What Your Moon Sign Means & Emotional Lessons You Will Learn

What your moon sign means for you and what lessons you may learned based on your moon sign

When it comes to astrology we each have what is called a natal chart or birth chart. Your natal chart maps out where the planets were when you were born.  The placement of each planet in your natal chart and the sign the planet is in can give you profound insight on your personality and life journey. One thing you can learn from your natal chart is what your moon sign is. Our moon sign can give us insight on how we handle our emotions. It can also point out what our relationship is like with our mother and can even give us insight on what childhood was like. 

In this post I am sharing what your moon sign means for you and what you may learn in this life time based on your moon sign! 

You can also listen to this podcast episode to learn more about astrology and natal charts! 

DISCLAIMER:  It is important to look at your complete natal chart and study your aspects for 100% accuracy. It’s okay if not everything resonates. Only take what resonates. We always have free will.  Some may find this triggering, only read if you are ready and willing. Also keep in mind that a 100% accurate time and location of birth is important. You can grab your natal chart here for free. If you want an in depth natal chart reading, you can grab one here! 


Emotional Life: With an Aries moon you may come across very impulsive at times, but it’s because you are passionate. When you want something, you want it now. You have so much passion that wants to come out and this can make it difficult for you to handle your emotions at times. Having an Aries moon can make you very impatient and at times you may become enraged. A huge lesson for you is learning how to act on your impulses in a healthy and controlled way. You are a fiery and passionate soul who is here to make your mark on this world by stepping into your confidence. 

When you feel a lot of pent up emotions it will be important to channel this energy in positive ways. Doing activities that you are passionate about will bring you reward. Whether that is exercising or working on a creative passion project. 

Relationship With Mom: Some Aries moons struggled with their mom growing up. Whether she was too over bearing or she was detached completely. It’s important to know that regardless of the love you may not have been shown as a child, YOU ARE worthy of love. Don’t be afraid to tap into your more emotional nurturing side. People love your emotional support.

Perhaps growing up you lacked confidence or you felt like you weren’t good enough in one way or another. It’s possible a mother figure made you feel rejected in some way or she was very independent and not around as much as you’d like. You have a lot of passion and once you learn how to put that passion into doing things that set your soul on fire, you find your confidence is brighter than ever before!

Embrace your independent side. Deep down you know what you want, so don’t let fears hold you back. The world needs your creativity, but it will be important to balance out your strong passion with practical steps.


Emotional Life: With a Taurus moon you are learning how to give yourself the stability that you crave during this lifetime.You probably desire to live a stable life, not only financially, but emotionally too. Something you may need to learn though, is to embrace change. If you are too stubborn to embrace change, you may keep yourself in toxic situations longer than you should. Taurus moons can appear very stubborn at times, but they are extremely loyal to the ones they love. 

With a Taurus moon you love things that bring you pleasure. It’s the simple things like relaxation, a nap, good food, and physical touch that can bring you comfort. You are a sensual being and the key to your heart is through your senses. 

Relationship With Mom: If you have a Taurus moon there are a few scenarios that could have manifested for you. It’s possible your mom was the person who brought you stability and comfort growing up. You saw her as the person who was able to provide the necessities for you.

On the flip side, if your mom struggled to provide for you, then you probably had a more difficult childhood. With a Taurus moon as a child, stability and feeling comforted meant everything to you. If your mom wasn’t able to do provide emotional support and stability, then your relationship with her could have greatly suffered. 

If you never felt supported or stable through childhood, then you may be on survival mode working endlessly to bring yourself a sense of stability that you felt was always missing. Healing any childhood trauma would help work through your survival mode instincts. However, you loyalty and dedication is admirable. You are a stable and grounded source for many. Keep shining!


Emotional Life: With a Gemini moon you are learning how to communicate your emotions. You have a curious mind, in fact, it may be difficult to quiet your mind. A Gemini moon can give you a restless emotional life. You are someone who may find communicating your feelings really important, yet at times you may struggle to do so.

Those who have a Gemini moon are always seeking knowledge but can become easily distracted. Mental stimulation is important to you. Having a Gemini moon makes you very curious to know more about those around you, but be mindful of gossiping.

With a Gemini moon you have so many thoughts that can easily stress you out and bring you anxiety. The truth is, people find conversations with you very stimulating and inspiring. You just have to believe in yourself! Your mental capabilities are quite impressive whether you believe so or not.

Relationship With Mom: Growing up you wanted to communicate and converse with others, but just didn’t know how to because of your intense inner life. It’s also possible you lacked the communication you desired from those around you. If you had a mom who was able to communicate with you in a healthy way, then you probably have a very close relationship with your mom that is filled with open communication. However, if you struggled to communicate with your mom then it’s possible your relationship suffered more. You may have also saw your mom struggle at a young age. This isn’t always the case, but for some with a Gemini moon this is seen. 


Emotional Life:  Having a Cancer moon gives you a very emotionally nurturing spirit. You are someone who wants to care for those around you. However, it’s important to protect your energy because you are very sensitive to the energies around you. You want to be the one that brings comfort to those around you, but often you focus so much on nurturing others that you forget to nurture yourself.

