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Why Bloggers Love Blogging

Why Bloggers LOVE Blogging!

Are you sitting on the sidelines watching bloggers do their thing, wondering if it would be worth it to start a blog of your own? I got the chance to talk with some of my favorite bloggers to have them share what their FAVORITE part about blogging is and why it’s been worth it!

Why bloggers love blogging - is it worth it to start a blog?

A word from The Mini Smallholder and why she loves blogging!:

“Initially my blog was only for me to read. A way of keeping a record of how we were progressing with our goals. We wanted to move to an off-grid lifestyle and reduce our carbon foot print along the way. I then realized that not many people knew how to make those small steps.

I also quickly realised that I loved teaching people new skills or crafts. It has grown from there and everyday I am in a position to meet more people who inspire me and push me onwards. I am building a community of people who are trying to get better and that is something to be proud of. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to chronicle it all! I hope to keep feeling this inspired!”

Why MyLifeLines LOVES Blogging:

“It’s hard to tell you what I love about blogging in only a few sentences. My life has completely changed in the past six months. I’d have to say the best part is 100% the friendships I’ve made. It’s been really hard for me to make new friends now that I’m out of school but because of our blog I now have friends worldwide!

I also love being able to share the stories of badass businesswomen, like Ell, through our Women Wednesday series. Being able to connect with other bloggers and write empowering posts continues to inspire me every day and THAT, I LOVE.”

Why Taiwo from A Lifestyle Nerd LOVES Blogging:

“My blog started in November, 2017 and I made so many friends! Since then, I’ve re-branded to a lifestyle blog, my audience has grown and the blogging community is just as amazing as it was when I started over a year ago! I have many friends in my “real” life but few of them share my interests. Through blogging, I’ve been able to meet so many awesome people I can gush with about the stuff that I love. I know that no matter how awful my life may be, I can always chat with a blogger friend and feel a hundred times better. THIS will always be the best gift blogging has given me.”

Reasons why Shayla loves Blogging:

“What I love about blogging is that blogging is like opening the closet to Narnia.. just walk with me for  a second, you start out blogging for one reason, whatever your reasoning is and you discover so much more. I’ve made friends, gained confidence, turned an outlet into a career. Ive traveled, met celebrities, and I learned new things about myself and blogging each day.

The more I dive deeper, the more I love it. I was hesitant about traveling through the blogging door not knowing what to expect but I am so glad I did. I love that blogging is an adventure. A unique journey that is different to each writer that hits publish.”

Jennie from Failure to Thrive No More Shares Why She LOVES Blogging:

“What I love most about blogging is that it helps you connect with other individuals who are on the same journey as you. Everyone in the blogging community is very supportive of one another, and it is definitely a huge stress reliever for me. I initially started blogging last summer as a way to find relief, write out my frustrations and fears of our youngest son’s diagnosis–Dyrk1a Syndrome. Now I’ve included everything from life as a Military Spouse, Recipes, Health, and Fitness. I can’t imagine NOT blogging!”

Why Lauren LOVES to blog:

“The thing I love the most about blogging is getting to use my creativity to help others do the same. Helping others is one of my favorite things to do, and I love that through my blog, my stories and experiences, I can help others be more confident in themselves and help them be more creative.

I think creativity is something we all have, and everyone should express themselves in some way. The world right now can seem so negative, many jobs are so restricted and regulated, there’s no room to be creative or to express yourself. I want to show others that through blogging, you can express yourself. It doesn’t have to become a business if you don’t want it to. I love that I get to help others with that.”

Why Ali LOVES her blog and blogging!:

“I think the thing I like most about blogging is the community. Having been someone who has never quite felt like she belonged and who never had a consistent, supportive, and loyal friend group, finding out how amazing the blogging community is, has been a breath of fresh air to say the least. Everyone is so friendly, supportive, and inspiring. Whether you have a question about blogging or you’ve had a rough day and need someone to talk to, there’s always someone there. I finally feel like I’m a part of something, and it just feels so beautiful.”

What bloggers love most about blogging and why to start a blog today!

Blogging opens so many doors, if you are afraid to take the leap and start a blog, let these words from these inspiring ladies encourage to take that chance! You never know what doors it could open for you. 

So are you ready to Start a Blog?




  • Chrissa

    Such an encouraging read. It was lovely to read about other bloggers’ perspectives on their blogging journey too 🙂

  • Yateesh Kumar

    You are are right most of blogger are like blogging and other likes reading. Your all blogging points are goods.


  • Nathalie

    Thank you for gathering this, it is truly inspiring and gives me a little extra push to go on!

    • ellduclos

      So glad to hear this! Thank you so much!

  • gursimrat thind

    I just loved the title ‘why bloggers love blogging’. All the points are very true. Blogging is a world in itself. I just want to tell about myself and blogging is pure blessing. I am not making any money from blog but it is addictive.It has given a new perspective to the way I think and work. Your blog is awesome and I regularly read your well crafted inspiring posts. Thanks for sharing the thoughts of these awesome people.

    • ellduclos

      aw thank you so much!! You will be making money in no time! keep at it!

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