6 Signs You Aren’t In Alignment

Do you ever feel like you aren’t in alignment? Or do you ever wonder how you can step into alignment with your soul’s purpose? I am sharing signs that you may not be in alignment with your soul’s purpose and how you can finally step into alignment. 

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How to step into alignment with your soul's purpose

What is your soul’s purpose?

I believe that we are all spiritual beings living a human experience and often it’s our soul that we want to come into alignment with because I believe we all have a soul purpose or mission. This is something I’ve also learned through studying astrology.

If you are into astrology then you might have heard of the north and south node. We each have these placements in our natal charts.

The north node points to what our soul wants to learn in this lifetime or our destiny, and our south node points towards talents and gifts that our soul brought into this lifetime that we learned from a previous life. The key here is to balance out the two in order to fulfill your soul’s purpose, mission, or destiny. 

When you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose or in alignment with your intuition, you are essentially living life from a state of flow. This can help you create and manifest with ease.

I like to think of it as a feeling of inner peace. You feel inner peace and I think we all search for that feeling. We want to feel at peace and we want to feel fulfilled right?

What I really wanted to focus on in this blog post is how you can tell if you are not in alignment with your soul’s purpose and how you can re-adjust to come back into alignment.

Signs You Aren’t in Alignment with your Soul’s Purpose

You don’t find fulfillment in your job

The first indication for me that made me realize that I was not in alignment with my soul’s purpose was the fact that I hated my job. My job was draining me and I constantly felt exhausted and unmotivated to want to go into work.

Here’s the thing, I know people will hear me say this and think “but your job isn’t supposed to be fun, you aren’t supposed to enjoy your job,” I’ve heard this all before. When I was stuck in a soul sucking job people would often tell me “well that’s life, life is hard and work isn’t supposed to be fun.”

After a while I eventually got to a point one day where I had a breakdown and I started to question those beliefs.

You’re telling me I’m supposed to hate my job and go to work 5-6 days a week for the next 50 years while being miserable and unfulfilled because of some survival mode mentality?

Who’s narrative is that because it’s no longer going to be mine.

I notice a lot of older generations tend to look at people like me and think that we are so entitled for believing that we should be allowed to have a job we enjoy. They think we are lazy because we are flipping the script on what they’ve been conditioned to believe for so long.

I’m lazy because I want a job that I enjoy and I’m lazy because I think having 2 days off from work isn’t enough? well then fine, call me lazy. That’s their perspective and this is because they have been taught to believe that work isn’t meant to be something enjoyable, that you need to work hard to afford a roof over your head and food on the table. It’s something they are so used to that it’s hard for them to see a different perspective.

I grew up in a small town where everyone did the same exact thing. We went to school and we were pushed to go to college to get the typical 9-5 job, or to become a doctor, lawyer, or whatever other job that society views as normal would be. No one around me really had this “dream big, think big” mentality.

When people asked me what career I wanted to pursue I had no idea because nothing made me feel that spark or passion.

I didn’t want to be a doctor. A 9-5 didn’t feel like it fit for me. I didn’t want to be a lawyer. I considered being a teacher once or twice, but even then I was unsure.

I have nothing against anyone who feels passionate about these kinds of jobs. If that’s what lights you up then that means it’s in alignment for you, but for me these jobs didn’t light me up.

When I was in middle school and high school I used to sit at home watching people on YouTube who would do makeup and create content for a living. It was in those moments that I felt a spark. I looked at them creating content and I remember visioning myself doing what they were doing. It was something I would find myself enjoying. The amount of time I spent watching these content creators was actually insane and way more than I’d like to admit.

But even though I had this spark and felt like that was a job I’d love to do, I didn’t pursue it right away. I had these small town perspectives where everyone just followed the status quo. I was afraid to dream big. I didn’t believe it was possible for me and I had no examples in my everyday life of success in pursuing this goal so it felt so out of reach.

No one was on YouTube or creating content online. It was often made fun of or laughed at. If I told someone I wanted to be a content creator they would look at me sideways, so instead of following my intuition and pursuing that goal, I let my ego get the best of me. I was feared into a corner where I followed the status quo.

This lead me to go to college because that was considered normal. I was feared to believe that without a college degree I wouldn’t be successful, That was the narrative that was pushed upon me, but half way through my second year of college I couldn’t do it anymore. I hated college and I was studying something that didn’t make me feel fulfilled, so I dropped out.

