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Skin Care Must Haves& Tips !

My Must Have Skin Care Products + Tips

If you are anything like me, you suffer from breakouts! (Especially around that time of the month) Luckily, I have found skin care products that help to combat my break outs so that I don’t suffer as much! I am going to share with you my night time skin care routine! I hope these products help you too!

My skin care must have products and tips! My night time skin care routine.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. (Depending on your skin type, results may not be exactly the same. All links are NOT affiliated.)
My skin type: Combination & sensitive with breakouts mostly on chin, jawline and near hair line.

If you are interested in how to achieve summer ready skin, read below!!!!

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(Each bold red product name is a clickable link to the product!)


Murad ExfoliatorStep One: I take a clean face cloth and wash my face thoroughly with warm water. After I rinse my face I take my Murad AHA/BHA exfoliator. I am obsessed with this exfoliator because it isn’t too harsh which makes it easy to use daily. It removes all of my excess make up. I have such sensitive skin and this does a perfect job of not irritating it. I also appreciate how they do not test on animals. That makes for a happy Ell!



Hydrating TonerStep two: I use my Murad Hydrating Toner next. This toner is AMAZING. Since I do use a lot of salicylic acid on my face it tends to dry out easier. I find it important to keep it hydrated and looking plump. After I exfoliate my skin I spray two to three spritz of this toner and instantly my face feels refreshed. This toner does an excellent job brightening and making my skin look hydrated and flawless.



Tretinoin Cream.jpgStep Three: The next step is a prescription topical cream that my dermatologist recommended. It is a tretinoin topical cream and I apply a pea size to each of my problem areas on my face. This helps to dry out the acne and minimize the redness and inflammation. Works like a charm! I suggest asking your dermatologist for a topical cream prescription ASAP!



U.F.O FaceOilStep Four: Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra clarifying face oil, this product is genius. I love this face oil. Many are skeptic to put oils on their face, however there are necessary oils that are there to help improve your skin. I have always suffered with cystic chin acne and this product helps to minimize the amount of cystic breakouts I have. This face oil contains tea tree oil which gives it a potent smell but it is bearable for me because the product works so well on my face! My skin loves tea tree oil. I recommend this to those who have cystic breakouts like I do.


Truth Serum.jpgStep Four: After my U.F.O sinks into my skin I then apply my OLEHENRIKSEN truth serum. My skin LOVES this serum! It contains vitamin C and collagen which is great for brightening the skin. I am obsessed with this serum and will be restocking my shelf soon.

Step Five: OLEHENRIKSEN invigorating night transformation gel is my second to last step. This gel works miracles. This gel is pack with AHAs to help give your skin an even, smooth,  texture. You can definitely feel the sting in this gel but if you breath through it you will see some incredible results. It is also a great anti aging gel. Never to early to start preparing for the future!

Cetaphil MoisturizerStep Six: My last step is the most important! It is always important to moisturize your skin at night while you sleep. This helps to restore your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. Think of it as watering a plant. A moisturizer paired with lots of water clenches your skin’s thirst! I use Cetaphil during the day and at night I use Origins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream. This night cream also has vitamin C and E which is what your skin craves. When I wake up my face looks plump, hydrated, and ready for the day!





Your skin deserves extra pampering too. Here are a few of my favorite masks to treat my skin with when it is in need of extra TLC!

  1. Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask 

This is for when your skin may need extra moisture and hydration !

2. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Boscia Black Mask

This mask is perfect for clearing your pores. For a deep clean I apply this.

3.   Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask 

This is my favorite mask of all time. It helps to brighten dull skin and helps minimize pores and fine lines. A must!




Keep in mind these extra skin perfecting tips as well! 

  1. Water! Keep your skin hydrated by drinking a TON of water. If you think you drank a lot of water, drink even more! This really helps to keep your skin looking clear, fresh, and bright.
  2. Cut out the dairy! I’m serious, dairy contains extra hormones that your body does not need. When you eat or drink dairy your body receives these extra hormone toxins and tries to dispose of them which then results in acne. It’s a pain in the rear and it’s hard to do but cut down the cheese!
  3. SPF is a must. During the hot summer months, always protect your skin with SPF. There are many moisturizers that contain SPF, use these especially during the hot, summer months.
  4. Almonds! Eat them! They help with inflammation of the skin. Eating almonds actually help bring inflammation down. Perfect to add to your morning breakfast. For lunch eat salmon or tuna. These provide the same benefits! Dermatologist approved!
  5. Try and change your pillowcases every two days at least! This helps with breakouts. Let’s face it, just like clothes your pillowcases need cleaning too. The less you change and clean them the more oils, spit, sweat etc. is waiting to gravitate to your skin.
  6. Cut out extra sugars. I mean it. Cut soda, cookies, and unnecessary junk foods from your diet and watch as your skin changes!

I hope these skin care products and skin care tips help create a radiant glow for your skin this summer!

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