What to do when your Pinterest views start to decrease

Are you someone who starts to freak out when you notice your Pinterest monthly views dropping? I get it, we have all been there! BUT, don’t panic!!! A lot of bloggers think that Pinterest monthly views are EVERYTHING, when in reality, that’s not the MOST important analytic to pay attention to. However, keeping your monthly Pinterest views increasing is always a plus since our numbers are on display for all viewers to see. It’s not a bad thing to want to increase them! So, what should you do when you start to notice your Pinterest views decreasing?

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A few things to keep in mind:

Pinterest can be a very seasonal platform, MEANING… around the holidays the platform is more active than during the months of Jan – June.

You should also think like an average Pinterest user. What do people usually look for when they go onto Pinterest? Usually holiday recipe ideas, decorating for the holidays, gift ideas, and DIYs. These pins tend to do better and can bring a ton of traffic around holidays!

Popular holidays on Pinterest:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Easter

Pinterest monthly views go up and down all the time and sometimes it’s out of our control. BUT, I want to give some tips on what you can do to bring those views back up when they start to drop.

As always, pay most attention to your clicks because at the end of the day, that’s the analytic that benefits your blog the most! You want people to click through to your pins to grow your blog traffic. I have an affordable Pinterest e-course that goes over all of my strategies to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest and how to use Tailwind (a pin schedule tool) to grow your blog!

If you don’t use Tailwind yet, I highly recommend it and you will probably see a HUGE increase in your Pinterest views within 1-3 months if it’s used properly. You must be patient with your strategies because immediate results aren’t always the case. Usually within 2-3 months my clients see growth!

In fact, my most recent client, I was able to take from 200,000 monthly Pinterest views to 1.2 million Pinterest views in just 2 months!

How to increase your Pinterest monthly views

Now let’s get into the tips!

What to do when your monthly Pinterest views decrease, how you can increase your Pinterest views again!

What to do when your monthly Pinterest views are dropping?

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1. Look into your Pinterest analytics

Your analytics are going to help you the MOST when it comes to getting those views back up. One of my favorite analytics is looking to see which boards are bringing me the most clicks and which pins are bringing me the most clicks. These 2 things are going to tell me what content is getting the most attention and which boards I should be pinning my popular content to!

Let’s take a look into my most clicked pins at the moment:

What to do when your monthly Pinterest views are decreasing, how to bring them back up!

As you can see, my most popular pins tend to be “10 Things to Remember in a Relationship”, whenever I create a new pin for this blog post it brings me tons of impressions and clicks! I have 2 other popular posts currently too! “3 legal mistakes most bloggers make.” & “10 ways you are self sabotaging your happiness.” 

You can then check out your most clicked boards on Pinterest to get a better idea of which boards you should be pinning your content to! Sometimes you will notice you might get a ton of clicks from a board that isn’t actually yours, which means someone else pinned your pins to their board and it performed well on their board! 

If you want to look even further into your analytics and most popular posts, check out your Google analytics! You’ll go to “all traffic” > “Source” Then click on Pinterest and it will pop up popular Pinterest pin links! 

I also love looking at my Tailwind board analytics because it tells me which boards are my most engaged boards and which boards bring me the best chance of a pin going viral when pinned to that board!

I try to focus less on the boards that aren’t engaged.

2. Re-create viral pins

This has been a GAME changer for me. Every time I have a pin go viral, I create a new pin for the same blog post and pin it the same way I did my previous pin, using my Pinterest strategies and usually that pin ends up going viral too!

For example, I have a blog post “10 things to remember in a relationship”, EVERY TIME I create a pin for this blog post it goes viral. It will bring me thousands of clicks. I continue to re-create a new pin for this post each week to maintain not only my blog traffic, BUT it helps increase my Pinterest views too as much as possible.

