20 Things You Need to do in Your Twenties

20 things you need to do in your twenties

Not going to lie, my twenties have been pretty dang tough! I am finally feeling a sense of “freedom” as I graduate high school & go off on my own. They weren’t kidding when they said life is expensive, and random. My twenties have been some of my toughest years yet. I have been living on my own since age 18. I have made a fair share of “mistakes”. For example, credit cards…Oh man...When I turned 18 I applied for my first credit card immediately & I regret it. That credit card then lead to another. Not to mention, when you are living on your own and you have bills to pay, a credit card seems like the BEST thing in the world for groceries, cleaning supplies, and more. Let’s just say, it’s not the best idea… I have been through the ups and downs in my twenties but along the way I learned a lot about myself!!! Now I want to share some tips with you to learn from my mistakes. For Blogtober day 5 I am sharing 20 things you need to do in your twenties! Hope you enjoy (:

20 things you need to do in your twenties.


I am still trying to do more of this. I find traveling to be such an incredible experience. When I explore some place new, I feel so inspired. There is just something about packing my bags and setting off for a new destination. While you are young, travel as much as possible!

2.Create a savings 

I can’t stress this enough, you will thank me later! It’s so important to start saving your pennies! Create a budget plan and stick by it. You never know when you are going to need an extra $500 to fix your car, PLUS do you want to buy a house someday? Your savings will come in handy! I have a ton of budget tips here.

3.Build your credit 

Like I said, don’t go crazy with your credit cards! It’s okay to have one credit card to help build your credit, BUT pay it off right away! There is nothing worse than paying off interest all your life! Also note that when you have a credit card limit, you aren’t actually supposed to reach it. (shocking) Well, I have reached my limit before and although I paid my monthly payments on time every month, it didn’t matter...My balances were too high and it ruined my credit score. I am finally back UP! But it took a lot of hard work. Learn from me (:

4.Invest in your Health 

You are still young so keep yourself feeling that way! Take care of your health. Visit your doctor, dentist, etc. I know it sucks but as you get older, health issues arise. On top of that, try to exercise and eat healthy! It’ll keep you feeling energized, and great!

5.Visit a different country 

I have a confession to make, I have never been out of the US. I so badly want to travel to another country but have yet to do so. Before I turn 30 I will make sure it happens! You can learn so much when traveling to a different country!

6. Try something crazy (sky diving, bungee jumping)

That’s right… Do something EXTREME! Anything that will get your adrenaline pumping!

7.Declutter negativity

It’s time to declutter all the negativity out of your life. It will feel GREAT! Those half ass friends, those shoes you haven’t worn in 10 years, or maybe that toxic relationship you are in… SAY GOODBYE.  

8. Spend time with those you love

Life is short but it is sweet. Make sure you are taking the time to really spend it with people you love. Your close friends, your loving family… All these moments matter! You don’t want to regret time you didn’t spend with those you love.

9. Focus on finding your passion 

This is your time to shine! In your twenties you are in your prime. This is the time where you feel most ambitious! At least that’s what they say…. It’s time for you to dig deep and think about what makes you happiest! It’s time to think about what career you want in the long run. If you think about it, the majority of your life is spent working, so make sure you follow your passion! Maybe you aren’t sure how to find your passion? Maybe this will help.

10.Road trip 

I always say you can learn a lot about a person when you go on a road trip with them! But in all seriousness, road trips are a blast especially if spent with good friends! DO IT!

11. Read more 

I need to start making time for myself to read more! It really is such a great escape.

12. Journal daily 

I find that journaling is very relaxing and can help clear your mind. I have always suffered with anxiety and writing my thoughts down helps to ease it. I actually have a 31 day journal exercise that you might love! Check it out here.

20 things you need to do in your twenties.

13. Practice letting go of the past

Easier said than done but sometimes we need to leave the past in the past. If you bring any of that negativity with you to your present and future, you will continue to be unhappy. Let it go.

14. Appreciate alone time 

As I get older I realize just how much I really value my alone time. It’s nice to hang out with friends and all, but sometimes I just really need that quality “me” time. Here are some ways I practice self love and care.

15. Stop settling

Now is the time to really stop settling! So many of us settle in jobs, relationships, and life in general. You deserve to be happy. If you are in a current situation that doesn’t bring you happiness, you can let it go! There is so much out there. Especially with jobs and relationships!  

16.Live frugally

Don’t try and live a crazy, luxurious lifestyle! If you can’t afford it, be honest with yourself. I always try to live below my means. If I have $100 I tell myself I only have $50. BE MONEY SMART.

17. Move somewhere that inspires you 

You are young, you can explore, and you can try new things! If you want to make a move, DO IT!

18. Go outside your comfort zone 

This is self explanatory. You all know that the best things happen outside your comfort zone! Do something that you would never expect yourself to do. Try new things. Be adventurous!

19. Put yourself first 

This is SO important! It’s so easy for us to think about others first. (which is fine) BUT there is a point in your life when you need to start thinking about what YOU want. This is YOUR life, start living it for YOU!

20. Learn a new skill 

Lastly, learn a new skill! Who knows, it could end up changing your life! (: I learned how to blog and now it’s my full time job! Maybe that’s something you want to try? Read about my journey here.

Hope you enjoyed this list! What are some tips you have for anyone going through their twenties? Read yesterdays blogtober post here.

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