Some may find your emotions intense at times and may even think of you as overly sensitive. That’s because you are sensitive to energies around you and you feel emotions deeper than most. Setting boundaries will be important and it’ll also be important to realize that not everyone shows love and nurturing the same ways you do. Instead of looking to others to bring you emotional fulfillment, find ways you can do this for yourself. This will attract healthier relationships into your life.

Relationship With Mom: With a Cancer moon it’s possible your mom lacked the nurturing you needed, but if you did feel supported and nurtured, then you will try to keep this going throughout your life. You may have felt like you had to take care of yourself or it could have been the opposite and you had a parent who was overly nurturing.

It’s possible you were viewed as the emotional support system for a parent which might have put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It’s because you are a natural care taker with an empathetic soul. Others feel like they can emotionally dump onto you. Learning how to set emotional boundaries will be a huge lesson for you.  This is also a very psychic moon placement. You probably have strong spiritual gifts. 


Emotional Life: Having a Leo moon means that you are learning how to let your light shine in this lifetime. Perhaps growing up you felt like others tried to dim your light in one way or another. If you did feel special and appreciated, then this is something you will continue to embrace throughout your life.

Growing up you could have been seen as the one who was bossy or wanted to be in the spot light because you have such an expressive emotional life. However, your loyalty is admirable and you are extremely generous!

The key to embracing your Leo moon is to not be afraid to be in the spot light, but to also share that spot light. You are learning how to lift others up without putting yourself down. We all have a special talent to share in this lifetime and it’s important you don’t hide your authentic self.

You will also need to learn how to let go of resentment. Having a Leo moon can make you someone who holds on to past hurts. Learning to let go and heal will be key. Don’t let your ego get in your way. Since you are a fellow fire sign, you do have a lot of passion. Control your fiery passion and let it out in healthy ways. Put your passion towards doing creative things that make your soul feel good! Be mindful of your temper.

Relationship With Mom: Growing up it’s possible your mom made you feel like you had certain standards you had to follow. It’s as if you had to live up to a certain expectation and this could have held your authenticity back. You wanted to feel admired by your parents and if you never received that admiration, then you may constantly try to find it.

It’s important to know that you shouldn’t look for that admiration outside of you. Instead, learn to give yourself the approval that you seek and the rest will follow. 


Emotional Life: Having a Virgo moon can give you a very critical outlook. You are often very hard on yourself and others without realizing. Often times people who have a Virgo moon will set high expectations and feel disappointed when those expectations aren’t met.

You may have this desire to have all of your ducks in a row, but you easily get overwhelmed by it all which can lead to procrastination. Having a Virgo moon also makes you someone who can over analyze situations or process your emotions on a more analytic level. 

One thing that is so beautiful about you is that you are someone who loves to help others. Being of service to others makes your soul feel good. However, if someone doesn’t appreciate your efforts it can cause feelings of resentment. It’s important that you express your feelings in a healthy way to others rather than assuming others know how you feel. 

A lesson you need to learn in this life time is that perfection does not exist. You don’t need to appear like you have your sh*t together at all times. Learning to go with the flow and taking off your critical lens will help create healthier personal relationships.   

Relationship With Mom: It’s possible that your mom was very critical of you. Growing up you just wanted your needs to be cared for, but it may have felt like they often went unnoticed. It’s as if everyone else’s needs were more important than your own. You could have been seen as the child who had to help take care of everyone else. The one who was always taking care of the home and family when your parents weren’t around.

If you were surrounded by a critical mother or parent then this created a lot of anxiety and self doubt. Your mom might often make you feel like you had to second guess your choices. Perhaps she even has her own fears that she projects onto you. It’ll be important to learn how to put yourself first. A huge lesson is learning how to make yourself happy while listening to your intuition. Especially when it comes to making choices for yourself.

You so badly want to be of service to others, but this makes you lack being of service to yourself. It is time the roles are reversed. 


Emotional Life: With a Libra moon, keeping the peace and harmony is important for you. Conflict may make you uneasy so often times you act as the mediator. You aren’t someone who likes to fight, but if the opportunity arises when you need to stand up for yourself or others, you will. Justice is important to you.

Others may see you as someone who is very indecisive. A lesson for you is learning how to trust in yourself more rather than always second guessing. It’ll also be important to learn that you can’t make everyone happy. Communicating your feelings in a healthy way is key to finding balanced relationships because overall, you want to have a beautiful and balanced emotional life. 

Relationship With Mom: It’s possible that growing up it was important that your mom was always happy. You didn’t want to do anything that would upset her. Your mom was probably seen as someone who was put together on the outside and had a certain set of expectations that you were meant to follow. She probably was seen as someone who would do a lot of hosting.

Your relationship with your mom could have contributed to your people pleasing tendencies. It’s important that you set boundaries because people pleasing only leads to resentment and a conflicted inner world.


