6 ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship

How to keep the Romance alive in your relationship

I have been in an over 7 year relationship with my partner and in those 7 years, I will say there have been ups and downs. Never to the point where we have given up on our love. We know that we are in this for the long haul BUT we also know that relationships take work. We’d be fooling ourselves if we thought otherwise!

Today I want to share 7 ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship! If you’ve been in a long relationship, you know it’s easy to fall into a routine but these tips will help keep that spark!

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6 ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Tip One: Compliment each other 

When it comes to your relationship, giving each other compliments can go a long way! Especially when you have been together for a while. Nothing sounds better than “You look beautiful.” Also realize that even just appreciating your partner can mean a lot. Even if it’s a thank you for doing the laundry or making dinner. 

Tip Two: Learn your partner’s love language

I have a whole post dedicated to this because I find it SO important to learn! A love language is how you receive love.

There are five different ways people receive love: 

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch
  • Quality time
  • Receiving gifts

Each person receives love differently. You could receive love differently than your partner! This could be affecting your relationship because you could be showing your partner love in ways that YOU would want to be loved but not necessarily the way your partner wants to be loved!

That’s why it’s important to learn your partner’s love language. I first read the 5 love languages book a few years back and it really opened my eyes!

Tip 3: Surprise your partner 

Nothing sparks excitement and romance in a relationship like surprises! Unless you are someone who needs to have everything planned out… I find that our most unexpected and unplanned moments are the BEST. 

Get creative with your surprises. You know what your partner likes!

Tip 4: A kiss goes a long way

I always say kiss before you go to bed and never go to bed mad. But I also think it’s important to kiss before you leave for work and when you come home. Even little kisses of appreciation randomly throughout the day can help keep that romance alive too!

Tip 5: Do something new 

Nothing screams romance and sparks flying like trying something new as a couple! Whether it be going somewhere you both have never been before or trying new food together for the first time! Do things together that you both have never tried before!

Tip 6: Communicate 

Communication in a relationship is KEY! You can’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. If you aren’t happy about something, communicate it. If you want your partner to know what you like, tell him or her! Communication can help a relationship grow!

These are 6 things that have helped keep the romance alive in my relationship! Do you have any additional tips you’d like to add?! 

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  • I completely agree! Especially with learning your and your partners love language. I read the book years ago and it definitely makes so much sense. It can change your relationship drastically. And like any relationship communication is key!