6 Mindset Shifts That Will Take Your Manifesting To The Next Level

Do you struggle when it comes to manifesting? Well don’t fear because I am sharing 6 mindset shifts that will take your manifesting to the next level!

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6 powerful shifts to take your manifesting to the next level

6 Powerful Shifts to Take Your Manifesting to the Next Level

Before I really focused on mindset, my life felt chaotic. I was always looking at the things happening in my life from a victim mentality. It was easier for me to blame the universe, or blame other people for the chaos that was going on in my life. But being in that victim mentality left me in this mental state where I felt hopeless. I felt disempowered and I felt like I had no control over my life no matter how hard I tried.

Eventually this all lead me to my spiritual path and that’s when I learned a lot about how our mindset has an effect on our reality and how we manifest. How we feel internally is what is reflected back to us in our external reality. Changing my perspective and stepping out of the mindsets that kept me limited and held back has brought me incredible shifts.  In this blog post I am going to be sharing those 6 mindset shifts with you.

A lot of these mindset shifts have helped me manifest in big ways!

Shifting from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset

The first mindset shift that I recommend everyone give a try is shifting from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset. Whatever we focus on is often what we attract more of. 

For example,

If you want a new car and that’s all you can think about, then you probably notice that you start to see this new car everywhere. That’s because it’s what you want and it’s what your mind is focusing on.

Often we create experiences in our reality through what our thoughts are focused on. This is why it’s so important to create an abundant mindset and shift away from the lack mindsets.

I will be the first to admit, it’s hard! There’s still days where I catch myself with a thought of lack. No ones perfect, but the more aware you are of your mindset and the more you become the observer of your own thoughts, the more you can catch those patterns and start to re-wire those thoughts.

Especially when it comes to creating an abundant money mindset.

The thing about money is that it’s energy. Everything is energy right? Which means it has a frequency and money is vibrating at a very high frequency. In order to attract more money into your life, you need to raise your vibration because all manifesting really is, is attracting what you are BEING into your life.

Lack mindsets lower your vibration.

Thinking things like “I can’t afford this.”

“I’ll be happy when I get that raise at work.”

“I’ll never be able to buy a new home, it feels impossible.”

These are all lack mindsets, especially the “I’ll be happy when ____” mindset. This thought states that you aren’t happy right now and that you lack happiness in your life. This is a lower frequency vibration.

This is why I love to practice gratitude. A lot of people feel shameful for wanting more money and often times this is due to either the belief’s of society that are pushed upon them or the belief’s of their parents. 

When it comes to any lack mindsets, these mindsets probably stem from the people you grew up around and even society. Thinking about where these mindsets stem from and realizing that they don’t have to be your mindsets anymore is going to be key to making those shifts.

Another way that we can fall into the lack mindset trap is when we are comparing our lives to others. When we compare our lives to others we are focusing on what their life has that our life is lacking.

I am guilty of this. I so badly want a baby and my husband and I are still struggling to conceive.Since I am so focused on wanting a baby, I start to create these experiences in my reality where I am seeing everyone around me getting pregnant. I find myself falling back to that mindset trap of, “they are getting what I want and I still don’t have what I so badly want. When will it be my turn.”

I’ve been trying to flip the script and think “Okay, I’m seeing a lot of people getting pregnant around me which is amazing. I am happy for them and this means my turn is soon!”

We usually attract situations and experiences into our life where other people get what we want because we are getting closer to manifesting that desire. It’s almost like a test from the universe. The universe tests your reaction.

Try not to fall into a lack mindset when you see people getting what you want. Instead, react in a way that is out of abundance and gratitude and see what happens!

Attachment to Detachment

The second mindset shift that changed my life and how I manifest is shifting from attachment to detachment. When we are manifesting we need to learn how to detach from the outcome. In fact, detaching is a huge step in manifesting because when we are attached to our manifestation, we are constantly wondering how and when it’s going to happen which shows a lack of trust. This lack of trust and being so attached to the outcome will then create resistance. 

For example,

Let’s say I go get my hair done and I make myself look really good. I’m all excited to go home and show my husband. I’m attaching this emotion of excitement that I feel to my husband’s reaction. When I walk inside and he sees me, he doesn’t compliment my hair, so I instantly get upset and frustrated because he didn’t give me the reaction that I wanted. I was attached to the outcome of him complimenting me so therefore, my emotional state of being is affected when the outcome isn’t what I wanted.

I’ve been dealing with this a lot when it comes to my trying to conceive journey.

For the first few months of trying to conceive I would attach myself to getting a positive pregnancy test because that’s what I so badly wanted to see. I want to see that I was able to conceive successfully, so when I would test and it wasn’t positive, I instantly would get frustrated and defeated.

