingly as he was triggered.

I don’t make excuses for any upsetting and hurtful behavior, but I am able to look at it from a different perspective so that I can forgive, heal and release my own stored emotions.

One of the most popular trauma responses many of us acquire is people pleasing tendencies. The reality is, people pleasing is just sacrificing our internal peace for external peace in that moment. BUT, it’s our internal peace that is actually going to create a more peaceful external reality. Remember that.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

The next law of the universe is the law of cause and effect which explains that nothing is happening by chance. Everything is happening according to these universal laws and everything is caused by something and has an effect. You are part of this cause and effect web which also means you have the power to create the life you desire based off of the actions you take.

The energy you put out is the energy you will receive back. Also known as karma. They say what goes around comes back around and they weren’t kidding.

Take this as a reminder to think before you act or react. Ask yourself, is this the kind of energy I want in my life?

One quote I really enjoy is

“your perception of me is a reflection of you and my reaction to you is an awareness of me.”

Here’s an example,

Someone tells me that I’m lazy because I make money doing what I love and that I’m not worthy of the money I make. My initial reaction could be to give them the reaction they most likely want, which is being upset and maybe saying something mean back to them. BUT, having that kind of reaction will just create a repetition of low vibrational energy.

Instead, I choose not to take their perception of me to heart because it’s only based off of what they believe to be true. They believe that in order for me to be worthy of money I need to have a job that is seen as a normal societal job that keeps me miserable. Just because that’s their belief, doesn’t mean that it has to be mine.

I can’t control their perception of me, but I can control my reaction. Knowing that the comment they made is just their perception based on how they feel internally, I can instead react in a kind way. I can thank them for their feedback and go about my business.

It’s so easy to want to react in harsh ways when people try to trigger us, but our reactions hold a lot of power. Don’t let people get the best of you.

6. The Law of Compensation

With the law of compensation this means that good deeds are always rewarded. When you are doing good for the world and humanity you will be compensated as long as it comes from a high vibrational frequency.

It must not come from a place of negativity. It’s important to let go of pridefulness or doing good things expecting a reward. Doing good deeds from a genuine heart and soul is what is important.

This is why it’s so important to give.

The way the universe works is that there is always this energy of giving and receiving. The more you give, the more you receive, but you must let go of the limiting beliefs and mindsets that you have when it comes to giving.

For example:

  1. Thinking “why should I give to someone else when no one ever gives to me” This is a limited way of thinking. When you are thinking this way, you are creating a reality in your mind where you believe no one ever gives to you, so therefore this is reflected to you in your external reality.
  2. Thinking “I can’t afford to give” When you believe that you can’t afford to give, you are coming from a lack mentality. This actually creates more lack in your reality. I also think people have a misconception about giving. Immediately they think that we can only give money, but this isn’t necessarily true. We can give in a lot of ways from food, time, acts of service, and so much more.
  3. Thinking “I’m going to give so people think I’m a good person.” When you are giving as a way to boost your ego and to make people believe you are a good person, it’s not coming from a genuine heart space.
  4. Thinking “I’ll pay for my friend’s meal today because they don’t have the money but they better get me back next time.” This way of thinking is not how the law of compensation works. You shouldn’t give and expect to receive. You should be giving out of the kindness of your heart and never expect to receive in return.

Working through some of these mindset blocks will help you practice the law of compensation. When you are doing good for humanity out of the kindness of your heart, you will be compensated when you least expect it.

For example, let’s say you tip your waitress an extra $20 as a way to say happy holidays and then a week later you get an unexpected bonus from work. That’s how the law of compensation works. Do you see how all of these laws are connected?

7. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This universal law is all about how energy is constantly transmuting and transforming.

For example, when higher vibrational energies are transmuting lower vibrational energies and raising their vibrations. Like when you go outside in nature and nature transmutes your low vibrational energy to higher vibrational energy.

This law says that you have the power to raise your low vibrational energy to a higher vibrational energy by exposing yourself to high vibrational energies!

You do this through your thoughts, the things you consume, and who you surround yourself with.

As the saying goes, you are what you consume. What you consume has an effect on you.

When you are consuming content that is uplifting, this raises your vibration, but when you are consuming fear based media, this is lowering your vibration.

Now the tricky part about being a high vibrational being is that lower vibrational beings that you come into contact with are going to use you to transmute their low vibrational energy. They don’t usually realize that they are doing this. They are subconsciously attracted to your energy which is why a lot of empaths will attract people who are low vibrational and hurt emotionally into their life.

As an empath you act as a transmuter of energy for them, which is a special gift. You help others transmute their low vibrational energy into high vibrational energy, BUT unfortunately this gift is also hard. You easily absorb the energy of others and if you don’t realize this, you could hold onto others’ energy and mistaken it as your own.

If you have ever felt really drained after being around a lot of people this could be a sign that you are energetically sensitive to the energies around you. Or let’s say you are around someone who is in a bad mood and now all of a sudden you feel yourself in a bad mood or agitated.

