7 Pinterest Truths No One Talks About

7 Pinterest truths that no one talks about. How to get the BEST results from Pinterest

Welcome back! OR if you are new here, WELCOME! If you have been following me since the beginning, then you probably know just how much I LOVE Pinterest. Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about Pinterest, OR maybe you never knew before reading this, just how beneficial Pinterest is for your blog + biz!

After I started using Pinterest properly to increase my blog traffic and sales, my traffic went up from 5k monthly to 25k monthly page views in just ONE MONTH of utilizing Pinterest strategies. I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on all this time! 

Increasing your blog traffic with Pinterest - Pinterest truths

Pinterest truths - Growing blog traffic with pinterest

BUUUUUT -> There is a lot you should know about Pinterest that many don’t talk about often. So today I am going to share some Pinterest truths with you!

Something to keep in mind, Pinterest is constantly changing their algorithm, just like any other platform! So it’s important to try and keep up to date with all of the changes the best you can. That will help bring you the BEST results.

*Disclaimer: This blog post does include affiliate links. To read my disclosure please go here.

Pinterest Truth #1 – Followers Don’t Really Matter

This is something I have learned as I was managing my clients’ accounts! I have some clients whose accounts have about 100 or less followers but, they receive just as much blog traffic from a Pinterest account that has over 1,000 followers.

There is a lot that matters when it comes to growing your blog traffic through Pinterest, but one thing that you shouldn’t get caught up on is how many Pinterest followers you have!

Instead – > FOCUS ON THIS:

  • Creating click worthy pins!
  • Utilizing keywords and pinning your content to appropriate boards that relate.
  • Growing your monthly Pinterest views and turning those views into blog traffic!

Pinterest Truth #2 – Pinterest Monthly Views are Important BUT it’s NOT Everything

Just like followers, your monthly Pinterest views aren’t as important as you may think! Another realization I noticed as I was growing my clients’ Pinterest accounts.

I have one client who receives 100k ish monthly views and another who receives 700k monthly views. When I compared their analytics, I realized that even though my client had 700k monthly views, since she wasn’t utilizing Pinterest to her full potential, her monthly Pinterest views were not transferring into any clicks to her website.

Someone can have 1 million monthly Pinterest views BUT if they aren’t using their Pinterest to properly grow their blog traffic, those 1 million monthly Pinterest views don’t really mean much!

My client who has 100k monthly Pinterest views is generating more blog traffic than someone with 700k monthly Pinterest views because of strategy and focusing on what it is her audience is MOST interested in. We focused on what it is her audience is more likely to actually CLICK into and read.

So, what helps that click through rate go UP?

Again, creating click worthy pins! Having a high quality pin with bright and clear images is important! You want to make sure your pin looks professional and not just “thrown” together and sloppy!

If you aren’t the worlds greatest photographer, that’s okay! I suggest investing in quality stock images to create your pin graphics! The more professional and high quality the pin, the BETTER!

Here are a few of my favorite stock image sites: 

  • Creative Market (they have SO many)
  • IvoryMix (a membership that I love! SO MANY to chose from, all different styles and color schemes too.)
  • GirlBossStock (really love her style! and she updates her gallery twice a month, so you always have new images to play with!

How’s the title?  Do you have a catchy title that makes your audience want to click and read more? Can your audience actually read and understand your title easily if they are scrolling through their feed? If you use fonts and colors that make it hard to read the pin, then chances are, your click through rate will be lower than you want it to be.

Try not to put all your focus on your monthly views on Pinterest, because that’s not what is most important when it comes to growing your blog and business with Pinterest. What is MOST important is how many monthly views on Pinterest are resulting in monthly views to your blog!

There are MANY successful bloggers who get 100,000s of blog views a month thanks to Pinterest, and their monthly Pinterest views are sometimes less than 500k, even 200k!

These are just vanity numbers on Pinterest. Sure it looks better, but don’t let it stress you out! The power is in the CLICK!

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Pinterest Truth #3 – Pinterest is a Search Engine NOT a Social Media

If you are thinking of Pinterest as a Social Media then you are doing it wrong! It is a visual search engine! SO TREAT IT LIKE ONE. Just like SEO for google etc. you want to make sure you are utilizing Pinterest SEO to UP your Pinterest game.

Keywords are SO important on Pinterest.

Make sure you are using Keywords in your:

  • Profile , profile name
  • Boards and board descriptions
  • Pin titles and pin descriptions

Create 2-3 sentences for each pin description that you create. Make sure that your sentence makes sense but also have keywords about what the pin is. THEN make sure to pin that pin to boards that are related to the pin! If you are pinning your pin to random boards that aren’t related to your pin at all, you aren’t benefiting yourself much!

Since Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media, that is why followers really don’t matter. You can still get your pins noticed by thousands if you utilize Pinterest properly! If you practice good SEO you have a chance to get your pins seen by SO MANY people even if you only have 30 followers. There are accounts out there who get 1 million + monthly Pinterest views with 100 or less followers. It’s possible to get your content seen on Pinterest without followers.

Pinterest Truth #4 – Group Boards Aren’t What They Used to be.

Group boards used to be EXTREMELY important for Pinterest users. I am not saying they aren’t important anymore BUT, I will say you have to choose wisely. Make sure you are a part of strong group boards that are bringing you the right attention. If you are pinning to spammy group boards you aren’t creating value for your pins or Pinterest.

When you do pin to boards, the pin that you pin to the board NEEDS to be related. If you are pinning your pins to boards that are off topic, you decrease the value of your pin! Practicing good SEO helps Pinterest to know what your pin is about and allows Pinterest to push your pin into the feeds of your ideal audience. 

