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Okaaaaay, you all know how much I RAVE about Pinterest, and if you didn’t know … NOW YOU KNOW. I LOVE Pinterest. I started using Pinterest to help grow my blog traffic and in just ONE month my blog traffic increased by almost 200% 

Investments worth making - blog increase

BUT – What today’s post is going to be about is; VIRAL PINS. HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET YOUR PIN TO GO VIRAL? AKA – How do you get your pin REPINNED multiple times.

There is A LOT that goes into Pinterest, and I am not going to sugar coat it – I have been working hard on my Pinterest account for 2 years now & receive almost 2 million monthly views on Pinterest!

I have learned A TON throughout these two years trying to grow and PERFECT the Pinterest world! Now I want to share what I learned with YOU, & what has worked for me so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time researching! So let’s just jump into the tips on getting a Pin to go VIRAL.


DISCLAIMER: ** This post contains affiliate links meaning that if you purchase via my link I get a percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you! All opinions are my own and I would never recommend anything that I didn’t absolutely love and use personally! Thanks for supporting!!Have you ever wanted your pin on pinterest to go viral? Well it's possible and here's how!

Here are a few examples of some of my pins that took off more than expected! 

Pinterest Viral Pin

This was one of my first ever pins & it received a decent amount of exposure. I find that when you have a pin with a list on it, it tends to do better!

Viral Pinterest Pin

This is a more recent pin that took off FAST. Having of course a catchy title is KEY.


Pin Design

The design of a pin is HUGE when it comes to making it go “viral”. People are going to repin quality pins. If your pin has no quality to it – the design isn’t sharp – if it looks thrown together, it won’t get the attention you want it to get.

You NEED to put effort in to creating your pins. A few tools that I use to create my pins are

  • Canva – I love canva because it has a Pinterest template which is the PERFECT pin size. But usually aim for 735 x 1102 , Long pins tend to receive more attention! VERTICAL PINS. (you can also edit and create your own pin designs SUPER easy in Canva.)
  • Pic Monkey – I like Pic Monkey because I can create even longer images which tend to get good attention on Pinterest. Vertical pins are game changer I promise!
  • Creative Market – I use creative market to purchase my stock images which I use most of the time for my pins. It is important to me that I have high quality images to use on my pins because it get’s me the MOST attention. I don’t have the best photography skills unfortunately.

When creating your pins put effort into it. Play around with the fonts, use different font combos to make words POP out. Play around with the colors, BOLD colors and BRIGHT colors get attention. Reds, oranges, and yellows do well on Pinterest too. 


Have a pin “theme”, If someone was looking through pinterest and saw your pin they would INSTANTLY think of your blog because all of your pins are “branded” and look similar! This helps your pins to not only go viral, but to grow an audience too. If your pins are curated, you look more professional, and are thought of as “trust worthy” & on top of your game!


Viral Pin Branded Content Viral Pin Branded Content ExampleViral Pin Branded Content


I usually will create a pin template for my posts each month. After the month is up and all my scheduled pins run out, I will then create a new set of pins & re-schedule any pins that performed well!

To hear more about my exact Pinterest strategy that UPPED my blog traffic in one month, check out my Pinterest Strategies E-Course


Choosing the right title is SO important. The point of creating pins for your blog posts is because you want to grow your blog traffic, meaning you WANT the viewer to CLICK through to your blog! One way this will happen is by having a title that makes them went to click and read more!

Come up with catchy titles and use different fonts to make the titles REALLY jump out. Be as creative as possible!

My Favorite Skin Care Products OR 10 Skincare Products That Cleared My Breakouts!

Which one sounds better? ….

Keep in mind, when choosing a title you must ALWAYS deliver in your blog post. Don’t LIE. 


One thing that you should note is making sure your pins are RICH PINS. You can easily learn how to do so by going HERE and following the steps. Making your pins Rich Pins increases the quality of your pin and increases the chances of your pin becoming “repinned” and in return also gaining you blog traffic!