Emotional Life: Having a scorpio moon gives you an intense emotional life. The universe throws so much at you and you push through and come out strong. During this lifetime you are learning how to transform emotionally. You are highly sensitive to energies and you have a big heart. In this lifetime your soul wants to learn how to embrace change and get comfortable with it so you can transform and be that inspiration to others who may face similar struggles.

Learning to trust yourself and others when it comes to sharing your emotions is something that may be hard for you at times. You may keep your guard up because of past hurt, but once you heal from any pain you’ve been through, you will find it gets easier. A Scorpio moon is also a very psychic moon sign to have. Make sure you are protecting your energy.

Relationship With Mom: You may have a deep, almost psychic connection with your mom, but it could also be complicated. Your relationship with your mom has probably gone through many transformations. You could have felt like she was overbearing at times which made you feel like your space and privacy was invaded. It’s possible that because of this it’s hard for you to trust others.

I often find that those who have a Scorpio moon may also go through an intense loss of their mom at a younger age. (not always, but for some) Those who have a Scorpio moon often have trauma related to the mom or family in general. Just know that you are worthy of love and happiness. It’ll be so important to heal any wounds. Transforming emotionally is a huge part of your life.


Emotional Life: Having a Sagittarius moon makes you free spirited, independent, and a “I can’t be controlled soul.” In this lifetime you are learning how to embrace your independence and be that free thinker that inspires others to do the same. You try to live your life with as much optimism and care-freeness as you can.

Growing up you might have been seen as someone who was mature for their age because you were forced to grow up fast. You have a lot of wisdom to offer and many probably seek you out for advice. The key to this lifetime is to learn how to take your own advice and be that inspiring free thinker.

However, it’s important not to let your strong beliefs and need for freedom hold you back. Looking at all perspectives is important. It’s okay if not everyone thinks like you or shares the same beliefs. You would also benefit from pursuing your creative passions. Just keep inspiring.

Relationship With Mom: Since you have such a strong need for independence it would have been important that your mom allowed you the space to grow. If she tried to control you or hold you back, then you probably rebelled. Having a Sagittarius moon makes you feel as if you know it all, and often times you think you knew better than your mom. This could have caused many conflicts between the two of you growing up. 

It’s possible you were pushed to grow up fast. Ideally, it was important for you to have a mother who was accepting of you and supported you emotionally. If you didn’t receive this, then you probably had a more difficult relationship with your mom.


Emotional Life: With a Capricorn moon you are learning how to become self sufficient and responsible for your own happiness. You may appear a bit detached to others and that’s only because you may not of had that emotional support you desired growing up. You don’t like to feel like you are overwhelming others with your emotions, but it would benefit you to tap more into your emotional side.

Although you may be learning how to be responsible in this lifetime, don’t let your responsibilities consume you. Balance responsibilities with excitement, adventure and nurturing. Don’t be afraid to have fun too. You don’t have to be so analytical all the time.

Relationship With Mom: Perhaps growing up you felt like you were the person that everyone leaned on, especially for support. You may of even felt manipulated by your mom at times. The planet ruler of Capricorn is Saturn which can represent a karmic relationship with your mom. There’s many lesson you will learn through the relationship that you have with your mom.

You probably had to grow up fast. It may even feel like people are often leaning on you for financial support. In this lifetime you are meant to give yourself that support that you always give others. Allow yourself to find balance between responsibility and pleasure.


Emotional Life: Having an Aquarius moon, people would say you are detached. The truth is, you actually feel your emotions intensely, you just keep them to yourself. You tend to be an over thinker who needs their space. Most of the time it’s because when you are around a lot of people it can feel draining.

You need that private space that you can go to in order to recharge. In this lifetime you are learning how to trust your intuition rather than over thinking everything.

Relationship With Mom: Growing up you may have felt like you couldn’t lean on anyone emotionally. Often it’s because you hid the emotions you felt because you didn’t want to burden others. Perhaps you felt like your mom had enough problems of her own. This created emotional distance between the two of you. 

Learning that it’s okay to let your emotional guard down and be vulnerable with the ones you love is something you are learning in this life time.


Emotional Life: Having a Pisces moon means that you feel energies intensely. You easily absorb the energies of others and you could mistaken those energies as your own. Having a Pisces moon gives you a lot of intuitive gifts  that could benefit you and the collective in this life time.

You have a very dreamy and creative side to you. It’s easy for you to space out or get lost in the clouds. It’ll be important to ground your energy and be mindful of any illusions. You have a strong intuition that can benefit you if you follow it. This is a very psychic and empathic moon sign to have. 

Relationship With Mom: Perhaps growing up you saw a lot of struggles. Whether it was your mom struggling or a family member. It’s possible people relied on you to help take care of someone. This may of left you feeling like there was no one to take care of you.

If your mom was too busy to pay attention to you, then this could have left you feeling hurt. You are strongly empathic. Some would even say a healer. However, in this lifetime it is very important that you are filling up your own cup too. Know that you need to give yourself as much love and support that you give to others. Learning how to protect your energy and set emotional boundaries will be key. 

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