This is why it’s so important to ground your energy and actually transmute the energy you absorb. You can do this through meditation, spending time in nature, and even visualization techniques. I like to visualize a bright, white light washing and cleansing my soul from any low vibrational energy that I may have absorbed from others around me.

You should also be mindful of who you are surrounding yourself with. Protecting your energy is so important. Just remember, you have the ability to transmute your own low vibrational energy too!

8. Law of Relativity

The eighth law of the universe is the law of relativity. This states that nothing is good or bad. Society conditions us to think this way, but the truth is, everything just IS. Good and bad is a human concept that is based off of PERSPECTIVE. There’s always more than one point of view. Good and bad is based off of what serves us from our perspective.

When you recognize this, you can let go of judgment. Especially in today’s society, you always see everyone arguing over beliefs and opinions constantly. I learned to stop taking things so personally.

Like I mentioned earlier about the example of someone thinking I’m not worthy of money because I don’t work hard in their perspective.

Truth is, money doesn’t have meaning. We as humans give money meaning, so technically we don’t have to be worthy of money. Money just is. So who is to say who is worthy of money and who is not? It’s based off of what you were taught and your belief system.

If you grew up in a family that believed you had to work hard to make a living, then you may have a conditioned mindset that believes in order to receive a lot of money you have to work hard.

On the flip side, if  you grew up in a family that believed you can receive money effortlessly through pursuing your passion, then that’s what your conditioned belief is. There is no right or wrong. It’s perspective.

Knowing this law has shifted my whole perspective. I’ve realized how conditioned my mindset was and that a lot of my beliefs were just pushed upon me. Like the belief that in order to be successful you need to go to college and get a degree. A lot of these beliefs stem from society and the corporate world that we live in today.

At the end of the day, life has no meaning. We as humans give life meaning which is a beautiful thing. There are so many different meanings of life, just like there are so many different meanings of success. What’s successful to one person is having a million dollar company, while on the other hand someone else may define success as waking up happy and healthy every day. It’s okay to believe either one, because it’s your belief and your perspective. 

When you start to realize this, you stop taking others’ opinions about you to heart and you start living your life the way you want to regardless, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. You also learn to stop judging others for their beliefs. It’s a waste of energy. Let it go.

9. The Law of Polarity

I’m sure you’ve heard of YIN & YANG. The law of polarity states that every thing has a polar opposite. You can’t have up without down, light without dark, and when there is happiness there is also suffering. One can not exist without the other.

Without experiencing the pain and hardship, then how would you know happiness? Without experiencing lack, then how would you know abundance?

This is all a part of the human experience which is also how we can learn from mistakes and allow ourselves to get clear on what it is we want in life. We can’t expect life to be good all the time, there will always be hard times because we can’t have good times with the hard times. There has to be something to compare the positive to the negative.

Also remember the next time you look at someone else’s life online or even a celebrity and think “wow, their life looks so great, they probably don’t ever struggle.” THINK AGAIN, because yes even they experience this law too!

Everything in life is a lesson. Just do your best to maintain balance and always practice gratitude because in the end, gratitude is what keeps you vibrating high.

10. The Law of Rhythm

The tenth universal law is the law of rhythm which indicates that everything is always changing, just like seasons. Nothing lasts forever, so it’s important to enjoy the good times and learn during the hard times.

I think of life as “earth school”. In life we go through cycles which can represent lessons. Everything that happens is always preparing you for the next cycle or lesson in your life. Once you’ve learned your lesson, you complete a cycle and you are onto the next. Any lesson you don’t learn, you will repeat until you learn it. Which is why you often see yourself stuck in toxic, repeating cycles.

There will always be ups and downs in life, just like a wave. Always be grateful during the seasons of your life that feel good, because it’s only natural to have a tough season too. Just like if you are going through a tough season in your life right now, remember that it’s not going to stay like this forever. It will get better.

Allow yourself to embrace the highs and lows as it will help you find a balance. When you aren’t allowing the external sources to disrupt you internally, you find that balance. It’s hard because we are living this human experience and we do have emotions.

11. The Law of Gender

What the law of gender is talking about is that we have both divine masculine and divine feminine energies existing within each of us.

Masculine energy is like your inner warrior. It’s your ability to take action and go after your desires. Your ability to take charge, create structure and use logic.

Your feminine energy is your inner healer. It’s your compassionate side and your ability to tune into your creativity and intuition.

The key here is to balance these energies. You want to have a balance of both strength and compassion. 

12. The Law of Assumption

Finally, we have the law of assumption. What you assume will happen in your future, WILL happen for you when the timing is right. Knowing that what you want is going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.

This will help you attract what it is you desire because you are stepping into a confident energy that makes you feel worthy of receiving that desire. It helps to align your energy to the energy of your manifestation and it eliminates resistance.

When you are manifesting, you want to assume that what you are manifesting is already yours. The universe will recognize this and co-create with you to bring that manifestation into existence.


These are 12 laws of the universe that have helped me manifest and co-create with the universe. If you want to attract abundance into your life then definitely start practicing these laws!

I’m sending you all of my love, until next time!

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