The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

You have probably heard NUMEROUS amounts of times, “PINTEREST IS KEY.” , “You should be investing in Pinterest for your blog!” etc. I talk about it in all of my posts about how to grow your blog traffic. If you haven’t already heard, well NOW you know!!! Pinterest tends to be the GOLD MINE for bloggers now a days! Who would of thought?! 

But…If you aren’t that familiar with Pinterest, it’s okay! Because I am here to give you the whole run down of how Pinterest works for your blog and how you can get your blog traffic up with Pinterest! We are going to go over it ALL my friends! Because I have put together an Ultimate Pinterest Guide for you!

My Experience with Pinterest

Well, first you are probably wondering, why in the world should I trust you to give me advice on Pinterest? Aha, my Pinterest experience started about a year and a half ago, before my blog was even created! I was a HUGE Pinterest fanatic, constantly repining content and wishing that my home looked as gorgeous and organized as half of the homes i’ve seen on Pinterest. And yes I also have failed plenty of times when it came to following Pinterest recipes and DIY’s. What can I say, I suck at cooking and crafts. . .

BUT one thing that I am familiar with is how to grow a Pinterest account + blog traffic with Pinterest.

About a year of focusing on my Pinterest I now have over 11,000 followers and over 2 MILLION monthly pinterest views. 

How to explode your blog traffic using pinterest.

It took a lot of work and strategy to build it up, but I did it!

BUT HERE IS THE THINGPinterest followers doesn’t even really matter! Crazy right… It’s a vanity metric. In fact, Pinterest is it’s own search engine! Most users go on to Pinterest and use the search bar to find what they are looking for.

Example: “Chocolate chip cookie recipe.” OR “How to DIY kitchen cabinets.”

Many users aren’t there to necessarily follow others, although yes it does happen! But you don’t need followers to use Pinterest to it’s full advantage!

I have put together an ULTIMATE Pinterest guide that will walk you through EXACTLY how to use Pinterest to explode your blog traffic as well as all the Pinterest basics you need to know. You can see how I grew my blog traffic from 5k monthly views to almost 30k monthly vieews in less than a month. I won’t leave any details out.

Investments worth making - blog increase

This compares the two months.. You can see just how much my traffic increased in just a month thanks to my Pinning strategies! You can also go here to see what other’s have said about my e-course.


I was able to increase my client’s reach on Pinterest by over 6,000% in just ONE month by using my strategies to bring their Pinterest up to speed to benefit their blog!

How to explode your blog traffic using Pinterest




What You Will Learn From The $32 Ultimate Pinterest Guide:

  • How to set up your Pinterest for blog growth success.
  • The Pinterest basics (create boards, how to repin, Pinterest SEO & more) STEP BY STEP
  • The benefit of group boards and how to join and use them to your full advantage.
  • My Pinterest strategy (how much I pin & where)
  • The benefits of tailwind and how to use it to your full advantage. STEP BY STEP
  • How to make money on Pinterest without even needing a blog.
  • Other helpful blog traffic & sales strategies that I added for fun!


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blog traffic strategy that you need to explode your stats

Well, Pinterest is a huge game changer for bloggers. If you haven’t tried out Pinterest to increase your blog traffic, it’s about time you gave it a shot! The beginning is a slow work in progress but once you get your strategy down, you can make money and sales in your sleeeeeep!

The ultimate pinterest guide! My step by step processes for growing my blog traffic with Pinterest.

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