10 Tips for a Sunday Well-Spent – Self Care Sunday

10 Self-Care Tips for a Sunday Well-Spent

Happy Sunday! Welcome back! Today we are talking about my favorite, SELF CARE. What better way to spend a Sunday than with a little TLC. We also have a guest writer, Janine on the blog today! Janine is a lifestyle blogger over at JanineAllison so be sure to check her out! Here are her 10 Self-Care tips for a Sunday well-spent!

10 self care tips for a sunday well spent

For the majority of us, the word “Monday” inevitably brings feelings of dread and doom. One day I hope to be someone who looks forward to the rise and grind of Monday but right now, I need to take time on Sunday to prepare myself for the following week. Here are ten self-care tips to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world on Monday morning.

Turn Off Your Alarm 

Take the opportunity to allow your body to wake up on its own but try not to sleep in too late if it will prevent you from getting to sleep on Sunday night! When I get out of bed, I like to make a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet morning before anyone else is up.

 Pamper Yourself 

Sunday is the perfect day for an at-home spa day. Take a relaxing bubble bath, apply your favourite face mask, or give yourself a fresh manicure.

Indulge in a Good Meal 

My family always had a tradition of making a big, homecooked meal on Sunday. Whip up your favourite comfort foods or bake a batch of cookies and take the time to savor your food, guilt-free.

Go Outside 

If the weather is cooperative, go for a brisk walk or enjoy a coffee on your patio. Sunshine and fresh air are great for relieving anxiety and clearing your mind.

Make a List for the Week Ahead 

Get a head start on your week by making a to-do list. If it looks overwhelming, be sure to schedule in some fun tasks like a pedicure or a trip to the mall so that you have something to look forward to.

Take a Social Media Break 

Social media is great for staying connected but it can also leave you feeling down. Make an effort to avoid checking Instagram, Facebook or your e-mail inbox. In fact, maybe ditch the cell phone altogether for a few hours and reconnect with the outside world.

Netflix & Chill 

If nothing else, Sunday is the perfect day to laze around in comfy clothes and binge-watch your favourite TV shows. It may not be the most productive thing to do but we all need a chill day once in a while!

Prepare for Monday Morning 

Monday mornings are hard enough without having to decide on an outfit or pack a lunch. Do it the night before so that you don’t have to rush in the morning.

Do a Yoga Flow 

Not only is yoga a great form of exercise, but it’s also effective at relieving stress. Even if you only take 20 minutes before bed, try a yoga flow. YouTube has a lot of great options that are totally free (Yoga by Adriene is my favourite!).

Practice Gratitude 

When all else fails and I am dreading the thought of going to work on Monday, I remind myself that at least I have a job to go. I am healthy enough that I can go to work and help others at my job. There are people in the world who would love the opportunities that I have. Sometimes a little perspective is all you need!

What are some self-care practices that you do on Sunday?

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  • I love your Sunday Tips. I already do most of them . I also love attending my church virtually in my favorite jams with my favorite tea. I normally Sun Gaze but today it’s cloudy. I still might go outside anyway just to look at nature and breathe in the fresh air. God Bless You and take care.