20 Habits Happy Couples Have

Have you ever wondered what habits happy couples have? My partner and I have been together for almost 8 years. It hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. Many fail to remember that relationships are work. They aren’t always perfect, and every relationship has their flaws. The biggest thing I learned from my 8 year relationship so far is that if you love someone, giving up isn’t an option. I wanted to share 20 habits happy couples have. 

20 Habits of happy couples

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20 Habits Happy Couples Have 

1. They make time for one another

A lot of couples will get into a routine and before they realize it, they aren’t spending time together like they used to. I find it important to make sure you are making time for one another. Even if it’s coming home from work and making sure to eat dinner together, or just talking for 30 mins to catch up on each others’ days. Don’t lose each other when life gets busy, make time. 

2. They always kiss goodnight – don’t go to bed mad

This habit is cliche but it really is special. I know we are all guilty of arguing before bed once or twice at least throughout our relationship. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you never go to bed mad. It makes for some terrible sleep. Always kiss goodnight

3. They know how important an I Love You can be 

Maybe you aren’t at the “I love you” stage yet in your relationship, but if you are, an “I love you” can mean a lot. I have always been someone who loves affection. It means a lot to me when my partner says “I love you” before hanging up the phone, going to work, or before bed. Time is precious and life is short, always remind those you love. 

4. They communicate their feelings

It’s funny how often we forget that our partners can’t read minds. Communication in a relationship is huge. A healthy habit any happy couple practices is definitely communicating. If you are upset, it’s okay to let your partner know. If something bothers you, how can your partner fix the issue if they don’t know it’s bothering you?

Don’t forget that you should also communicate when you are happy too. I know my partner loves words of affirmation. A simple, “Thank you so much for doing the dishes, that makes me so happy.” can go a long way. If your partner does something you like or appreciate, make sure you let them know. 

5. They learn each other’s love language

Shockingly, we don’t all love the same. In fact, many couples have different love languages and they don’t even realize it. This can lead to a lot of arguments. If you haven’t read the book “5 love languages”, I highly recommend it. This book opened my eyes and made me realize why my partner and I would argue. It’s because we have opposite love languages and we were showing love the way we want to be loved. The way I like to receive love is completely different than the way my partner likes to receive love. 

For example, I love when my partner does acts of services and spends quality time (cleans without me asking, or going somewhere I love together) Whereas his love language is Words of affirmation (he loves when I appreciate and acknowledge when he does something for me. Saying positive words to him.) 

When you learn your partner’s love language and start loving them the way they want to be loved, you will see an improvement in your happiness as a couple.

6. They have date nights 

Making time for one another is important like I said before. Many happy couples make sure to have a date night once a week. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant date. For awhile my partner and I would go bowling every Saturday night. We always looked forward to this! 

7. They make sacrifices 

If you are in a committed relationship then you will need to make sacrifices at one point or another. This could be a sacrifice as simple as watching a movie you don’t want to watch but will do so to make your partner happy. It’s going out of your way to make sure you are doing your best to make each other happy. 

8. They give each other space

Let’s be honest, it’s nice to spend time with your partner but it’s also healthy to spend time with friends and even taking time alone. Happy couples give each other space and allow each other to hang out with friends and be alone when necessary. 

9. They laugh together

The best habit of happy couples is laughing together. They have fun and they aren’t afraid to be silly in front of one another. They let their true self show. 

10. They alway’s have each other’s back

Happy couples have each others back, even if they don’t always agree 100%. They never throw each other under the bus. They are loyal to one another and if they have any disagreements, they talk together privately.

11. They don’t raise their voice – they are patient

A habit happy couples have is patience. It’s so important to have patience. There are going to be many times throughout your relationship when you and your partner disagree. During this time it’s important to be patient and don’t let your arguments escalate to screaming matches. If there is one thing that I can’t stand, it’s yelling. It’s not an effective way to argue and get your point across. Most of the time it only creates more tension and difficulty to understand. If you need time to think before you discuss, that’s okay. 

12. They work through their problems – they don’t give up

Of course there will be many arguments, disagreements and issues. BUT, Happy couples never give up during the tough times. They work through the arguments and know that at the end of the day, they can get through it together. 

13. They listen 

The best thing you can do for your partner is really listen to them. Let them talk to you when they need your support, listen to what they are telling you because that is a huge part of communicating. Give your partner your full attention when they are speaking to you. 

14. They don’t compare their relationship to others 

It’s so easy to compare. We are all guilty of this. Happy couples choose not to compare. They realize that no relationship is perfect. You also don’t know what’s behind closed doors. 

15. They are spontaneous 

Happy couples take risks together. Not everything has to be planned out. They choose to be spontaneous and do things that are outside of their comfort zone because those moments can make memories. 

16. They don’t get others involved in their relationship 

Especially with social media these days, the world does not need to know about your arguments. It’s better off to keep your relationship between you two because others’ two cents can cause a wedge if you let it. But always remember what you deserve in a relationship. Violence and abuse is not okay. 

17. They check in throughout the day

Happy couples have the habit of reaching out throughout their work days. Even if it’s a text message saying “I hope you are having a good day. I love you.” can mean a lot. 

18. They give thoughtful surprises

It’s always a nice gesture to go out of your way to surprise your partner. Whether it be a home cooked meal to come home to or flowers. Little thoughtful surprises are appreciated. 

19. They make time for intimacy 

For most happy couples, intimacy plays a huge part. I am not just talking about getting it on in the bedroom. Get intimate with one another as often as you can. Show affection, hold hands, hug often, kiss daily, and don’t lose that romantic spark. It’s important to practice intimacy daily. 

20. They set goals

Happy couples have the habit of setting actionable goals together. They know they want to always work on bettering their future. Set financial goals but never let money ruin the love you have. Set goals that you know will better your future together. 

I hope you enjoyed these 20 habits happy couples practice daily. Are there any habits you can think of to add to the list? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

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