If I have a pin about beauty, I won’t want to pin it to “blog friends” group board. I would get more value by pinning it to my group board titled “Best Beauty Tips”.

Does this make sense?

You should also use Tailwind’s analytics > Board Insights, to make sure that the group boards you are a part of aren’t a waste of your time! Check their engagement scores out and ditch the group boards who give you little to no engagement.

TIP*** I also notice that my most engaged boards are my OWN boards! I am more likely to get a viral pin from pinning to my own board rather than a group board. HOWEVER there are group boards that I am a part of that do bring my pins great engagement! Just look at your analytics to make sure that you know which boards are your power boards. Ditch the crappy, spammy group boards.

Pinterest Truth #5 – Tailwind Will Make Your Life Easier

I have been using Tailwind for over a year now and can truthfully say, i’d be lost without it! I know many swear by manually pinning BUT, when I manually pin, I am failing to reach all audiences.

Tailwind allows me to pin in my sleep, which also allows me to reach audiences all across the world! If you think about it, while I am sleeping others across the world are wide awake browsing their Pinterest feed. Tailwind helps me to make sure that I am reaching that audience! The more active you are on Pinterest, the better! Pinterest actually says that it is more beneficially to pin throughout the day daily rather than do a bulk of pinning once a week. 

I also have noticed not only my engagement rising from using Tailwind but ALSO my Pinterest following. Although Pinterest followers isn’t everything, it is nice to see. I can’t complain. I usually gain about 150 + a week. 

Pinterest truths - Growing your blog traffic with Pinterest

The first month I started using annual Tailwind my blog traffic went from 5k monthly to 25k monthly. I was insanely surprised! I am not saying this will happen for everyone, as my Pinterest was pretty developed at the time I started using Tailwind. BUT I will say if you utilize it properly and include other Pinterest strategies, you should 100% see REAL results!

AND yes, Tailwind has a free trial but it doesn’t even compare to their paid plans! I saw no results with the free trial, but decided to purchase the annual plan anyway. So glad I did!

You are not alone in learning Tailwind! I also have an affordable e-course that goes over:

  • All of my Pinterest growing strategies
  • How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest
  • How to utilize Tailwind properly and to your best advantage to help grow your blog traffic
  • How to use affiliate links and make sales through Pinterest

So don’t worry, you don’t have to go into Tailwind blind. I can help teach you all you need to know about Tailwind and Pinterest. Check out the course here!

*NOTE – My Pinterest strategy isn’t JUST Tailwind. I still manually pin 2-3 times a day as well. This has been giving me the best results thus far. You can’t just rely on a Pin Schedule tool to do it all. You need to be actively pinning on Pinterest too because Pinterest will reward accounts that do!

Pinterest Truth #6 – Create New Pins Weekly

Having fresh pins is important on Pinterest! The thing is, Pinterest is noticing that there are TONS of content creators using their platform to grow. They know that without us their platform wouldn’t even exist! That’s why they are rewarding content creators whenever they upload new pins! Plus, it helps you grow your blog traffic too!

So what does this mean? It means you should be creating new pins for your blog posts weekly!!! This is what I try to do for not only my account but my client’s accounts as well.

Pinterest actually says that it’s best to have MULTIPLE different pins for the same link.

You should be creating 2-4 different pins for ONE blog post. Then promote those pins throughout all of your related boards. After about a month or two, look back at your analytics and see which pins preformed better. This is how you see what your audience is more attracted to!

**Don’t just switch up the pin design but switch up the title too! Play around with keywords. Try to see which words attract your audience’s attention more!

You should not only write your content for you BUT, also write your content for your audience too! If you want your blog traffic to continue to grow, you NEED to write with your audience in mind. What do they like?

Luckily Pinterest allows you to check out your analytics to see what your audience is truly interested in!

Pinterest Truth #7 – Pinterest has it’s Dips

I see SO MANY who will freak out if their monthly Pinterest views take a dip.

BREATHE!!!!!It’s okay, and it happens to us all! If you haven’t noticed, this summer has been a slow one. Pinterest during the summer time isn’t as active as Pinterest during the fall and winter.

The reason for this is yet again, because Pinterest is a search engine, and MOST users are more active on Pinterest searching for holiday recipes and ideas.

If it’s not the holiday season, then not as many users are going to be searching through Pinterest. Just a fact.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still PLENTY of people on Pinterest daily. BUT, Pinterest is famous for being used to during the holiday season to get ideas and inspiration. Which is also why creating seasonal content to promote on Pinterest isn’t a bad idea!!! Start promoting your seasonal content on Pinterest about 45 days before hand!

It’s VERY normal for your Pinterest stats to take dips during the summer and spring months. Don’t worry, fall is right around the corner!!!

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These are just a few tips that I wanted to share with about my favorite platform! If you haven’t really started investing your time into Pinterest, I highly suggest you give it a shot!

Just know that like anything else, Pinterest takes time to really start to give the results you want, so be patient with it!

& Let me help!!!

I have an affordable e-course that goes over everything you need to know about making Pinterest work for your blog + biz! 

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AND if you just don’t have the time, you can get started with Pinterest Strategy Management services with me! I love helping others get started on Pinterest.

My Pinterest Strategy Management services include:

  • Monthly Pin Creation (I create the “fresh” pins for you)
  • Weekly strategic tailwind scheduling
  • Daily manual pinning
  • Intense analytic research to make sure I am doing all I can to help grow your Pinterest and blog traffic, as fast as Pinterest allows me.

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Until next time Boss Babes !