3. Create fresh pins weekly

Pinterest LOVES fresh pins. Pinterest used to not really mind if you pinned the same pin to the same board more than once, however, I am noticing Pinterest is starting to NOT enjoy when users pin the same pin to the same board. That’s why I have been staying away from the Tailwind smart loop feature.

Pinterest states that they DO like when business users create new pin designs for the same link. If you are switching up the design and title a bit each time you create a new pin, THAT’S GOOD!

As you may or may not know, Pinterest is a visual search engine so it’s easy for Pinterest to get confused when the same pin is being pinned to the same board multiple times. It also can come off as spammy. Creating new pins weekly helps with keeping your blog posts circulating without seeming spammy and/or confusing Pinterest’s search engine. 

I try to create new pins every Sunday and add them to my Tailwind queue. I go over all of my Tailwind strategies in my course too if you need help!

3. Pin with the season

Like I said, Pinterest users are usually on there to find seasonal content, especially when holidays are coming up! Pin seasonal content to help your views spike during the holidays. Usually when there is a holiday coming up I try to pin content related to that holiday 20-30 days before that holiday arrives!

4. Add a new Pinterest board every 2-3 weeks

Creating new boards can help not only get new eyes on your content BUT, I also notice my monthly Pinterest views rising whenever I create a new board. Make sure you add keywords to your board title and description and pin related + relevant content to the board only.

Usually I will create my board, add description, and pin 10 related pins to get the board started.

5. How is your pin design?

Be honest with yourself, is your pin design good? You want pins that will attract a viewer’s attention. Messy and hard to read pins aren’t going to perform as well as bright and clean pins! I find that having white space on my pins helps grab the attention of users the most! Make sure your font isn’t getting lost in the image and use overlays to help make your text stand out!

Use words/phrases that appeal to your audience. Usually when money is involved in my title, I get more clicks! Figure out what words bring you more clicks and always keep that in mind when creating new pins!

I create my pins on canva and using stock photos that I purchase has been extremely helpful! 

2 stock photo sites I recommend 

6. Make sure you are active on Pinterest

Pinterest will always reward you for being active on their platform! If you use Tailwind to schedule pins, you should still try to check into your Pinterest account daily even if it’s to pin 5-10 pins. You can do it while you are watching your favorite tv show at night.

7. Test out new time slots on Tailwind

What I love about Tailwind is that they suggest which times are BEST for you to pin. Add those time slots to your schedule and schedule pins for those times. Usually your audience is most active during those suggested times so adding them to your schedule can be really helpful for growing your Pinterest views. 

8. Test out how many pins you pin daily

In my Pinterest strategies I talk about a Pinning strategy that works for me and brings me over 80,000 monthly page views and over 2 million monthly Pinterest views. I currently pin about 75 pins a day. This has been my “magic” number. In my strategies I break down what this number consists of (how many are my pins, how many are others pins, where I pin, how I pin, and what else is important when pinning, ranking in searches etc.)

Play around with your magic number! Everyone has a different magic number. If you find your Pinterest views are decreasing, maybe switch up how many pins you are pinning daily to see if it helps!

What I have learned overall about monthly Pinterest views:

  • Monthly Pinterest views don’t always make or break you! Don’t stress them too much. Focus on how many clicks your pins are getting instead.
  • Pinterest views go up and down constantly and if you take even a little break away from Pinterest than can drop dramatically
  • Just like a business, Pinterest has a slower season and usually it’s after the holidays/spring.
  • What works for one person won’t always work for another.
  • Constantly add and subtract from your Pinterest strategy. There will always be tweaks!
  • Make sure you are still focusing on other platforms for blog traffic like e-mail marketing, social media, and SEO! I have a content marketing strategy that you can read!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you want to take your Pinterest strategies up a notch, check out my Pinterest Course, it’s on sale for $15 until April 1st, 2019 using coupon code: SPRINGAHEAD at check out!

If you want a Pinterest audit or additional Pinterest services, check out what I have to offer! I have helped 100 + clients and would love to help YOU!


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