13 Ways to Declutter Your Life

13 Ways to Declutter Your Life

With warmer weather right around the corner, it’s time to SPRING CLEAN! I am sharing 13 ways that you can declutter your life this spring! Hopefully you find these tips helpful. 

13 ways to declutter your life


1.Toxic Relationships 

I don’t know about you but spring is all about FRESH starts for me. I only want to surround myself with positive people. It’s hard to cut people out of your life, BUT if they are bringing negativity, it’s time to let them go. It’s easier said than done. 

2. Clothes that I haven’t worn in 12 months 

If you are anything like me, then getting rid of clothes is TOUGH, because what if I NEED that dress one day? BUT, if I haven’t worn something in over a year, I think it’s safe to say it’s gotta go. Donating clothes every new season is a great way to spring clean your life! 

3. Expired Makeup 

Since I LOVE makeup, I definitely have a lot of it. It’s so easy to forget about a foundation or a mascara. It’s hard to let go of products BUT if it’s expired, it NEEDS to go. 

4. Expired Medicine 

I am guilty of not checking the expiration dates on my Motrin or Tylenol. Expired medicine is also no good. Every spring I go through my medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that has expired. 

5. Shoes that I haven’t worn in 1-2 years 

Surprisingly, I am not a big shoe hoarder. (SHOCKING!) BUT, I do like to donate shoes that I haven’t worn in over 1-2 years, or shoes that just don’t fit like they used to. 

6. Trinkets Collecting Dust 

I am SO GUILTY of trying to decorate my home with cute “home decor trinkets”, but let’s face it… They are taking up space and most of the time collecting dust. I have been wanting to try a more minimalist approach to my home. I will definitely be spring cleaning my decor trinkets this year!

7. Clean Under the Bed 

I am one of those people who simply put off looking under the bed. When Spring is in the air, cleaning under the bed is a MUST! It’s so easy to forget about. 

8. Clean Under Furniture 

I know I can’t be the only one who forgets to clean under furniture. Most of the time I don’t move my furniture so I never think of cleaning under couches, bookshelves, appliances, and things like that. You would be surprise the dust that can be found under furniture! Not great for my allergies. 

9. Cleaning Windowsills 

Every spring I make sure to go around and clean my windowsills. It’s great to just open the windows when the weather gets warmer and having clean windowsills is a PLUS! AND My cats love it!

10. Dusting Vents 

If you have vents like I do, throughout the winter months they can get pretty dusty! Make sure that when you are spring cleaning, you don’t forget to dust those vents! 

11. Clean up your Inbox 

Anyone else get tons of spam e-mails? I hate when my inbox gets full of spammy e-mails. Try going through and unsubscribing to any e-mails that are unwanted, and delete any messages that you might not have checked in a month or two! 

12. Organize your closet

Maybe it’s just me, BUT my closet gets VERY messy between seasons. I just can’t help it. Each new season I try to go through and organize my clothes and clean up my messy closets! 

13. Deep Clean your Fridge 

It’s crazy how messy the fridge can get! There’s no better feeling than a clean fridge and freezer. Doing a really good deep clean out of your fridge is so refreshing! I get rid of any expired food, condiments, drinks etc. I then like to take out all my shelves and scrub the crap out of my fridge. 

I hope you found these tips and ideas helpful! I would love to hear any additional ways that you like to spring clean your life!! (: 

13 ways to spring clean your life this year!

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