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Take Your Manifestations to the NEXT Level. 

Tapping into your limitless potential with these helpful tools. 


How to manifest by using the moon cycle and phases

Do you want to take your manifestations to the next level? This 22 page (printable) pdf manifesting planner will help you tune into the magic of the moon cycle so you can set and achieve all of your intentions. ***All sales are final, no refunds, and you can not re-sell.



90 Journaling Prompts For Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing – $4.99

90 journal prompts for inner child healing and shadow work

This is a 90 page printable PDF that includes 90 journaling prompts for healing your inner child and personal growth. This makes for a perfect 90 day daily journaling challenge. Through these journal prompts you can discover where you still need to heal in order to stop toxic cycles from repeating. Self discovery, confidence and self love journaling prompts.

**This is non-refundable. All sales are final. Re-selling is against the terms and conditions of purchasing this digital product.