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Winter Tag 2017 – Blogmas DAY ONE

Winter Tag 2017 (Blogmas DAY ONE!)

If you aren’t already a part of my Boss Girl Bloggers community, you should totally join! This winter I came up with a fun Winter Tag! It consists of 15 winter/holiday related questions! 

If you’ve been tagged, it’s time for you to answer them too!!! Once you answer all 15 questions, tag at least 5 other blogger friends to complete it next! Tag the person who tagged you too, so they can read your answers!

Here’s wishing you all a fantastic winter + happy holidays!!!

ONE: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My all time favorite holiday tradition was back when I was younger. We would always go to my grandma’s house for Christmas Eve (it would be later at night). On our way home my brother and I would always look up at the sky and try to see if we could spot Santa. Of course, now I am old enough to know, but I loved going to my grandma’s house for Christmas Eve. Little things like this, I will always remember!

TWO: What is your favorite go to winter lippies?

My winter must have mauve lipsticks

I love a bold red lip during the winter but, recently I have been a huge fan of mauve lips for the winter also! Two of my favorites are Crushin’ by Tarte. I love this lipstick because it’s a creamy consistency! During the winter my lips are chapped and dry so matte shades tend to look awful on me! I also love Colour Pop’s lipstick in the shade Ice Cube! A very sheer but stunning mauve.

winter must have lipsticks

Left – Colourpop Right – Tarte

THREE: What is your favorite winter scent? (candles, perfume etc.)

I have so many favorite winter scents! Especially candles. A small local shop makes their own candles and the one scent they have is a maple/cinnamon scent. It fills my home and smells so good!

Must have scents for the winter

I also really am loving the red berry/clove scents as well. But I came across a Northern Lights Mistletoe candle. SO PERFECT for the holidays.

One thing that I find myself using more than candles lately is the melt cups by Yankee Candle. For me it’s perfect because I can put it on a timer. I don’t have to worry about any dangers of open flames while I am out and about! I can leave it on and the scents fill my home! Any scent that smells like a Christmas tree or sugar cookie is my all time favorite!

Winter yankee candle melt cups

FOUR: What is your go to winter fashion trend?

I have been loving plaid scarves and long trench coats. I think the combo is so cute and cozy! Of course I can always go for a good pair of boots too!


FIVE: What is your all time favorite holiday move?

I love Christmas movies! I could watch Christmas with the Kranks many times! I also really love The Grinch and Deck the Halls.

SIX: What is your all time favorite holiday tune?

You really can’t go wrong with good holiday classics like “Where are you Christmas”, or “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” Any holiday song really fills my heart with cheer (:

SEVEN: Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?

For me I will travel to see family because I love being with my family for the holidays. BUT, luckily my family is all close by so I don’t have to travel too far!

EIGHT: What is your favorite winter skin care must have?

I have a few skin care must haves! During the winter months my skin acts up and can become extremely dry. I always need to use a good moisturizer!

Winter Must Have Skin Care

I love my Cetaphil moisturizer and I use it daily! It helps to prep my skin for my makeup application. At night I use my Jan Marini transformation cream because it’s a more intense face moisturizer, perfect for night time use! I wake up and my skin is glowing and hydrated!

Must have winter moisturizers

I also have been loving my 2 Mario Badescu facial sprays. The first one is a cucumber and aloe facial spray which is so refreshing! The second one is a rose water facial spray which I am almost out of! These facial sprays are seriously THE BEST! They refresh and hydrate my skin, keeping my skin glowing through the winter months.

winter facial sprays

Lastly, I need a good winter face mask. I have been using my Purity – pore extractor. This is an exfoliating clay mask that gets deep into my pores! LOVE this and use it weekly in the winter.

Winter Tag!

NINE: What is your favorite winter hair care product?

Just like my skin, my hair dries out during the winter months! To help keep it moisturized and save it from dullness, I use coconut oil! A miracle in a jar, I swear! Nothing better. It helps to put moisture back into my hair.

Winter hair care!

And what’s a hair care favorite without some dry shampoo?! The holiday season is hectic, when I am in need of a hair pick me up, I reach for my Batiste dry shampoo! I LOVE Batiste dry shampoos. It helps to soak up any excess oils and hides the fact that I am on third day hair!

Winter Tag Winter Hair Care

TEN: What is your favorite winter activity?

There’s just something about going to NYC during the holiday season. I am actually going next weekend and I cannot wait. I love all of the holiday vibes that you get from being there.

ELEVEN: What is your favorite must have winter beauty product?

Winter Tag - Beauty makeup

My MUST HAVE winter beauty product is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. This palette has STUNNING shades that are perfect for creating holiday looks. Filled with reds, golds, shimmers and mattes. Can’t recommend this palette enough.

TWELVE: Do you love or hate the snow?

I LOVE the snow for Christmas but, after the holidays I begin to really HATE the snow.

THIRTEEN: What is one item on your wish list this year?

I would REALLY love a new camera. A DSLR Camera to be exact. I really want to UP my photography game!

FOURTEEN: What is your favorite holiday treat?

Is there really anything better than Christmas cookies?! I mean come on now!

FIFTEEN: Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?

I will always and forever be a last minute shopper. Sadly!










  • Divya Patel

    Omg, coconut oil is one of fav things ever ! I literally use it year round ! Great post 😊💕

  • Alma Perez

    I also love Christmas music and movies😀

  • Sam

    Yes!! I absolutely love this idea! Can’t wait to be a part of it. Also LOVE coco oil alllll year round for literally everything haha ❤️

  • Amanda

    Reading this made me so excited for Christmas! Yay!!! Great post!

  • Alison

    Christmas with the Kranks is such a fun movie!! And that palette is soo gorgeous!

  • Elisabet M. Rinne

    Great post and lovely idea, I just participated! 🙂

    Elisabet |

  • Mary

    Such a fun post!! I definitely need to try a few products you mentioned! I hope have a great new year!!

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