The Best Tarot and Oracle Card Decks

One of my favorite ways to connect with my spirit guides and higher self is through tarot cards and oracle decks. If you are just diving into your own spiritual journey then you may not be familiar with tarot and oracle cards yet. Before I share my favorite tarot and oracle decks with you, I think it’s important I explain what reading tarot is all about. 

So what are tarot cards?

Tarot cards originated back in the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe. These were playing cards that were used to help give guidance around what was happening in various areas of someone’s personal life. Whether it be career, finances, love, family, etc.

Tarot readers will use tarot cards and oracle decks to receive guidance by intuitively pulling the cards from the specific deck they are using and then they intuitively interpret the cards that they pull. Most readers will connect with their spirit guides when pulling these cards.

I have been doing my own personal tarot readings for a while now and have built up quite the collection of tarot decks and oracle cards. In this post I am sharing with you the decks that I own and if each deck is beginner friendly or more advanced.

Reading tarot has been a huge part of my spiritual journey and it’s a great way for me to connect with my higher self, spirit guides, and the universe. Tarot isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I believe everyone has the ability to read their own tarot if they have the desire to. It’s all about getting grounded and trusting your intuition. 

When you read tarot you are connecting with a lot of different energies so it is important that you protect your energy in various ways. You can do this by using crystals and sage, but do your own research beforehand as it’s always important! 

So let’s dive into the best tarot cards and oracle decks that I love having in my collection. 

If you prefer to watch my youtube video where I share my decks then check it out! 

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The Best Tarot Cards And Oracle Decks 

The best tarot cards and oracle decks for beginners

Favorite Tarot Decks 

You may be wondering what the difference between a tarot deck and oracle deck might be. A tarot deck is made up of 78 cards. There are 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana cards represent major life and spiritual lessons, usually karmic. The minor arcana cards represent the trials and tribulations that we go through on a day to day basis.

The minor arcana cards are broken into 4 suits (much like a deck of playing cards). The suits usually included wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Depending on the deck, you might see these suits labeled as something else, however it is typical to see it written this way. I used this book to study and learn all about tarot. 

When it comes to a tarot deck the basis of the deck is usually the same. It will always consist of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The symbolism in each deck will be different and it will all be based off of the creator of the deck’s interpretation. Although each deck may be different in the images and some of the wording may vary, they will always have the 4 suits and relatively the same major arcana cards.

The tarot decks listed below are the ones I currently own and love. 


1. The Light Seers Tarot Deck

Favorite tarot decks - The Light Seers Tarot

Difficulty: Beginner 

I love this tarot deck. The imagery is beyond stunning with vibrant colors. I find this deck to be a lot more intuitive than a lot of the decks I own. The cards glide seamlessly between my fingers. It’s just beyond easy for me to connect with this tarot deck. 

2. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

My favorite tarot card decks - The rider tarot deck

Difficulty: Beginner (However, if you are completely new to tarot you want to look for a guide book because I don’t think it was included with this deck. This is an awesome book that I bought to help me learn how to read tarot.)

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the first tarot deck that I purchased. This deck has the original tarot imagery and symbolism. The other tarot decks are essentially “spin-offs” and interpreted symbolism through the artist’s perspective. If you are just starting out I definitely recommend checking this deck out. 

3. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The best tarot card decks - The wild unknown tarot deck

Difficulty: Intermediate  

I really enjoy this tarot deck, however I find that I don’t connect with this deck as intuitively as I do with some of my other decks. The imagery uses wild animals which I love. One small issue I find is that some of the minor arcana cards aren’t labeled the way my other decks are and it uses roman numerals. This is the only reason as to why I say it’s an intermediate deck. I still love this deck though! If you love animals you will love this tarot deck. 

4. The Muse Tarot Deck

The best tarot card decks - The Muse Tarot Deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

Another tarot deck that I own and absolutely love is The Muse Tarot Deck. The images and art of this deck is simply stunning. It also comes with a helpful guide book that explains the symbolism beautifully. If you are look for a beautiful tarot deck, this one is for you! 

5. Green With Tarot

Difficulty: Beginner 

I love how unique this tarot deck is. The art is magical and definitely gives off a witchy vibe. I find that these tarot cards are very intuitive and I can connect with the art seamlessly.

