16 Motivational Podcasts For Women

Do you struggle when it comes to mindset? I used to. It was a daily struggle to get myself to see the brighter side or bigger picture. A little over 3 years ago I finally decided to do something I loved. That’s when I started this blog. My blog has been a blessing and allowed me to quit a job that didn’t bring me happiness. Throughout my journey there were moments of self doubt however, these 16 motivational podcasts helped me see the bigger picture. They helped me see my full potential. I am sharing these motivational mindset podcasts with you in hopes that they can have an impact on your life too. If you are filled with self doubt, excuses, and procrastination, then you need to listen up!

16 Motivational podcasts for women

16 Motivational Podcasts For Women


1.Manifestation Babe

The first mindset podcast I really took interest in was the Manifestation Babe podcast with Kathrin Zenkina. This podcast is powerful and really helps transform your mindset. If you are looking for a podcast for personal growth and mindset development then you will love this podcast. It makes me feel like I can manifest anything, especially money! 

2.Perfectionism Project

The Perfectionism Project is a podcast for those who struggle with procrastination and perfectionism. I don’t know about you but I am someone who used to be afraid to go after what I wanted because I feared failure or I feared that I wouldn’t be good enough. I didn’t realize I struggled with perfectionism until listening to Sam on this podcast. It’s super eye opening.

3. RISE 

I really enjoy the RISE podcast as an entrepreneur. Rachel is super motivational and this podcast is the perfect dose of motivation. She makes me feel like I can get any goal accomplished.

4. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Another favorite motivation for entrepreneurs podcast that I enjoy is the Don’t Keep You Day Job Podcast. Cathy has tons of motivational interviews with creative entrepreneurs and I learn a lot from this podcast. 

5. Earn Your Happy

Lori Harder runs the Earn Your Happy Podcast and I love to listen to this podcast when I start to self doubt my abilities or need a push to step outside of my comfort zone. If you aren’t living your best and happiest life, this podcast will make you want to! 

6. Do It Scared 

The Do It Scared Podcast with Ruth Soukup is another motivational entrepreneur podcast that pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears. She encourages others to create the life of their dreams regardless of fears. 

7. Thoughts That Manifest

This is actually my podcast that I host. I talk all about spirituality, mindset and manifesting your dream reality. I hope to inspire you to awaken your mind to the limitless potential that is within you!

8. Being Boss

Being Boss is another podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers. Emily and Kathleen focus on mindset, creating positive habits, business strategies, and systems to help you make more money as an entrepreneur. 

9. The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon is the host of the Influencer Podcast. She helps influencers up-level, grow, and make money. I like that she also focuses on interviews with other entrepreneurs. 

10. Spark Intention 

I really enjoy this motivational mindset podcast with Jenna. She aims to help others naturally heal their stress and anxiety so they can step into a life of success in their career, life, and relationships. She’s really great to listen to. 

11. Style Your Mind 

This motivational podcast is for success-driven women. Cara helps women style their minds for success. If you want to feel empowered then this podcast is for you. 

12. And She Rises

Amanda Frances hosts the And She Rises Podcast. This is a motivational podcast for women who are ready to live out their best life. She shares practical advice and makes me realize what I desire in life and how to pursue it. 

13. The Marie Forleo Podcast

I love this podcast. Marie is awesome and she shares actionable strategies to help women find greater happiness, success, fulfillment, and productivity. I always feel motivated to get my sh*t together after listening to her. 

14. The Angie Lee Show

I love The Angie Lee Show Podcast. It feels like my best friend is just chatting with me and trying to convince me that I am capable of more than I think. If you dream of living a life where you are making money from your passion, then listen to Angie!

15. Often Ambitious 

Erika and Lindsey host the Often Ambitious Podcast where they dive into awesome interviews with other creative entrepreneurs and motivate others to build a powerful brand while staying sane. 

16. EmpowerHER

Kacia hosts the motivational EmpowerHER podcast. She is motivating and inspires others to take action when it comes to achieving goals and living out the life you always wanted to live. If you are looking for a kick in the butt motivational podcast then you will love EmpowerHER. 


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