This decision then created a ripple affect. I was a full time waitress and that was a struggle in itself. I never had any money and I worked more than I slept. This left me miserable and I felt like I had no purpose. This overwhelming feeling of being unfulfilled was because I was not in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

It was in that moment when I knew something had to change. I finally went back to that inner child dream of mine and I started this blog which lead me to creating content. Now here I am working full time as a content creator and feeling fulfilled in my career.

But the thing to remember is that even as a content creator doing what I love, I still have moments where I feel like I’m not in alignment because you can enjoy what you do but still have moments where you slip and that’s okay.

Whether it’s because you are burning yourself out, taking on way too much, or simply just needing to remember why you started in the first place.

What I learned through this experience though is that often times we are afraid to follow our passion because we grew up in situations that challenged us when it comes to following our intuition.

Our intuition is so strong as a child, but as we get older our intuition is pushed away due to external circumstances, society, parents, school, and the people around us.

So if you really want to step into alignment with your soul’s purpose then I challenge you to think back to what lit you up as a child. What did you enjoy doing? What hobbies did you have? Chances are, a lot of those inner child passions will help you align with your soul’s purpose.

You feel drained by your every day life

If you feel drained by your every day life then chances are you may not be in alignment. Know that it’s okay to question the current narrative that is being pushed upon you.

I actually feel like too many people choose not to question their current beliefs because they believe that what’s been taught or pushed upon them is truth. Too many people are afraid to go against what is viewed as society’s norms and sometimes it’s because there is this underlying fear of being judged or this fear of making the wrong choice.

Judgement is usually the number one thing that holds many of us back. That used to be me, but it is so refreshing to just be who I want to be. It’s refreshing to do what is best for me without letting the opinions of others control my life.

I was put into situations where people shared different beliefs from me and I believe it was so that I could learn how to start trusting in my own intuition and beliefs. If you feel drained by your every day life, start questioning your reality and start reframing your limiting beliefs. You can learn how to do this here.

You feel drained by your relationships

Another way to know if you aren’t in alignment with your soul’s purpose is if you feel drained by your relationships, or if you find yourself feeling like you just don’t belong. We often attract people into our life that reflect our unhealed wounds to us and this is because as humans, we are all about comfort and doing what is familiar. Our ego seeks out comfort. If we had emotionally unavailable parents as a child then we will often seek out relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable because that’s what feels familiar and comfortable to us.

However, living in that place of ego will attract relationships that aren’t in alignment with our highest self. Those relationships can distract us from being able to align with our soul’s purpose, or these relationships will teach us lessons that will eventually helps us re-direct ourselves back into alignment.

This past year I made a lot of changes when it came to who I surrounded myself with and it was really hard. I had childhood friends that I had to distance myself from. We’ve had a lot of good times together and we lost touch for a bit and reconnected when I was in college.

We ended up hanging out again and we made a few other friends and before I knew it we were a group of about 6-7 of us.

But have you ever felt alone in a crowd?  That’s often how I felt when I was hanging out with this group. I felt like I didn’t fit in and I was constantly having my abandonment and rejection wounds triggered.

There was a lot of gossiping that took place within the group and it started to really throw me off balance. Those feelings are often an indication that this relationship isn’t in alignment with what my soul was desiring.

I’m not saying these friends are bad people, theres no hate towards them and I think they are great, but we just weren’t in alignment anymore. My soul was wanting something more. My soul was ready to move on to deeper connections that were more than just partying, going out and having a good time. I wanted to build those deep connections and talk about things that mattered to me and what mattered to me didn’t matter to them and vice versa.

I always felt like I had to prove myself in order to feel worthy within that group setting and I was always over extending myself (or so it felt that way), always feeling like I was celebrating everyone else, but when it was my turn to be celebrated, no one was there. It was a lonely feeling, but this chapter of my life was just an indication that I had a lot of healing to do.

I had to make a really tough decision to walk away from these friendships.

When it comes to friendship I’ve learned that you need to find a balance between putting your expectations on to someone and setting a boundary.

I set this expectation that I expected my friends to celebrate me on my birthday and I set an expectation that my friends would reach out to me weekly to check in, but often when we push these expectations onto people it leads to disappointment.

Sometimes we also put these expectations on to others without communicating them. We can’t assume people will know what we need, we have to express and communicate our needs, even in friendships.

Have you ever heard of love languages? Well it works for friendships too. We all show up differently in friendships and some of us need more than others. It’s important to communicate with your friend the kind of friendship you need. It’s also important for the friend to communicate if they aren’t able to show up for their friend in that capacity because that’s how you set boundaries.