6. Mermaid Tarot  

Difficulty: Beginner 

If you are a lover of mermaids then this tarot deck is for you! I absolutely love the art this deck offers as well. The guide book is extremely helpful if you need a bit of a push to help you with interpreting the art, but I find it to be a very intuitive deck. 

7. Angel Wisdom Tarot Deck

Angel Wisdom Tarot Deck - the best tarot decks for beginners

Difficulty: Beginner 

What I love about this tarot deck is that there are explanations right on the card to help you interpret each card you pull. This is a great tarot deck for beginners. It also includes a guide book which makes it a perfect deck to help you learn how to read tarot. I love the art. The angel imagery is beautiful. Although I don’t reach for this deck as often, it is still a great deck! 

The Best Oracle Decks 

I find oracle decks to be a lot more intuitive and exciting to use. Oracle cards are a little bit different than tarot cards. Each deck is different and they don’t contain the major/minor arcana or the suits that the Tarot decks include. Oracle decks are a great tool to use when it comes to self reflection. They have decks that are meant to help you reflect on your relationships, career path, self care, and so much more!

You would use oracle cards the same way as you would a tarot deck. Simply shuffle and intuitively pull a card for insight, or you can shuffle until a card flips over and that would mean that is the card meant for you to see.

I am going to share with you some of my favorite oracle decks in my collection.


1. Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck

The best oracle decks for beginners - Sacred Destiny oracle deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

This is one of my favorite oracle decks. I just love the artwork on this deck. The images are stunning and the guide book is so helpful. I usually find myself reaching for this deck often. The cards are great quality and easy to shuffle. Definitely recommend.

2. Wisdom of the Oracle 

My favorite oracle decks for beginners - Wisdom of the oracle

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate 

Again, this is another beautiful deck with stunning artwork. I find most of the cards in this deck are relatively easy to interpret. At times there are a few that you may need to use the guide book for some extra context. Overall though, I love this deck. The cards at times do get stuck to one another which isn’t a huge deal, just something to keep in mind.

3. The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards 

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

I love the symbolism that is found within each card of this deck. The reason I put beginner/intermediate is because you really do need to connect with your intuition and imagination as you interpret what the artwork truly means to you. The guide book is helpful too, but connecting with each oracle card on an intuitive level will help make your readings more accurate. This deck is a popular one that I have seen many readers use. 

4. Earth Magic Oracle Deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

This oracle deck is very straight forward and easy to read. I love using this deck when I do readings for others. It’s a beginner friendly oracle deck that I think anyone would enjoy. 


5.  Energy Oracle Cards

The Energy Oracle Deck - Best oracle decks

Difficulty: Intermediate 

This is a more intermediate oracle deck because it does have cards that talk about the chakras and specific angels. If you aren’t aware what chakras are then you may not know how to interpret each card. There is a guide book to help though! This deck also includes some of the major arcana from tarot. 

6. Sacred Rebels Oracle 

The best oracle decks - The Sacred Rebels Oracle

Difficulty: Intermediate 

This deck is stunning, but I find that I do reach for my guide book to help me interpret some of the meanings behind each card. There are some cards in this deck that I connect with easier than others. I still really enjoy this deck though! I will say these cards are on the bigger side which makes it a bit more difficult when shuffling. Nonetheless I still use them!

7. Spellcasters Oracle Cards 

The best oracle decks for beginners - Spell casters oracle deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

This was one of my first oracle decks and I always reach for it! It’s extremely easy to connect with and interpret. There are 48 cards and each one gives quick insight on the personal life of the individual you are doing the reading for. I highly recommend this oracle deck for beginners. 

8. Moonology Oracle Cards


The best oracle cards for beginners - Moonology oracle

Difficulty: Beginner 

Again, one of my favorite oracle decks is the Moonology Oracle Cards. These cards give quick and useful insight on goals that you are currently trying to achieve. Each card represents a different moon phase and astrology sign. I definitely recommend this deck. It is one of the most popular oracle decks that most readers use. It would be helpful to learn the meaning behind each phase of the moon because it would take your reading up a notch! 

9. The Mystical Wisdom Oracle Deck

Easy to read oracle cards for beginners - The Mystic Wisdom Oracle

Difficulty: Beginner 

I just love the artwork on these oracle cards. It is so mesmerizing. This deck is relatively easy to interpret and pretty self explanatory. I don’t find myself reaching for the guide book often, but it’s there if needed. If you are into mystical things then you will definitely connect with this deck. The cards are on the larger side, but still shuffle seamlessly. 

