50 Things That Make Me Smile

I was tagged by the beautiful Grace from PrayerandPassports and to do this 50 things that make my life extraordinary challenge, or 50 things that make me smile! 50 things is A LOT but as I was writing my list I realized just how much GOOD there is in my life. It’s so easy to go through your days focusing on everything that’s WRONG, and everything that makes you unhappy. That’s when we fail to appreciate the small things in life that make our life so worth living for.

So for Blogtober day 3, I am sharing with you 50 things that make me smile! At the end I will be tagging 5 others to do this tag as well! Enjoy! & thank you again Grace for tagging me. (:

50 things that make me smile

50 Things that Make me Smile

  1. Dogs, especially my own. (how could you not smile when seeing a pup?)
  2. My boyfriend. (because duh)
  3. My family. I am blessed to have a pretty supportive mom, dad and brother! Love them to pieces.
  4. Sunsets and sunrises. They are so dang beautiful.
  5. Coffee (can’t go through my days without it. Turns my grumpy soul to a happy soul)
  6. Flowers, they are gorgeous and I am sure make everyone smile!
  7. Lighting my favorite candles. SO GOOD.
  8. Gossip Girl (because it’s one of my all time favorite TV shows, I can’t get sick of it.)
  9. Paying it forward. I love doing acts of kindness for others, like over tipping and paying for the person behind me. Makes me smile and feel good.
  10. My blogging community. My BossGirlBloggers members make me smile on a daily basis.
  11. The holiday season. Just something about the holidays brings me cheer and excitement!
  12. Traveling, I love to explore new places.
  13. Big cities – something magical about them. Especially NYC.
  14. A bubble bath…especially when paired with a glass of wine.
  15. And of course, wine … because YES. I especially love white wine.
  16. When I randomly find extra money lying around that I didn’t know I had. (:
  17. Fall weather, it’s so cozy and I love it!
  18. The beach, especially listening to the waves.
  19. Sounds of rain while I am falling asleep. It’s so peaceful.
  20. Babies…I love kids and can’t wait to have some of my own!
  21. Ice cream, surprise me with ice-cream and I will forever be happy.
  22. Weddings, I smile every time and can’t wait for my own!
  23. New makeup, because I am a makeup addict. Nothing like a new makeup palette am I right?!
  24. Cozy, soft blankets. Gimme them all!
  25. Warm, clean bedsheets. Nothing better than that, right?
  26. Summer sunny days, how could you not smile? Unless it’s too hot!
  27. Watching the first snowfall while I am cozied up on the couch in front of a fire place.
  28. Random sweet comments.
  29. Driving down small back roads blasting country music.
  30. Country music in general.
  31. My grandpa used to make me smile all the time. Miss him everyday.
  32. Watching my favorite Netflix shows &/or movies.
  33. Singing even if I am the worst at it!
  34. Blogging, because it’s so much fun!
  35. Giving gifts and watching peoples reactions. Love making others smile!
  36. When I achieve a goal, it’s the best feeling!
  37. When I prove others wrong. Don’t doubt me!
  38. Celebrating with friends. Always a good time!
  39. My best friends who are always there for me.
  40. Tacos, queso and margaritas!
  41. When I find a good deal! Love me some budget shopping!
  42. Nature, I love seeing it’s beauty.
  43. Hugs. I am such an affectionate person. I love a good hug!
  44. New experiences
  45. Thanksgiving surrounded by family and food!
  46. Hoodies
  47. Random acts of kindness.
  48. Surprises! As long as they are happy surprises!
  49. Seeing other people smile.
  50. Teaching others. I love helping others learn especially when it comes to going after a life they love!

50 things that make me smile!

Now I tag:

Hope you enjoyed this tag! What makes you smile?

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