How To Manifest Money

How To Manifest Money & Create An Abundant Mindset

Do you want to learn the secrets to manifesting money and abundance into your life with ease? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today’s post is all about how to manifest money and create an abundant mindset! 

Let me guess, maybe you have spread sheets for your budget and you pinch your pennies, or you feel completely chaotic when it comes to your finances. You probably go out to the store and often find thoughts cross your mind like “I shouldn’t buy this, I can’t afford this.”

What if I told you that these are some of the reasons why you are lacking money and abundance?

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Have you ever heard about the laws of the universe? I highly recommend learning about them and I will probably create an blog post where I talk about the laws of the universe because when you follow the laws of the universe you can become a master manifestor!

The thing about the universe is that everything, JUST IS. We create our reality and we give everything meaning, but everything JUST IS.

One of the laws of the universe is the law of polarity which means that everything has an opposite.

You can’t have happiness without sadness, light without dark, you can’t have up without down, and you can’t have abundance without lack of abundance.

The number one reason why people often can’t manifest the money they desire is because they have a lack mindset and they are manifesting from a place of lack rather than from its opposite which is abundance.

I get it, it’s really hard to step out of that lack mindset into an abundant mindset because we’ve been so conditioned to live on survival mode, thinking thoughts like,

“I have bills to pay and I need to work hard so I can pay them on time. Maybe I’ll buy the cheapest brand to cut back and save some money because if I don’t then I won’t be able to afford my rent this month.”

This was my mindset a few years back. I will be the first to admit that I struggled financially for a long time.

I was a full time server, a college drop out and I had a pile up of credit card debt. Most months I really feared that I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills on time.

I would set out a budget (don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with budgets, of course they are really helpful) but what I’ve realized when it comes to manifesting abundance is that when you come from a mindset of lack, you actually push the abundance away without realizing it.

So in this blog post I’m going to talk about a few key points that helped me pull myself out of debt and attract more abundance into my life!

1. Don’t focus on the number in your bank account

Do you ever sit there and vision a set number that you need to have in your bank account in order to feel financially free? If that’s the case, DON’T. It’s time to let go of this method.

We say things like, “all I need is to have $1,000 in my savings account then I’ll feel good financially.” But this is actually setting a limit and attaching yourself to how much money you have in your bank account. You want to detach yourself from the money. When you attach yourself to the money you are limiting yourself. True financial freedom is trusting that you will always have enough and that the universe will provide when you are in flow.

When you are stressing the number in your bank account, you are creating doubt and fear. This is a lack of trust and it can block the money coming in.

2. Letting go of fear based money mindsets

If you want to manifest money you need to let go of any fear based mindsets. Building a money mindset that’s based off of trust instead of fear is not easy, I get that! It’s much easier to fear that you aren’t going to have enough money to pay your bills, especially because our minds probably have been conditioned to think this way for so long,

But what’s actually important to recognize is that we create our reality. We attract experiences and situations into our life through our thoughts.

That’s something that can be hard for some to understand and for a while I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.

When you are coming from a state of mind that’s based off of fear and lack, that’s the exact situations and experiences you are going to attract into your reality.

When you start thinking you won’t have enough money to pay your bills, well that’s what’s going to start manifesting for you.

It’s also important to try to shift how you respond to negative situations.

For example, in the past, when I finally felt like I had “enough” money, I would start to question, “okay when is something going to happen to screw it all up.” Well it’s these exact thoughts that create the screw up! Next thing you know, your car breaks down and now you are panicking thinking thoughts like, “ Oh great, now i’m going to have to spend all of this money and what am I going to do? I guess I’ll eat left overs for the next 5 days.”

This is exactly how I used to react when negative situations would happen, but now that I am realizing that I create my reality, when something like this happens, instead I try to react to it with an abundant mindset rather than lack and fear.

“Oh, my car broke down, thats okay, I know I will be able to pay to get this fixed and everything is going to work out.”

Try this mindset shift and see how these situations start to play out differently for you.

3. Raise your vibration

The laws of the universe also state that nothing is ever still. We all have frequencies and vibrations. We learn this in school right? That we are all made up of atoms that are constantly moving.

Whatever vibration or energy you give out to the universe gets reflected back to you, so keeping your vibration high will attract abundance.

Money is said to be vibrating at a high frequency which means it’s important that you raise your vibration to match the vibration of what you are trying to attract, in this case it’s the vibration and frequency of money.

So how can you do this? The best way to raise your vibration is to use your feelings and emotions.

What does having money feel like and what emotions does it usually represent?

For many it represents feeling free; the freedom to travel and the freedom to buy whatever you want without restriction. It can also represent progress and growth! Like when you get a raise or promotion at work.

