5 foolproof ways to ensure that you’re producing quality content for your blog

Happy Monday friends!!! I am so excited about this post. This is a guest post from Masooma over at Ink and Copy! I have loved Masooma’s work and she is extremely supportive and influential in the blogging community! So please check her out. Today she is sharing with all of us, 5 foolproof ways to produce quality content for your blog! All words are Masooma’s. I hope you enjoy!

5 ways to make sure you are creating quality content for you blog. A guest post. The key to producing quality content.


Creating content day in, day out can eventually make you feel like you are stuck in a swamp. If you don’t take the right measure at the right time, the muck will suck you in, negatively affecting the quality of your content.

That’s a big no-no for any of the roughly 152 million bloggers out there. Because good quality content is a testament to your hard work and one of the chief factors that rank you high in the search engine.

Not to mention, your audience may be following your blog for the type of content that you post. This means you have got to be consistent with your content quality. To ensure that you don’t get stuck in a rut, here are five useful ways that can help you sail smoothly to the harbor of high-quality content:

1. Catch ideas when your mind is at peace

How many times have we hated on creative ideas for their fleeting nature? Too many times. Especially considering the fact that ideas strike at the most unexpected of times such as when you’re dozing off or taking a shower.

A 2014 study agrees that 72% of the folks get their brightest ideas in the shower. Not to mention, all those incredible ideas that come when you’re about to enter the land of Nod. So, should you give up on sleep for catching the ideas that visit only at night? Nada.

Instead, understand why ideas occur during these times and replicate the circumstances to catch the fireflies. Researchers explain that ideas surface in times when you allow your mind to wander.

In a shower or before you fetch some zzz, your mind is free. Therefore, it wanders into the creative zone. Subsequently, allowing yourself to sit in silence (no phones in hand, please) opens the doors to creativity to get the best ideas for your blog content.

Moreover, you can also always jot down your ideas on paper when they emerge at night. Be sure to avoid using the notepad on your phone because the blue light from your phone can disrupt your sleep cycle.

2. Create messy first drafts

You don’t have to be the finest in your first draft. That’s why it is called a ‘draft’ in the first place, it is rough work. For a long time, people confused me when they said that you need a strong outline before you get started.

While I understand the significance of sketching a rough outline, I have never got what people mean when they opine that all your research has to be done in advance. On the flip side, my research work is never complete. In most cases, I research both before starting a draft as well as when the work is in progress.

Lucky for me, my confusion abated when Sonia Simone who hosts the podcast for Copyblogger, mentioned that good writers think on the page. Consequently, your first draft has all the right to be messy. It’s only after multiple rounds of edits that you can come up with a blog post that is near-perfection or satisfaction if we don’t want to exaggerate things.

3. Let your blog post rest

Once you are done with the first piece of work, read through it for basic mistakes. After you get rid of such errors, reread your post to see if it conveys what you had in mind. Once done, let your work rest for a while.

If you’re in a super-ninja mode and want to strike things off your to-do list quickly, you can always start another blog post. If you’ve time to spare, let the post that you were working on rest for a day or two. If not, then leave it be for at least a couple of hours.

When you return to your blog post, you will be able to have a fresh take on what you have written. This will help you see the flaws in your work better, which will assist in boosting your content’s quality.

Not to forget, typos won’t be able to play peekaboo with you anymore. Generally, such minute errors tend to slip through our editorial rounds because the brain is focused on the crucial task of conveying meaning. Consequently, we aren’t able to catch every detail.

4. Request a beta reader to come to your rescue

Let’s admit it, as content creators, we always have a tiny voice at the back of our minds that says “nope, still not good.” Even when you’re almost done with the work and are about to hit publish, the voice persists, saying,perhaps you should read it one LAST time.”

Frankly, that ‘one LAST time’ never comes unless you muffle the background voice with a warm mug of coffee. Alternatively, you can ask a beta reader to come to your rescue. A beta reader offers a fresh pair of eyeballs to your work. What you’ve written obviously makes sense to you.

However, as a blogger, you aim to ensure that your reader gets your message loud and clear. A beta reader serves as the bridge that closes the gap between you and your readers by giving feedback on whether your write-up is correctly delivering your meaning or not.

Fiction editor, Beth Hill, points out, “There are errors and weaknesses you’ll never see until another reader points them out. Therefore, asking a friend, sibling, or anyone else to beta read your work will help you see any issues in the post if there are any.

5. Edit like a pro and back your work with data

In tandem with the above pointers, you also need to edit your work like an expert. Creating quality content is not about slapping a few words on a page, proofreading them, and hitting publish.

On the contrary, it’s all about fussing over the words that you’ve used, arranging them in the best possible way, and so on. This is why editing your work is a heavy-duty task. To cut to the core, edit your copy like you haven’t written it. In short, be ruthless.

Ask yourself why would a reader believe in this sentence or opinion? Or, does my message help the reader? By doing so, the result will be a superb quality, research-backed, and valuable piece of content.

Don’t forget to back your claims with research. To an average reader, you may be just another blogger claiming big. Unless you have a proven degree in something, no one will believe you. Fortunately, you can change that by wearing the researcher’s hat.

For one, research adds proof to what you’re saying and makes your write-up more believable. Secondly, it polishes your authenticity. Lastly, a survey by SurveyMonkey Audience highlights that data makes your content more persuasive and trustworthy.

The survey found out that three-fourths of the adult respondents agreed that content linked with data is more trustworthy than without it. Furthermore, nearly 73% said that data-backed content is more persuasive.

And here’s the most interesting takeaway – about 82% of the adults said that they preferred reading an article based on data than the one centered around the writer’s opinion. Hence, make sure to weave in relevant research to your work for producing quality content for your blog.

Wrap up thoughts

Creating content can be hard work. But, let’s admit it, nothing good ever comes easy. In a nutshell, hunt down unique ideas for your blog by untying your brain from a leash. Let it wander.

What’s more, conduct thorough research and edit your work objectively to create a compelling story. If your gut tells you that the content isn’t as outstanding as it should be, seek help from a beta reader. All this while, don’t stress out. 

About the author:

Masooma Memon is a freelance writer by day and a novel nerd by night. She crafts research-backed content in the health and small business niches on topics ranging from productivity to mindfulness, mental well-being, and dementia. You can connect with her on Twitter or read her thoughts at Ink and Copy


I am so grateful that Masooma took the time to share these 5 awesome tips with us! Be sure to check her out and show her some love!!!!


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