Re-Invent Yourself – 8 Week Program

Are you ready to re-invent yourself?

Many of us at this very moment have this version of ourselves that is programmed and conditioned by imperfect parents and society. Most of how we act and feel stems from times when we were most vulnerable during childhood.

We created this version of ourselves that was meant to protect us as a child, a version that often is based off of fears and the opinions of those we were surrounded by. Many of us have yet to let go of that version. It’s important to realize you are not that person anymore. You have your own beliefs and they do not have to be your parents’ beliefs, society’s, or beliefs that are based off of fear. 

You have this authentic self inside of you that is ready to burst, but you have to allow it to! That’s where I come in to help.

Through this 8 week program I help you recognize where you feel lack in your life. We work on healing any wounds that you have that may be holding you back from being your most authentic self. This helps re-program your mind so that you can step into this version of you that is living out your most authentic life.

Not only will you find yourself feeling happier, but you will attract more abundance, AND BONUS, you will finally be living life on YOUR terms! 

It’s time to figure out who you REALLY want to be and it starts with healing and re-creating your story on your own terms. 

Each journey is different…

it depends on the overall goals of each individual. The weeks can be customized to fit your goals and progress. Each week is not set in stone and there is always room for tweaking. This program is a go with the flow program. Whatever is best to focus on at each given call is what we will do. This is just an outline to give you an idea of how each week is structured and some of the things we will focus on. 

Re-Invent yourself 8 week program with Ell


If you are connected to spirituality we can add in things like an energy reading (tarot) at the beginning of each call. I can also teach you how to use tarot cards and oracle cards to connect with your higher self. 

I can also look at your natal chart to help us further your growth. Your natal chart gives us access to lessons you may go through and points towards where you may struggle or need the most healing. This isn’t a necessity though. I am flexible and I will accommodate to your needs and wants.

I also provide you with journaling prompts and weekly activities, “homework”, to help you further your growth during the week until our next call. 

How long are the calls?

This program consists of a 90 minute call once a week, for 8 weeks. I also allow check ins and the availability to text during the scheduled business hours Monday through Thursday 2pm – 8pm est.

Judgment FREE Zone

This is a judgement free zone and I want to do the best I can to help you step into your most authentic self where you are living life on your own terms! 

What is the cost? 

Pay UP FRONT and SAVE $340 = one time payment of $700

Pay  Monthly and SAVE $190 = 2 payments of $425

Pay weekly = $130 / a week


If you are ready to take this leap, send me an email so we can get started!

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