Overall you are feeling pretty positive because you don’t have restrictions, right?

Start showing up every day FEELING this energy. This is where the whole re-wiring your mindset comes into play.

Start believing that you aren’t restricted and i’m not saying go and spend your money recklessly, but start thinking and feeling as if you don’t have those money limitations.

Every time you make a purchase, tell yourself, “money is energy, the energy I give out is going to be reflected back to me. I am abundant and never without.”

Positive money affirmations can really help raise your vibration.

It’s also important that you don’t focus on lack. If all of a sudden you realize you aren’t making money the way you used to or you have a day where the income is slower, do not pay attention to it! You must distract yourself because what we focus on is what manifests, right? So if you are focusing on the lack, then often that’s what’s going to continue. Focusing on the lack is what lowers your vibration.

When decreases happen, take a break, do something that distracts your mind and stop focusing so heavily on your money.

4. Stop fixating

When you fixate on your money you are actually creating a block. We can all say we are probably guilty of fixating on how much money we have right? Refreshing our bank accounts every day and doing the budgeting while thinking “ugh when is more money going to come in”

This isn’t helping your cause, trust me. This is again causing that lack of trust and disrupting the flow. So stop fixating.

5. You don’t need to work hard to manifest money

This is an interesting concept huh? Because society pushes us to believe that in order to make money you need to work hard and earn it. This makes us believe that our self worth is attached to the money we make which just isn’t true.

Remember I said, everything JUST IS and that means money JUST IS too.

There are plenty of people in this world who have received money without doing anything, it just came to them. They just attracted money into their reality.

You don’t need to earn it and you don’t need to work hard, but if you have that mindset, then that’s exactly what you WILL need to do in order to get it. Once we take accountability and realize how we are creating our own roadblocks (because we DO create our own reality) then that’s when things will start to shift.

You don’t need to be “worthy” of receiving money so detach your self worth from the amount of money you have.

You also don’t need a set amount of money in your bank account to be considered better than anyone else and if this is the mindset you lead with, then you will probably end up living an unhappy life.

Society pushes us to believe that money equals control, power, happiness and worth, but that’s all just human concepts and it’s up to us if we want these concepts to exist in our reality or not.

The belief that you need to “work hard to earn your money” is a limiting belief and often we project this onto others.

Perhaps you see someone making lots of money and in your opinion “they didn’t work hard to make that money” so you believe that they didn’t earn it and aren’t worthy of it.

Well, fun fact, this is just a reflection of a part of how you feel internally. According to the laws of the universe every relationship and experience we have is just a reflection of our internal world and how we feel internally

If you look at someone and you think they don’t deserve the money they have or they didn’t earn it, that’s truly just reflecting to you that you believe in order to have money you need to earn it and be worthy of it. That my friend, is a limiting belief that is blocking your steady flow of abundance.

6. Let go of envy

As I was saying, every experience that plays out in our life is an experience we attracted and created through our thoughts. When you see someone making the income you want to be making or someone reaches a milestone that you wanted to be reaching, you should take this as a GOOD SIGN.

This means you are starting to attract that energy into your existence. If it happened for them, it can happen to you.

Let me use a personal experience, now this isn’t money related, but it’s still relevant.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months now, and wouldn’t you know that every month it doesn’t happen, I somehow see someone new that I know announcing their pregnancy.

At first I would feel very upset and frustrated thinking “when is it going to be my turn. I feel like this is never going to happen for me.” But thoughts like these are keeping it from happening for me.

The thing about life is that I created these experiences, so I need to approach the situation as “okay, someone else got pregnant this is great news! I know my turn is going to happen when the timing is right.”

It’s hard, it really is! I get that. It’s hard not to feel envious when someone is receiving the blessings that you want, but jealousy and envy are low vibrational emotions. However, we are human so it’s normal to feel this way.

But what if you re-framed your mindset so that when you start to see people around you achieving what you want to achieve, you start to think “okay this is great! This means I’m going to have my turn next”

The power of our mind is truly incredible, make these shifts and you will see incredible changes in your abundance .

7. The law of compensation

With the law of compensation, this is another law of the universe which states that good deeds are always rewarded.

When you are doing good for the world and humanity you will be compensated as long as it comes from a high vibrational frequency. It must not come from a place of negativity. Don’t just give because you are expecting to receive in return because that’s not how it works.

Learn to give to others  while doing it from an authentic heart space and you will receive more abundance. Just doing things from a genuine heart and soul is what is important.

These are 7 ways I started changing my money mindset so that I could manifest more money and abundance into my life! I hope you found these tips helpful! If so, leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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