If my friends tells me that it would mean a lot to her if I send a text  every other day to check in and I didn’t have the capacity to show up in that way, I would set that boundary by saying something like, 

“I would love to check in every other day, but sometimes I get busy. Just know that it’s nothing personal and I will do my best to check in weekly because you matter to me.”

At the end of the day, sometimes you just grow apart or you no longer align with certain people and that’s okay.

Some relationships are here to teach us lessons and help us grow. If down the line you find that you are in alignment again, then maybe they come back.

I’ve learned that letting go is powerful because when you release what no longer aligns with you, you make room for what does.

That’s exactly what happened for me. Letting go of the friendships that I was no longer in alignment with brought me closer to the ones who were in alignment with me. 

It’s those friendships that make my soul feel good, where I never have to doubt or question my worth in the relationship.

You will know if a person is aligned with you, the relationship will make you feel good and you won’t feel anxious, drained, or judged. It’s important to do the inner work and show up for yourself the way that you want others to show up for you because it all starts within!

This goes for love relationships too.

You are hiding your authenticity 

Another indication that you may not be in alignment with your soul’s purpose is if you are hiding your authenticity.

If you are afraid to be who you are and if you aren’t allowing yourself to truly be who you want to be in fear of judgement, criticism, or whatever else, then this is a huge indication that you are not in alignment.

I struggled with hiding my authentic self for a long time. I was afraid to be a content creator because of judgement and I was afraid to let my voice be heard. There were fears surrounding being a tarot reader because I knew my family would be against it due to their religious beliefs. For the longest time I kept that to myself because I feared they wouldn’t accept me.

When we hide our authentic self it creates dissatisfaction. It creates feelings of being unfulfilled and it steers you away from alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Learning how to embrace your authenticity and not being afraid to follow your dreams and live life the way you feel called to live it can be so freeing. It’s all about working through those fears and looking at judgement from a different perspective because like I always say, judgement is based off of someone’s opinions that were created through their belief system and personal life experiences.

It is not truth and it is not fact.

We all have opinions based off of our beliefs and what we believe to be true, but it isn’t necessarily truth.

Let’s go back to the example of people thinking someone who has a successful career as a TikTok content creator is lazy and entitled. That’s a reflection of their belief system.

They believe that this TikTok content creator doesn’t work hard because their view of hard work is a 9-5 societal job. Since this career path doesn’t align with their beliefs, it’s considered lazy.

It’s all perspective and at the end of the day, who CARES… right? Who truly cares? Who cares if people think you are lazy, let them think what they want. At the end of the day they aren’t living your life for you. They aren’t dealing with the effects of your life choices, YOU are.

Why let an external opinion decide the effect you are going to have to deal with?

You need to take back your power and remember that you are co-creating your reality with the universe. Do what YOU think is best for you.

You try to control every situation

Another sign that you are not in alignment is when you are not in flow. When we try to control everything and force situations, this can be a sign that we are not in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

When you are in alignment you often just go with the flow and don’t feel the need to have to control the outcome of everything.

In fact, the need to always be in control is usually an indication that growing up you felt that your power was taken away from you in some way, or that your life was constantly changing and out of your control. Having control gives you that peace of mind, but in reality it is creating resistance and holding you back from alignment.

When we let go of control and just live in flow it helps us to be more aligned with not only our soul, but with the universe. I often mention that trying to control and force outcomes can create resistance which blocks you from manifesting.

If you want to step into alignment with your soul’s purpose then you need to let go of that resistance. Let go of trying to control the outcome and start to trust not only in yourself, but in the universe as well.

Your body is feeling exhausted or there’s discomfort

 Listen to your body because often our emotions and body can give us signs that we are not in alignment. If you are feeling exhausted all the time, burnt out, a lack of motivation, anxious, guilty, something just feels off, or your body aches, then this is often an indication that you are not in alignment.

Our body can give us signs, not only fatigue and exhaustion, but things like constant headaches, and always feeling run down or sick can indicate that you are not in alignment.

How can you step into alignment with your soul’s purpose?

The first step is to become aware. Self awareness is key. Really figuring out what feels off in your current reality and what feels like it’s not aligned. Also being honest about what feels like it’s holding you back from alignment. I have a helpful post on how to soul search which you can check out here. This can also help you step into alignment!

It’s all about re-writing your beliefs and being the observer of your own thoughts so you can figure out the thought patterns that may be holding you back, the patterns that keep you stuck in this cycle that is not aligned with what your soul is desiring.

The first step to breaking any cycle is to make a change because without change, the cycle repeats. So start there.



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