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How to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized.

How to Keep Your Car Clean + Organized

Let’s face it, we get caught up in the daily hustle that we tend to ignore our car becoming a trash can for water bottles, food wrappings, and change. We may take our animals with us and before we know it there is fur all over our seats. Of course cleaning your car is probably one of your last priorities, BUT I wanted to share some of these easy tips/hacks that can make it a bit easier to keep up with. I also want to thank OSENIA for sponsoring this post! I only talk and feature products that I truly enjoy!

 Secret #1

Invest in a car organizer. This seriously changed the way my car looks. Before I invested in a car organizer my car had sunglasses everywhere, pens thrown, cleaning supplies on the floor. It was a chaotic mess in my back seat. The car organizer I use is by OSENIA Backseat Car Organizer. This organizer has cleaned up my back seat and keeps my car much more organized than before. This organizer can be used for many purposes. One way, if you have children, you can store their cups, coloring supplies, diapers, wipes, anything that you may need to get out of site or put away. I do not have any children YET so, I use my organizer to store my sunglasses, pens, bank slips, cleaning supplies etc. It works perfectly and was easy to install. Check it out here if you are interested!

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Secret #2

Use car fresheners. I absolutely love using a nice car freshener. My favorites are from Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works. I love using coconut/beachy scents in the summer and pumpkin/apple scents in the fall. Having a car that smells good makes me happy.

Secret #3

Put down a towel or bed sheet for your animals to sit on. I know this is an extra step when you are wanting to hurry up and leave the house, BUT it will make all of the difference when it comes to cleaning. Instead of having to vacuum out your car constantly because of the pet hair, you can fold up the blanket/towel and pop it in the wash! Much easier.

Secret #4

Use sponge brushes to clean a/c vents. This is an awesome hack because these sponge brushes are the perfect size to get inside and clean the vents perfectly. I find my vents get dusty quick so I like to do this every week. You can find these at your local craft store like Michaels or even Walmart.

Secret #5

Hang a plastic bag or purchase a small wastebasket to collect wrappers, empty water bottles, and any other junk. I had this issue before where I, or friends would just leave wrappers on the floor or seats. My empty water bottles would be lying all over the place. Having a place to throw away your waste makes your car a lot cleaner!

Secret #6

Take an empty gum container or a mason jar to store your change. Instead of throwing your change all over your car, collect it! Not only does change add up but it also keeps your car looking clean if you use a change jar.

Secret #7

Vacuum your car at least 3 times a month. If you vacuum your car at least 3 times a month, it becomes easier each time. The longer you put off vacuuming, the dirtier it becomes and the longer it takes to vacuum. It will only make your work load a lot lighter if you keep up with vacuuming out your car!

Secret #8

Use storage bins and store necessary items in your trunk. Maybe you have items that you need to have with you at all times? Use storage bins to hide these items and place them in the trunk. The trunk of your car is like a “closet”. Use it to put away items. Don’t store items in the back seat. It will just look cluttered.

Secret #9

I am a huge fan of cleaning wipes! I love storing cleaning wipes in my car so that I can clean off my steering wheel, radio, or dashboard. I like to clean down my car with cleaning wipes every week. Keeps my car looking shiny and clean!

Secret #10

This isn’t a cleaning tip but I just love using magnets on the back of my car! I think it adds character to my car and I love letting the world know I love my fur babies! (:


I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my cleaning hacks and tips! Hopefully it inspired you to want to clean and organize your car too!

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  • Amber

    When I get a car I’ll definitely use these tips. Thanks Ell😊

  • Anisa

    I need re clean my car and organize it!!! Great tips !! This post is very helpful

  • Bernie

    I’d so love to think this might happen to my husband’s car. Instead it gets the occasional blitz, when it’s like conducting an archaeological dig. Who knows what ancient civilisation might be discovered within…

  • Caitlyn

    I love this! I am obsessed with keeping my car clean!

  • Loved this thanks Ell! I’m one of those people that has a very organised house and a car like a bomb site! I promise to implement your ideas this weekend to get on top of it!


    How did you know I needed to read this?! My car looks like a tornado (in reality 3 little girls) have torn through it!!

  • Emily

    I need to take these tips into consideration! It is so easy to be lazy and not clean my car, but it definitely needs it!

  • corina

    This is great. Thank you for sharing this. My car is always a mess my kids make sure of this.

  • Chelsea-Rae Sane

    Ingenious idea to use a sponge brush to clean your a/c vents! I undoubtedly have the messiest car ever. I stay on the go and have a 3 year old, but I will definitely be using some of your tips (as I’m cleaning the Mess Mobile out this weekend!) =)

  • Lora K

    This is a nearly imposible task with my little kids (including husband who is the worst offender) but I think I could make some of this work for me! I actually keep baby wipes with me at all times and do a quick wipe down while waiting in the preschool drop off line once a week. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jill

    Love having a clean car. Like your bumper magnets. xoxo.

  • Claudia

    Great tips! I love the back seat organizer. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yen

    Thanks for the tips! I’m so bad at keep my car neat and clean. I really like the storage bins for the truck. Gonna try that.

  • Laney Mcgarity

    This is probably my favorite blog post ever! haha I always need tips on how to keep my car clean. Love it!

  • Nay

    I love these tips! My car is such a tip – it’s a running joke in my family. I just blame the kids!

  • Jane

    I dont have a car yet, but I get annoyed when someone has a nice car but it is so dirty! These will be helpful when I get me a car 🙂

  • Micah

    Hi Lauren,

    I nominates you for blogger recognition. I just want to thank you for ALL of you hwlp & support & your groups. They have been sooooo amazing. You are truly a sweet person & I appreciate that you share your success over and over!!!!

  • Jillian Elizabeth

    I need to do more of these! My car is always messy!!

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