How to be Happy with the Life you Live

How to Live a Happier Life

The problem is, we always want more. We don’t know how to be happy with what we already have. It seems that nothing is ever “enough”. We waste our time looking for bigger, better,  and newer. You have a decent car but it’s not new enough. You have a livable home but you WANT it to be bigger. You have a job that pays your bills, but you aren’t your own boss. Or what about your body image? It doesn’t match society’s “standards” so you start to feel like you aren’t slim enough or beautiful.

All of THIS is how you should NOT be thinking. We are never fully content with what we have, but why? Today I am going to share with you, how to be happy with the life you live.

How to love the life you live. Tips to help you live a happier life.

In order to feel happy & content with our lives we must stop worrying about what we “think” we should have, & start appreciating what we already have. 

Stop aiming for perfection

Let’s start with this: The idea of “perfect”. Who actually came up with what is considered “perfect” and what is not? I am guilty of this myself. I always struggle to try and make every part of my life “perfect”.

In reality there is truly no such thing as perfect, so STOP trying to make your life perfect because you will only take away from realizing the positive aspects that surround your life already.

You may feel as if you don’t have a “perfect” job but if it pays your bills, provides you with food, and allows you to live comfortably then i’d say that’s a pretty perfect job? We always try to make our bodies look “perfect” as well. Be happy with who you are and what you look like because there’s no one else like you! That’s what makes you so perfect!

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Stop comparing

If you want to live a happier life you need to stop comparing. We need to STOP comparing our lives to the lives of others. So what, your neighbor may have a bigger house than you, or a newer car. The truth is someone is always going to have more than you.

You could have millions of dollars but there is still someone who has more. Stop comparing your life to those around you and you will find happiness. Appreciate what you worked hard for. No one truly knows what another person’s life is really like. It may look like expensive, shiny things on the outside but on the inside, you will never know.

I think about this when I drive by houses. On the outside the house could look updated and fancy but when you walk inside it’s outdated. 

Not Appreciating the Little Things

If you want to live a happier life, start appreciating the little things. This is so important. We get caught up in daily life that we forget to stop and breathe. Like they say, “stop and smell the roses.” It’’s true. Enjoy the little things like; a cup of good coffee, quality time with the ones you love, a beautiful sunny day, a good book, a sunset, a good grade…

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Practice a positive money mindset

Money isn’t everything but it is okay to want more of it. For the longest time I thought of money as the root of all evil. I was broke and in debt and I felt like money was the cause of all my problems. When I started focusing on a positive money mindset, the money came. Learn how to have a positive money mindset here.

Stop being a people pleaser

Here is a known fact: You will never be able to please everyone. I finally learned this and it took me many years. I was always trying to please everyone and while doing so I started to displease myself. It’s important to put yourself first sometimes. Stop worrying about what others will say or think. If it makes you happy then do it. You don’t live to please everyone else around you. Of course always be a decent human being but, to live to try and please others all the time kills your own happiness.



Some ways to start living a happier, more content lifestyle:

  1. Declutter, Everything that is of no use to you. A less cluttered space is a more positive atmosphere.
  2. Stop people pleasing/ be humble & kind.
  3. Don’t focus on materialistic objects.
  4. Yoga / meditation provides peace and happiness
  5. Stop comparing your life to those around you or on tv. There will always be someone who has more. But remember, you have more than others too.
  6. Focus on spending quality time with those you love.
  7. Do what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks or says.
  8. Appreciate the little things in life. Stop to smell the roses.
  9. Count your blessings DAILY. 
  10. Stop trying to be perfect because no one ever is.
  11. Love yourself & the life you live.


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