How To Break Generational Trauma & Toxic Cycles

Hello beautiful souls ! I am so excited about today’s episode! I’m not going to lie, this episode is one that many may not agree with or you might think these “theories” are a bit of a stretch, but like I said in previous episodes, my spiritual journey has brought me a lot of enlightenment and I am just trying to share what has helped me on this personal growth and inner healing journey. My hopes is that it will help you too! Today’s episode is all about breaking toxic cycles and generational trauma by letting go of our karma.

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How To Break Toxic Cycles And Generational Trauma

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey yourself then you may have heard of Dolores Cannon. She is an incredibly well-known spiritual teacher who did past life regression therapy work when she was alive. Her sessions brought through some amazing insights. You can check out her book here, this book is incredible and worth the read. 

Through the past life regression therapy that she did for others she was able to help people essentially unlock levels of their subconscious mind which brought through insights about their previous lives.

Some even started sharing stories about their previous life as a being from a different planet which I think is pretty crazy. But let’s face it, no one really knows the truth about how the universe works and how we got here or where we go when we die.

It’s one of those never ending philosophical questions, but I think there’s a reason why we come to earth without knowing that truth. That’s where our faith comes into play and in my opinion if you don’t have faith or believe in at least some greater source then life feels a bit meaningless.

Dolores Cannon has really opened my mind up a ton and her teachings have helped me overcome a lot of life lessons in my own life. This is why today I wanted to share a little bit about what she’s taught me when it comes to soul contracts, karma, and breaking toxic cycles.

What is the purpose of earth?

Essentially what she teaches is that earth is like a school. There are different realms in the universe and even planets that souls can choose to go to. The purpose is to learn and once you become an advanced soul and you learn all of the lessons, you go back to source, God, creator, whomever it is you believe in.

As crazy as it seems, our souls choose to come to earth, but the even crazier idea she talks about is how we choose what lessons we want to learn while living out our life here on earth.

She explains it as if before you are born you have this meeting with your advisors and you discuss what lessons you are coming down to earth to learn. Earth is like a school where you learn lessons and level up to become an advanced soul. Interesting to look at it that way right?

She goes on to say that we even create soul contracts with other souls to help us learn our lessons, which is why when it comes to astrology you can look into a synastry chart to see if you have past life connections with people in your life, from your partner, to friends, to even family members. I’ve done this myself and I actually have past life connections with my husband and a lot of my friends. If you’d like a reading done you can check out my offers! I do this for others. 

You come down into earth essentially with a blue print of how your life is going to play out when it comes to the lessons you need to learn, but it’s up to YOU to decide if you are going to learn those lessons or not. There’s always free will.

Dolores explains that it’s like we are actors playing out our role and we are in our costumes just putting on a show. We are the script writers and we continue to write it as we go through life. Although we have a lesson to learn, it doesn’t mean we will choose to learn that lesson. That’s where the free will comes in where you decide if you are going to do the inner work and healing in order to learn the lessons from your hardships and struggles.

Some souls choose to learn lots of lessons at once and it can be really heavy,

You may be wondering, why the hell would I choose to live this life or go through all of this trauma.

Dolores cannon says that it’s because you are here to learn those lessons, to learn how to survive, learn how to grow, learn how to forgive and the list goes on because that’s what makes us advanced.

I’m not here to say what’s right or wrong or what’s true or false. I’m just here sharing what I’ve learned and what I believe when it comes to spirituality. You can choose to believe this or not. That’s up to you.

However, I did find this message really inspiring because I’m about to explain a lot more so I really hope you at least give this message a read because it will help you break-free from toxic cycles that repeat in your life and even generational trauma cycles that repeat in your own family.

Soul contracts and breaking generational trauma cycles

So the thing about earth is that there is no failing, there’s just repeating. Just like in school when you don’t pass a grade and you have to stay back to repeat it.

Well, life on earth is similar. If you don’t learn your lesson then you continue to repeat and go through this cycle again until the lesson is finally learned. In fact, it is said that earth is the most challenging planet in the universe especially because we choose to not remember why we came here in the first place. If we knew why, we wouldn’t be able to properly learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

You may be trying to learn the same lessons for many lifetimes with the same people you have soul contracts with until you finally realize, learn the lesson, forgive and let go of that karma.

Karma is the baggage that we carry. We can carry baggage from many lifetimes and we can also carry generational karma or trauma.

The great thing is, once you recognize this and understand that this is a lesson you are meant to learn you can finally heal and break that cycle. You have the power to free your soul from this karma, including karma that you brought into this lifetime from many lifetimes prior.

Let me give you some examples from my own personal life.

I was born into a broken family that holds a lot of generational karma. I love my parents by the way, but for a while I really struggled to have healthy relationships with them growing up. I always felt like I had no one to turn to for emotional support because my parents were always dealing with their own trauma, their own baggage and karma.

My dad got injured at work when I was about 8 or 9 years old and this really flipped my family upside down. Now with this theory in mind, I believe this is part of his karma and his lessons that he needed to learn and it was also part of mine. My dad and I have a soul contract together that is meant to teach us lessons. 

I know you may be thinking (what the hell, I don’t know about all of this but hear me out)

This injury lead to a lot of physical damage for my dad and he was hurting in ways that don’t make sense to a lot of people, even to doctors at times. He got prescribed pain killers and the combo of his injury, the pain killers and the doctors trying to have him quit cold turkey while being a recovering addict, you can only imagine the difficulty.

