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Pixi Beauty Skin Care Hits & Misses

Hits and Misses with Pixi Beauty Skin Care Products

I am a huge skin care lover and LOVE trying out skin care products. One brand that I have been loving lately is Pixi. They gifted me some skin care products to put to the test and I am so excited to share my thoughts! I’ll be letting you know which products worked for me and which products did not. Please keep in mind that we all have different skin and my skin may react differently to products. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa! 

Note that Pixi is cruelty & paraben free! 

Pixi Skin Care Hits and Misses. Skin care products I love and hate from Pixi Beauty

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in PR but all opinions are my own. I have not been paid anything to review these products for you. However, I do use affiliate links which means if you make a purchase via my link I receive a small commission which helps pay for my blog! Thank you for your support! You can read my full disclosure here.

Pixi beauty skin care products and skin treats review.

Pixi Skin Care Products I Loved


Pixi Glow Mud Mask - Pixi skin care products I love

I am obsessed with the Pixi Glow Mud Mask! I try to use this face mask once or twice a week. My skin tends to look dull and lacks glow. I also struggle with clogged pores which is why I love this face mask! After using it my skin looks brighter and feels refreshed! 


Pixi Detoxifeye review - Skin care products I love from Pixi Beauty

I struggle with finding an eye product that actually works. I struggle with puffy and baggy eyes. I found that this is the perfect eye mask, FINALLY! My under eyes crave this product. Plus, I love how refreshed these make my under eyes feel. 


Pixi Glow Tonic Serum review - Skin care products I love from Pixi Beauty

I guess it’s safe to say it’s hard for me to find a Pixi product that I don’t love. This Glow Tonic Serum is a game changer! You can get it at the drugstore BUT it feels like the most luxurious product. My skin became really dry and dull during the winter, I have been looking for a product to moisturize. This serum helps moisturize and brighten my skin! I like to use it paired with my Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum as well! These products brought my skin back to life! 


Pixi Glow Tonic Toner review - Pixi skin care products I love

Just like the Glow Tonic Serum, I love the Glow Tonic Toner! Every time I use this my skin literally GLOWS! I don’t know what the secret is but I am overall IMPRESSED. My go to drugstore toner! 


Pixi Glycolic Sheet Mask review - Pixi skin treats, skin care I love.

I definitely enjoy this sheet mask when I am unwinding from a long day, BUUUUT, I will say it’s pricey for one sheet mask. However, It does a great job at refreshing my skin and giving it a glow. Glowing skin seems to be the PIXI theme here! 


Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel - Pixi skincare favorites

I really enjoy this cleansing gel! It’s almost like a very gentle exfoliator. BUT I mean very GENTLE! I use this to wash off any excess makeup after using makeup wipes. It does it’s job! The only thing I am not a HUGE fan of is the scent but it’s bearable.

Pixi Skin Care Products I Didn’t Love


Pixi on the glow stick - My favorite and least favorite skin care product from Pixi

I really wanted to LOVE this product but I guess the whole idea and application of the product isn’t my favorite. The product itself, I do enjoy for the most part! It’s a great way to moisturize your skin or lips. HOWEVER, I don’t love stick products. I feel that stick products get messy quick. With this price point I’d rather have a product with a pump. It makes application easier and more sanitary in my opinion! I use this mostly when I travel because it’s the perfect travel size.


Pixi pHenomenal Gel - Skin care hits and misses from Pixi

This product isn’t my favorite. It might just be my skin type but my skin gets irritated very easily and this made my skin feel irritated. 

I hope you enjoyed this review of some of Pixi’s skin care products and skin treats! 

Pixi Skin Care Products I love

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  • Meghan

    I love the glow tonic and the mud mask! Need to try more Pixi products.

    • ellduclos

      The best!!

  • Paola

    I love Pixie products! For starters, the package is so cute and I like that it is cruelty free. They feel great on my skin 💕 thanks for sharing!

    • ellduclos

      Yes! I agree 100% !

  • Ivana

    I like their glow tonic serum and I agree that it feels luxurious 🙂 I enjoy using it 🙂

    • ellduclos

      Isn’t it?! I am obsessed!

  • Sarah Winton

    I’m such a fan of Pixi products. I’m desperate to try the eye patches but I haven’t been able to find them in a store yet:)

  • Naturally Free

    Great post. Haven’t tried much of there products, but always hear great reviews. The glow mud mask is a great on though.

    • ellduclos

      Thank you! I was very impressed by Pixi!

  • Samantha Comparone

    These products from Pixie look amazing!! I need to try the glow mask 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful review, Ell!!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! I love Pixi!

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