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Fall Night Skin Care Routine – Step by Step

Fall Night Time Skin Care Routine

It’s blogtober day 2! For today’s blog post I am doing the highly requested “fall night time skin care routine” I am not going to lie, when the seasons begin to change my skin decides to FREAK THE HECK OUT! Anyone else deal with this issue?

My skin tends to get a bit more dry and irritated in the colder months. It’s so important for me to find a skin care routine that works! I will say, I do try out different skin care products more often than I should, BUT today I want to share some of my absolute favorites that have been a part of my skincare routine for a long time now! I hope you enjoy it (: Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite skin care products! I am always looking for something new to try.

Night time skin care routine for a fall night.

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Step One: Remove eye & face makeup with cleansing makeup remover wipe.

Fall night skin care routine, step by step. Blogtober day 2! Featuring neutrogena.

I LOVE these makeup wipes. They are gentle on my eyes so I can remove all of my eye makeup. Let’s face it, removing eye makeup can be a pain in the butt! With these towelettes it is a piece of cake! Before using any products I mention, PLEASE test a small area of your skin first just in case of any reactions your skin may have. I have been using these wipes for years now though, with no issues at all (:

Step Two: Face Cleanser

Fall night time routine. step two a night time face cleanser. Step by step.

I think one of the most important parts of any skin care routine is the face cleanser you use! My skin is sensitive and I also usually suffer from cystic acne which is acne that tends to be painful, located underneath the skin’s surface making it harder to get rid of. It’s so important for me to use a cleanser that won’t irritate my skin. That’s why I LOVE my Michael Todd Honey & Oat face cleanser. It’s super gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.

Step Three: A Face Mask (not everyday but when needed)

Fall night time skin care routine, featuring glam glow's super mud mask

If you get one product, I seriously recommend this one! It’s incredible what this GlamGlow Supermud mask does for my skin! My breakouts tend to occur around “that time of the month” and I usually breakout around my chin and hairline.

As soon as I notice these breakouts occurring, I reach for my GlamGlow mask. I apply a generous layer to my skin and wait about 30 mins. Then I remove. My skin instantly looks brighter and healthier! Not to mention this mask tends to help dry out my acne, reduce redness, and combat cystic acne. I definitely recommend it out of ALL of these products, this one is the best!

Step Four: Toner

Fall night time skin care routine step 3, a daily toner featuring FRESH.

I am a HUGE fan of my Fresh Rose Toner. If you don’t already use a toner in your daily routine, I highly recommend it! What it does is helps to even out your skin texture and also works to help keep your skin looking hydrated and glowing! This toner is gentle and smells just like rose which I think is a nice touch. I also love the way it makes my skin feel, hydrated and bright.

Step Five: Face Serum

Having a good face serum is a MUST in my fall night time routine. I am actually all out of my favorite serums which are from Olehenriksen, but I am hoping to pick it back up! This serum has made a HUGE difference in helping to brighten my skin, and I also really love the UFO clarifying oil from Sunday Riley. This serum has helped combat my cystic acne a ton during the winter months!

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Step Six: All about the under eyes!

After I apply my face serums I like to apply my under eye products. These products are STAPLES in my routine. I suffer from dark circles and baggy under eyes since I tend to have insomnia and NEVER sleep. The first product I love is my First Aid Beauty Kona eye stick. I love this because it helps to make my eyes less baggy and helps with dark circles. It also feels cooling under my eyes and applies seemlessly!

After I apply my under eye cream I will apply my Lash Boost serum from Rodan & Fields. I don’t personally sell these products but if you know someone who does, ask theme about this stuff! It’s LIFE CHANGING.

My eyelashes are practically non existent but after applying this serum to my lashes every night for a month, my lashes grew lusciously! It looks as if I got eyelash extensions. It’s crazy! This product is pricey though, not gonna lie! I think it cost me $150 or so. But I love it.

Fall night time skin care routine, step by step! Fall skin care products you need.

(WOW my nails are atrocious)

Step Seven: Moisturize

Fall Must Have Skin Care products and skin care routine

After I complete all of my skin care routine steps I must end by moisturizing my skin! Like I mentioned, my skin tends to get dry in the winter so it’s important that I keep it moisturized! I have been using my Cetaphil moisturizer for YEARS. I love this skin care brand because they aren’t harsh on my skin. They have products that are perfect for sensitive skin! I find most moisturizers breakout my skin, but not this one!

I also like to use a moisturizer on my body and I have been loving this one from the Seaweed Bath Co. I have it in the scent citrus vanilla. It’s not an overpowering scent which I love.

Fall night time skin care routine, step by step. Moisturizer.

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Step Eight: Lips

Last but not least, the lips! My lips get so chapped when the days become colder. It’s so important for me to take care of my lips in the fall and winter to prevent any chapped lips from happening. I have 3 products that I am currently LOVING.

First: GlamGlow’s Pout Mask

Fall skin care routine step by step, featuring lips products.

I love this lip mask! It helps to keep my lips feeling soft and moisturized.

Second: Laneige Lip Mask

This lip mask is similar to GlamGlow’s but I find that it’s not as thick. I enjoy both equally!

Fall skin care routine step by step! Must have skin care products

Third: Sugar Lip Polish

I love my Sugar lip polish! It helps to really get rid of any dead, dry skin on my lips. It also helps to really soften my lips! I will usually scrub my lips first and then apply one of my lip masks.

Fall night skin care routine! Must have fall skin care products.

That completes my fall night skin care routine! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Would love to hear from you in the comments! 

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  • Nicola

    That rose water hydration looks amazing! May have to try it out!

    • ellduclos

      It’s my favorite toner! (: You should try it!

  • Rissa | So Very Me

    GlamGlow is my favorite! So tingly and satisfying. I love all their products.

    • ellduclos

      So good right! (:

  • Bailey Armitage

    I’ve never tried anything from fresh but you’ve got everything I want to try in here! Love this post x

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! I love Fresh!

  • Carolyn

    All great choices! I love GlamGlow. I just got a box of a lot of different masks to try and I’m excited!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you! GlamGlow is so good!!! Especially this mask!

  • Azzurra Nox

    So many amazing products!

  • Rebecca

    I love the glam glow pout mask! I use that and another lip balm of theirs and my lips feel so much better since the air is drying out.

    • ellduclos

      So good right!!!(:

  • Haley

    There is no better lip balm than the Laneige lip sleeping mask.

    • ellduclos

      RIGHT!! So good!

  • Haley

    The Fresh Rose Toner is one of my favorite skin care products.

    • ellduclos

      It’s so good!

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