Alright, so here is a little secret – If you post your pin ONCE and never again, the chances of your pin going viral are extremely slim. YOU NEED TO PIN & RE PIN YOUR PINS CONSTANTLY. The more you re pin, the better!


  • For me I create a pin and then attach my blog post to the pin website.
  • Once I do this, I schedule my pin with Tailwind and I make sure that I repin my pin to ALL group boards that it relates to that I am a part of, as well as all of my OWN boards too!
  • I really suggest Tailwind, I invested in the annual plan and it was a total game changer! If you sign up via my link you can get a free month trial.

If your pins have more “re pins” it is more likely to get attention because it then is consider a “valuable pin” and will help bring value to other pinner’s boards!

If your pin doesn’t have many “re pins” people are less likely to “re pin” your pin to their boards because it brings their board value down… SO, in the beginning it is important that you re pin your pin to all boards that you can to increase your re pins so that other’s will want to re pin your pin too!

The E-Course I mentioned above also goes into detail about how to use Tailwind to your best advantage! 


Another perk that will help your pins go viral is Tailwind Tribes! Very similar to group boards on Pinterest which I will talk about next…

Tailwind Tribes are like little communities of bloggers who share and repin each other’s content! How it works is:

  • you take your pin/blog post and share it to the tribe.
  • You then will schedule another member’s pin in return for posting your pin in the tribe.
  • Other’s will schedule your pin in return too! It’s a great way to support other’s and grow your pins reach!

When joining tribes I always recommend joining tribes that are highly active, have a good “re pin” number, and a high reach! With that being said, you can join Boss Girl Bloggers Tribe – It’s a newer tribe dedicated to the members of Boss Girl Bloggers.

Tribes are free for anyone to get started, even if you aren’t on Tailwind yet!


This is the KEY to getting your pins to go viral! A group board on pinterest is where a bunch of pinners come together to “collaborate” (share) their pins. Each group board is different.

The key to group boards is to share your own blog post pins to these boards to increase your reach.

Let’s say you have 200 followers on Pinterest BUT you are a part of a group board that has 5,000 followers. If you pin your pin to this group board, your reach goes from 200 potentially seeing your pin to 5,200 potentially seeing your pin! AMAZING RIGHT?! 

SOOO, when it comes to re pinning your own pin, MAKE SURE you are pinning to group boards to grow your reach and increase your chances of the pin going VIRAL. 

I make sure to join active group boards, with not too strict of rules, & they must have over 2,000 followers to be worth my time.

Instructions to join group boards are usually in the group board description! You must accept the group board invite before you are allowed to contribute your pins to the board.

Here are a list of group boards to apply to, this can help get you started! Another way to look for group boards to join is by using the Pinterest search bar and searching for group boards in your niche. (You can change the option to “view boards” only to help make it easier to search!) 


Make sure you have a business Pinterest account so that you can track your analytics. (VERIFY AND CLAIM YOUR WEBSITE via Pinterest) Doing so will help you to see which pins gain the most attention, that way you know what pin style WORKS and what pin style DOESN’T work. You can also see what blog posts get you the most attention so you can keep promoting it!

I do my pin analysis every month or so! I have to give them some time to gain attention and get my own repining done before I can really see results.


I don’t just rely on Tailwind for all of my pinning, I will also repin manually any pins that did perform well! If I notice a pin received 100 repins, I will KEEP that pin going and repin it to group boards that allow me to do so.

This keeps the repining going and now that there are some RE PINS on this pin, more people are drawn towards the pin and will keep it circulating.

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Another important thing to remember is that Pinterest is a search engine, which means KEYWORDS are SO important. Try to make your pin descriptions longer, SEO friendly (300 words if you can) filled with keywords!

A great way to search key words is using the Pinterest search bar. When you search for example “blog tips”, listed underneath is a bunch of different keywords to use that relates to “blog tips”. Fill your pin descriptions and titles with keywords and phrases to optimize Pinterest to your full advantage.

Key Words for Viral Pins


blog traffic strategy that you need to explode your stats


I hope you found these tips to be helpful! & Here’s hoping that you are able to get your first viral pin now!!!

Let me know in the comments which tip is your favorite!!

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