Why You Should Never Give Up … (Success)

Why You Should Never Give Up

When you have a goal, dream, or pursuit of happiness it can be hard to keep a focused mind. Too often we find ourselves wondering if it’s worth it? Or are we just wasting our time? Of course we want success to happen overnight, but that’s just not the case. I know there have been many times I have wanted to just give up. Times when I have felt as if I wasn’t getting anywhere. So what did I do? I blocked those thoughts and began to think to myself why should I keep fighting and working towards my ultimate goal? Why was it so important and necessary to stay focused and continue to hustle?

Why you should never give up, it is the key to success! You only fail if you stop trying.


One // Success Comes to Those Who Keep Trying

There are many days that I feel as if I want to throw away all that I have done so far. Believe me, there are more days than not that I feel like all my work is for nothing. However, I continue to tell myself, “Your hardwork is going to pay off one day.” It may not be right away, but it will happen. Success doesn’t happen over night. The most successful people have worked hard to get where they are. If you continue to work for what you want. You will succeed. It’s all about having patience.

Two // Prove the Haters Wrong

It’s unfortunate that there will always be those who hate on a hustling babe. There will be those who hope to see you fail. Why? I still don’t know the answer. Either they are envious of your success or they have their own issues. Keep pushing so that you can prove all of those haters wrong. Don’t give up, you can and you will be successful.

Three // Make Yourself Happy

It’s important to go after what makes you happy, especially when it comes to our career. Seriously though! Who wouldn’t want to make money doing what they love?  Make sure you keep working on your dreams, your goals, your happiest life. You have to continue to strive for happiness because you deserve it and you will achieve it.

Four // Make Your Time Worth it

What is the point of working so hard for something to just give it all up? That sounds like such a waste of time to me. Time is a valuable thing. If you are working hard to achieve a goal, know that it takes patience. Don’t work hard and then decide it’s time to give it up. No! You fight, you continue to work hard, and I promise it will be worth it in the end. If you aren’t making your time worth it, then you are doing it wrong!

Five // Your Friends + Family are Rooting for You

You have loved ones that believe in you. They know that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Let them be your support team, your cheerleading squad. Keep fighting because of them. They want to see you be happy. If you put your mind into the one thing you absolutely love, you can achieve greatness my friend and your supporters know that!

Six // Prove Yourself Right

When you started working towards your goals, you had a voice that said, “I can do this.” If you didn’t, it’s okay. Now is your chance to find your determination and success voice. Start telling yourself that you can live the life of your dreams and then make it happen. Your future is all up to you. Believe in yourself and prove yourself right.

Seven // You’ll Live Your Life with Regret

If you give up now, your life will be changed. You will live in constant regret and what ifs. “What if I kept going, would I have been successful?” The answer is yes. Success requires patience. If you give up now, you’ll miss out on perhaps one of the best experiences of your life.

Eight // Think of Those you Can Inspire

If you continue to work on achieving your dream life, you will succeed, and then you will inspire others to follow your footsteps. What if you could inspire? What if you could be the reason that someone else works towards achieving their happiest life? What if you, continuing to work towards your dreams, could inspire others to work towards theres? What if you could inspire?

Success isn’t easy. 

It’s hard work, long days + long nights. 

It’s feeling like you aren’t getting far, and it’s learning to have patience. 

If you believe in yourself, put your mind to it, and never give up, then you can never fail. 




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