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Almost a year ago I started focusing on growing my Pinterest. I had about 2 followers at the time. I hadn’t even began blogging yet. Pinterest is extremely addicting and I find it inspiring. The more I used it, the more I realized that people were using their Pinterest to promote their blog posts + ALSO MAKE MONEY! It was crazy to me that this was possible. I finally decided that I wanted to be just like them, and I knew that I could be… Almost a year later and here I am with 1.6 million monthly Pinterest views, 95,000 daily impressions, 66,000 daily viewers + generating income from Pinterest and my blog! I knew it was possible, and now I want to share with all of you the strategies that work! What you should be doing, and how to make some income through Pinterest!

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The answer is, you need to switch to a business account so you can see your analytics, engagement etc! You can change your current Pinterest into a business account easily! Click here to find out how!

NOTE: You will not be able to access business on mobile, you can only access business on a desktop computer. 

Once you set up your business account, you should verify your website. Click here to find out how to verify. Once your account is verified you will receive analytics about your Pinterest traffic + blog traffic from Pinterest!


Many will think, what’s so important about Pinterest? Do I really need to use it?YES! It is such a helpful platform to be on if you are a blogger. You are able to share your blog posts to Pinterest and attract a ton of traffic to your blog! Pinterest and Facebook are my number one sources of traffic.

Pinterest is more than just a social media, it’s a search engine too! Once you post your blog post and everyone sees it, it can become old news. In order to keep the traffic flowing to your blog, you can share your posts on Pinterest and if you create the perfect pin, your pin can get repined thousands of times…Creating constant traffic to your blog post!


There have been many tricks and tips that I have learned along the way. Note that this traffic didn’t happen over night, and it did take a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience BUT it is possible!


It’s important to set up your about/info to have a link to your blog. I also like to leave my email for any collaborations or brands that may want to reach out to me. Let users know a little about your business/blog. Also upload a profile photo, a lot of people relate better to a face. It’s more personal. If you don’t want to use a head shot, you can upload your site logo!


Like stated above, having a business account allows you to set up a show case! This is a feature that allows you to “feature” your most popular boards at the top of your page, for followers and users to see first! I like to have my blog board featured in my showcase because I am using my Pinterest to help bring blog traffic too! I love this feature. To find + edit your show case go on your computer to your Pinterest edit settings – edit profile and you will see an EDIT showcase option.

Grow your pinterest with these tips and tricks! Bring traffic to your blog



One thing that I noticed helped to grow my account was having organized boards! It is important to have organized boards so that others can search for exactly what they want, and will know exactly where to look. The way that I like to categorize my boards is like this:

Blog | EllDuclos
Beauty | Makeup
Fashion | Dress/Skirts
Holiday | Christmas


I find this helps keep my Pinterest looking neat, and organized. Using KEYWORDS in your board names is important too!

You can check out my account for reference: EllDuclos


When I first started out I was constantly pinning. You can’t just post your own pins. You need to RE PIN RE PIN RE PIN. This will help you to get noticed. Whenever I have free time on my hands I will scroll through Pinterest and re-pin whatever catches my eye. It’s also important to be pinning things that relate to the niche of your blog etc. This will attract the right audience to your Pinterest + blog. When I first started growing my Pinterest I would pin/repin at least 50 pins a day! The more you re-pin, the more chances you have of getting noticed. They say that you should have 80% of others (re-pins) and 20% of your own pins.

Repinning is important because your account will be attached to every pin that you choose to re-pin. If you re-pin quality pins, you will start to be known as a “valuable” pinner and users will be more likely to follow you.


**Update: I have since figured out an EVEN beter strategy on Pinterest that EXPLODED my blog traffic. Check that out HERE


If you want to get your Pinterest noticed, it’s important to engage with others. I find that commenting on trending pins helps to attract an audience to my Pinterest! I also would comment on pins that catch my eyes, or the ones that are related to my niche.


To get support, you must give support. It’s a two way street. If you notice a Pinterest account whose pins are related to your niche, FOLLOW. Most people follow those back, who follow them first. It’s a great way to grow your account!


Keep track of your pins and engagement. Figure out when users are most active on your Pinterest. What times do you find the most engagement occurring? For me, I find that people are more active during the night hours. Most users have free time after dinner, or right before bed. 8pm-12am. I tend to re-pin most during these hours!