I saw my dad go from happy, caring, and loving to being angry all the time, depressed, and his mood would flip like a switch. He wasn’t someone I wanted to be around as a kid because I was fearful of his anger.

At a young age it’s hard because we don’t know what our parents are dealing with at the time. I didn’t know the pain he was feeling and the problems he was dealing with on top of a marriage that was slowly crumbling or how inferior he felt because he had to lose his job because of all of this.

As a kid I just saw my dad angry at me and not loving me the way he used to. I felt rejected, hurt and my home no longer felt like a loving space. I could tell it was broken because I am an energy reader. My environment needs to be a safe space because I vibe off of environments. I can read a room and I can feel people’s energy and that in return affects my energy.

This situation right here is karma and emotional baggage that has been going on through generations in my family. My dad didn’t get along with his dad growing up and when he finally made peace with his dad, his dad passed away shortly after.

The trauma of that relationship trickled into my dad’s relationship with me. (Not to mention I have aspects in my natal chart that point to this as well. I do offer natal chart readings and synastry chart readings if you’d ever be curious to learn a little bit about your own life, soul purpose and even your past life and past life connections with those in your life, feel free to reach out!)

My parents ended up divorcing when I was about 10 years old and they couldn’t give me that loving and nurturing space for me to feel safe emotionally.

My mom’s parents were also divorced too. Since my parents weren’t able to fully heal from their karma, their trauma and their own experiences, that cycle continued to play out and repeat itself in their lives.

I watched them both attract a handful of bad relationships, my dad especially. He went through one relationship that tore apart what we had left of our daughter-father relationship.

His third wife was an addict herself and this just mirrored to him all of his unhealed wounds.

I can pretty much guess that this relationship has been playing out for a few lifetimes now, but he’s come along way and I think they hopefully can cut that contract up in this lifetime, but that’s up to him to figure out.

Here’s the thing, karma keeps repeating itself until you look it dead in the eyes and let it go. These lessons and toxic cycles continue to play out in your life until you finally recognize them, allow yourself to learn the lesson, heal, forgive and move on.

Letting go of your karma

Dolores Cannon says, once you let go of the karma you move onto your next lesson and it may or may not be better than the one you just learned.

Everything that we go through in life is happening for us, not to us. It’s to teach us and help us grow. I truly believe it’s all about perspective. You can let your trauma break you or you can let it show you how strong you really are because we are so much stronger than we think.

Karma can go way back to past lives which we don’t usually remember, so it’s hard to say what karma you may or may not go through, but that’s why it’s so important to just live out a compassionate life.

Do good, be a good person, try to make a change for the better. Learn to forgive even though I know it can be really hard.

There’s a lot that is out of our control, but there’s also a lot that we CAN control.

Choose to heal. In order to let go of karma and break the toxic cycles we need to heal and forgive. I know that there are many out there who hear the word forgive and cringe because some wounds cut so freaking deep. I get that, but if you don’t allow yourself to forgive and let it go then you will continue to hold onto that karma which will continue repeating the same damn lessons over and over again for many lifetimes until you finally choose to break free from it.

Break-free from that contract you have with that person and choose to forgive and go your separate ways.

You don’t need to keep them in your life in order to forgive, but you do need to free your soul from the burden you carry by holding onto that resentment and anger from those who have done you wrong. Karma is real and they are learning their lessons too.

Often times people come into our lives that will mirror those unhealed wounds to us and we get trigged because they are reflecting to us what we need to heal. Every time you feel triggered, you should stop and ask yourself, “why does this bother me so much? What am I needing to heal from?”

That’s why you may go through a lot of toxic relationships until you finally get that good relationship.

However, just because you finally get that good relationship doesn’t mean you actually chose to forgive those other relationships that hurt you before. Do that inner work to make sure you are taking the time to really learn the lessons your soul wants you to learn.

When we don’t take the time to recognize our trauma and the lessons we learned from these experiences, we often develop habits, fears, and behaviors subconsciously. For example, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of failure, or perhaps you become a people pleaser, or you turn to substance to numb the pain, maybe you become violent and angry towards others because of your suppressed emotions. There are so many negative ways that unhealed trauma can manifest in our own behaviors and reactions.

The thing is, we live in such a masculine society. We need more balance, balance of that feminine and masculine energy.

What I’ve noticed is that my parents were probably raised by parents who had unhealed wounds of their own, so they didn’t get that emotional support that they needed.

Perhaps that generation was taught that showing emotions was a sign of weakness, or that you should just brush it off and get back up. Perhaps they were taught that they need to stop crying and get over it because their parents were raised that way, so they are only doing what they were taught. But here’s the thing, we come to earth to learn emotions!!! That’s why we are here, so when we ignore our emotions, we are not learning. This creates those toxic karmic cycles and we continue to repeat the same lessons until we finally accept that we are supposed to learn how to deal with our emotions in healthy ways. This is how we break generational trauma.

You see, back then I don’t think healing and spirituality was as popular and well known as it is today and that’s because as of recently a lot of souls have been essentially re-incarnated for the soul purpose of helping awaken the collective, uplift humanity, and raise the vibration of the planet.

There is so much potential for so many of us to break generational trauma, to break the chain, to stop these toxic cycles because what a lot of our ancestors didn’t get to do was heal properly from the trauma they experienced so instead, trauma continues to repeat itself until some one wakes up and becomes that cycle breaker.

And perhaps that someone is you.

Check out Dolores Cannon’s Book


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