10. The Oracle of the Fairies 

The best oracle decks for beginners - the oracle of the fairies deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

This is one of my newest oracle decks and definitely a favorite! I love fairies so I connect with this deck well. I love how easy they make it. Each oracle card has the interpretation written out on the card which I find super helpful. A great deck for fairy lovers and beginners. I just feel so magical when I use this deck. 

11. The Soul’s Journey Oracle Lesson Cards

Oracle cards for beginners - The Soul's Journey Oracle

Difficulty: Beginner

This is a great deck to use to get quick insight about your emotions and how you are feeling at a given moment. The imagery isn’t anything spectacular, but these cards do their job and help clarify a tarot reading. 

12. Work Your Light Oracle Cards

The best oracle decks for beginners - work your light oracle cards

Difficulty: Beginner 

Rebecca Campbell has some of the most STUNNING oracle decks. I love the artwork. Her decks always  make me feel connected to the cosmics and universe. These decks are fairly easy to use and her guide books are amazing. You won’t regret getting your hands on them.

13.  The Starseed Oracle

The top oracle cards for beginners - The Starseed Oracle Deck

Difficulty: Beginners 

Another one of Rebecca Campbells famous oracle decks is the Starseed Oracle. I absolutely love this deck too! The artwork is beautiful and I am always drawn to using this one. Highly recommend. 

14. The Wild Unknown Archetypes

The best oracle decks - The Unknown Archetypes

Difficulty: Intermediate 

You’ll definitely need to use your guide book for this deck. I am extremely drawn to the colors and images that make up this deck. Although it’s not my most intuitive deck that I own, it is very unique and makes for a great read. 

15. The Archetype Cards 

The best oracle cards for beginners - The Archetypes Cards

Difficulty: Beginner 

I like to use this deck to get insight on career and life purpose readings. They are relatively straight forward to read and each card has a helpful description with light and shadow attributes. 

16. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Tea leaf fortune cards - divination

Difficulty: Beginner

I love my tea leaf fortune cards! They are super powerful and offer so much insight. They can give very specific insight on when you can expect life changing events to occur as well as who you might be dealing with at a given time and so much more. Definitely worth checking out. 

17. Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

The best oracle decks for beginners - Zodiac Oracle

Difficulty: Intermediate 

I was in need of an astrology oracle deck and this one is perfect! It’s more of an intermediate deck because you’ll need to know a thing or two about astrology when you use it. It can provide great insight when it comes to taking your readings to the next level. 

18. The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

I really enjoy this oracle deck. For awhile I was on the search for an animal oracle deck and I really love this one. She makes it easy for you to interpret each card as it shares helpful insight for you without needing the guide book. It makes a great addition to help clarify your tarot readings. 

19. Black Moon Astrology Cards

The Black Moon Astrology Deck

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Another astrology deck I just recently got my hands on is the Black Moon Astrology deck. I really love this deck! I find it provides even more insight than the previous astrology deck I mentioned. Again, it’s a bit more on the intermediate side as you will need to learn astrology before accurately giving a reading using this deck. 

20. The Romance Angels Oracle Deck

The romance angels oracle deck

Difficulty: Beginner 

I love to use this deck when getting relationship insights. It’s perfect and easy to understand. The cards are a bit on the small side, but it makes it easy to shuffle. 

I hope you found these suggestions helpful and that they will help you throughout your own spiritual journey! 

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  • Rebecca Campbell’s oracle cards are so beautiful! I’ve been seeing them everywhere, they are so empowering 🙂 I’d love to get them for myself, too 🙂

  • I have ‘The Illustrated Guide to Tarot’ by Jane Lyle with a deck. The deck is a ‘cheap’ copy of the Marseilles deck. I read a few reviews that say that the book is for the Rider Waite deck, not the Marseilles deck. I do like this deck. I found out though that you need to know numerology in order to use it. Cool. I have the Numerology for Beginners book.
    I, also, have a mini Tarot deck (Universal Tarot) that I recently realized is a Rider Waite deck. So very cool.
    Looking for an oracle deck, probably Earth Magic.