A great way to grow traffic and following is to join Pinterest/Blog facebook groups and promote your Pinterest on threads that are applicable. I am the admin/creator of Boss Girl Bloggers, it has over 18,000 amazing boss babes. If you would like to join – HERE.


Rich pins include extra information right on the pin itself. This could be pricing info of a product, cooking recipes and instructions, etc. If you are a blogger, rich pins will show the title of your blog post, an excerpt, and the exact website the excerpt came from. This helps users know what to expect if they click on your pin to read your post. This can also be a great tool to help get noticed by brands who are looking through Pinterest for bloggers to collaborate with!

Learn more on setting up and activating rich pins: HERE


Make sure that your blog readers have the option to check out your Pinterest. You can end blog posts with social media links that your readers can follow you on, or you can also have an icon on your homepage that links to your Pinterest + Social Medias. This is important to have!


Pinterest is like a search engine! If you use the correct keywords, your pin will be more likely to appear when someone uses the search bar. Use titles with KEY WORDS. Make sure you have a descriptive, description that consists of keywords throughout. The ideal amount is 20-30 keywords in promoted pins! You should also make sure your boards consist of keywords as well.

If you want to see what keywords you should be using, use the search bar and see what keywords pop up first when you search related pins in your niche.

Keyword Pinterest Grow Your Following



Always pay attention to what is trending and repin/pin similar pins to those that are trending. If you are pinning what is popular, then others will be more likely to be attracted to your pins!


Size: The ideal size for Pinterest pins are usually VERTICAL – 735 x 1102px. Don’t make height more than 1700px. I create all of my pin-perfect images on CANVA. This app is amazing and it’s the perfect tool to help create the perfect pin! Horizontal pins do not get as much attention. It may look better in your blog post but having at least one pin perfect image is important!

Color: Colorful Pins get more attention than not. It’s also proven that browns, oranges, and red tones get more attention than blue tones! Warm toned colors on Pinterest is ideal.

Create The Perfect Pin


You should make sure you have this pin-perfect image either; set as your featured image on your blog post OR one or two of them throughout your blog post. If you need to install a social media share plug-in so that readers can share your blog post on Pinterest – I recommend SUMO! If you are using wordpress .COM and aren’t self – hosted yet, I recommend it, Read why – HERE


You should always have a call to action. At the end of your blog posts, make sure to ask your followers to Re-pin your blog post if they enjoyed it! If you ask/tell your readers to do something, they will more than likely do it!


This is HUGE. Joining group boards makes a SERIOUS difference in getting re-pins to your blog posts. I am a part of many group boards on Pinterest, including my own – Boss Girl Bloggers Group Board.  Once you create and share a blog post you should pin it to every group board you are a part of that is related to your post.

how to join group boards?

You can search for group boards in the Pinterest search bar (also pay attention to Pinterest Facebook groups for opportunities.) Most group boards on Pinterest will tell you how to receive an invite. Follow the instructions to receive your group board invite!


If you really want your pin to go viral, you need to pin it more than once! Make sure you re-pin it yourself too. I re-pin the same pin to multiple group boards and to my own boards. Make sure you break up your re-pins of the same pin by re-pinning other’s pins in between. This will help your Pinterest profile from looking “spammy.” If you continuously re-pin the same pin over again without breaking it up with other pins, you may lose followers instead of gain.


That’s completely understandable, luckily there are tools that help you put your pinning on auto pilot. These tools help to schedule pins too! I personally haven’t used them as much as I would like to, because I enjoy manually pinning, BUT so many swear by these tools.

Tailwind: Not only can you schedule pins but you can join specific “tribes” where others share and repin related content to their own audience.

I have an E-Course on how to utilize Tailwind + other blog traffic strategies to EXPLODE your blog.


Maybe you were unaware, BUT you can actually use Pinterest to make money! I spoke about this on one of my newest posts – “Monetize Your Blog – Affiliate Marketing Edition” – Be sure to check it out if you are interested in hearing how I make money using Pinterest and affiliate links!

Hoping this post will help you grow your Pinterest and traffic to your blog! Pinterest is an amazing tool if you use it to it’s full advantage! Of course, just like anything else, success with Pinterest takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience!! Keep at it, don’t give up, and before you know it you will be successful too!

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