Lifestyle Changes You Need to Make This Year

Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make This Year

Happy Thursday friends! Today’s post is coming from the lovely Dee from My DeeDee’s Diary She is sharing with us lifestyle changes that we need to make THIS year! These changes can help us prosper, grow, and find success & happiness this year! All further content is hers & I am so grateful and appreciative that she was willing to guest post!

Every year, at the stroke of midnight we celebrate with a glass of wine and a few hugs & kisses. We also tend to make promises to ourselves about what exactly we plan to do new, this year. Whether it be a list of just one or ten things, we all want to become better versions of ourselves and we all want to make this year the best year of our lives. It might be overwhelming to try and figure out what exactly needs to be done. To help you out I have come up with seven amazing lifestyle changes you need to make this year.


7 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make This Year


Move Beyond Your Mistakes

We are all human beings and that means that no-one is perfect. No-one goes through life and never makes a mistake because if they did, they would lose the very essence of what makes them even. This year, it’s time to move beyond the mistakes you’ve made in the past and move on with your life. Many times we hold onto these mistakes without understanding just how much they hold us back. It’s time to accept that they happened, learn from them and go on with your life.

Let Go Of Your Need To Be Perfect

I have to admit, I had a very hard time dealing with this and it caused me a lot of heartache. When I first started blogging, I felt like I had to be the perfect blogger who knew exactly what needed to be done and to be someone everyone would instantly look up to. But I was wrong. I am not perfect, I never was, and that’s okay. Our flaws make us more human and they help us to realize that we are just like everyone else. So acknowledge your imperfection, embrace them and love yourself just the way you are.

Think Before You Write

There are so many times I have seen a celebrity or even a friend of mine post a status on social media only to have it taken more moments later. The updates were usually bashing someone for some indiscretion or just venting. One of the best pieces of advice I learned from my mom was to think before you write. She also told me to never write texts, emails or social media updates while I was upset and I have to say her advice has saved me many times.

Eat Breakfast

I always loved hearing the silly jingle that Spongebob sang to his pet snail, Gary “The most important meal of the day is serving it up Gary’s way”. As silly as it might sound this jingle reminds me that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. When you’re asleep your body is doing a lot. It’s repairing cells and carrying out a host of other functions. So when you wake up, you need to eat breakfast and replenish all the energy your body used when you were asleep. Plus when you have breakfast you are less likely to binge on unhealthy foods as the day goes on.

Carry Healthy Snacks

This, for me, was one of the most important lifestyle changes I made this year. I used to have loads of snacks in my purse for when I got pekkish but only recently realized that not one of those was a healthy snack. In order to change your lifestyle, you need to also focus on what you put in your body. Stuffing your face with chips, burgers and fried chicken, no matter how delicious they might be, can have serious consequences later on.

Smile More

A simple, small smile can change a child and change a life. Doesn’t that sound pretty? And pretty difficult to say three times fast? I bet you cracked up if you tried to do so. A smile is one of the best accessories that anyone can wear because it instantly changes the way you look and feel. Plus, there are so many great things that happen in your life for you not to smile at all. So please, flaunt your best smile and change the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.


Practice Gratitude

Everyday that you’re alive I challenge you to find one thing to be grateful about. This might sound like a simple challenge but so many people fail to do this even though it really shapes your view on the world. Think about the fact that you woke up this morning, or the fact that you can read this post. Those are definitely things to be thankful for. No matter how small it might seem, find the positives in daily life and be thankful. You are much more blessed than you know and there is no reason to not be thankful for that.


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Be sure to check out DeeDee’s blog!! & Make some changes today.

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