Now I am not saying to invalidate those emotions, but what I am saying is that detaching from the outcome we desire is important for manifesting.

Now that I’m going on my 11th cycle of trying, I have allowed myself to let go of my attachment to that positive test. I try to tell myself, if it’s not positive it just means that the timing isn’t right yet and when the timing is right, I will get that positive.

Of course it is easier said than done.

Often when we are manifesting we get impatient. It’s so easy to question where the manifestation is and why it hasn’t come to fruition yet. That’s usually an indication that there is still attachment taken place.

In order to attract our manifestations to us, we need to let go of that attachment and it’s HARD. I get that. But being so attached to the outcome creates this resistance and pushes our desires further away from our reach. Detaching from an outcome can also create an overall more pleasant experience too.

When it comes to manifesting I like to write out my manifestation as if it is already mine and then take what I wrote and lock it up in a jar with the intention of detachment. Even having that intention of detaching yourself from the outcome can really help create a positive shift.

Learning to embrace the tests from the universe

When it comes to manifesting I noticed that the universe will ALWAYS test us right before we get our manifestation or breakthrough moment.

I have an example I am going to use so you can get an understanding of what I mean by this.

Earth is like a school, we come here to learn emotions for soul growth and we do this through lessons.

These lessons and life in general are learned through cycles. We go through cycles and learn lessons, then we break those cycles when the lesson is learned. In order to truly break the cycle and move on to the next lesson, you need to pass the test. The universe will TEST you to make sure that you actually learned the lesson.

This is often why you feel so damn tested right before you receive your manifestation or breakthrough moment.

I had this happen to me recently and I figured I’d share it. 

Some of you know that before I was a content creator, I was a waitress. This was a cycle I was stuck in about 5 years ago.

I had this limiting belief that I would be stuck waitressing forever and that I would never be able to afford to buy a house. I was in this mentality that the universe was against me and no matter how hard I pushed, I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. It almost felt as if I was hitting a dead end.

Finally one day I knew that I needed something to change. 

As I started practicing gratitude and shifting my mindset, the universe started to work with me.

I started to get lead to these articles about how to start your own blog online and the universe started planted seeds in my head of all these ideas of how I could start my own blog and create content. About a year in I was making more than I ever did as a waitress and about 2 years in I finally got the courage to quit my waitressing job. I remember it being such a rewarding feeling. It felt so freeing and I felt so accomplished.

I then bought my first house and I came up with the money for the down payment and closing costs on my own. Just a few years back I would have never pictured this for myself.

In that same year that I bought my house, my life did a flip.

My income cut in half and I went through a very depressive time in my life. I had my spiritual awakening and I lost some friends. My motivation for creating content was gone and I felt so lost.

I don’t even know how to explain it, but this TESTED me.

The universe said to me “okay, here’s your test. Your income has dropped and you have this house that you wanted. What do YOU feel you are worthy of?”

Is it,

A) Going back to comfort in a secure job that doesn’t make you happy, but brings in consistent income that pays just the bills.


B) Trusting that you are capable of finding your way through the unknown and knowing that we will have your back when you go after what your soul truly desires. That money will flow freely to you when you trust and push forward.

Which is it? What are you worthy of? It’s up to you.

In this moment I was triggered because I felt lost. I was scared and I wanted to fall back into that old cycle of settling for less than I knew I was worthy of because my ego wanted that comfort when survival mode kicked in.

But I remember just sitting there mid panic attack, afraid of how I would pay my bills because I just lost a few clients, and I remember saying, “okay universe, I know my worth. I know I am capable of making this work. I don’t want to settle, let’s work together.”

I was so close to going for an interview at a waitressing job, but I held back because I didn’t want to go back to that lesson. I was ready to move forward and leave that chapter in the past.

The next day I ended up gaining 8 new clients.

The universe will TEST YOU! Don’t back down. Show up ready to ace that test because it’s always right after those tests that you will get your breakthrough moment.

The universe wants you to learn those lessons and truly break those cycles so you don’t have to repeat them, but ultimately the choice is yours because there is free will.

Let go of resistance

If you want to manifest, you need to let go of control. Trying to control your manifestation creates resistance and pushes it further away.

I like to think of myself as this magnet and I am wanting to attract my manifestation to me.

I do this by:

  1. Believing I can have it, in fact I believe it is already mine
  2. Visualizing 
  3. Raising my vibration and allowing myself to live in a state of flow
  4. Taking inspired action 

But when I am in a state of resistance, this repels my manifestation away from me.

Like thinking I am not worthy of receiving (this repels)

Asking why haven’t I received my manifestation yet? Where is it? Why is it taking so long? These all act as a repellent and pushes your manifestation away

Trying to control things that are not in your control also creates resistance which is why you need to focus on what you can control and leave the rest to the universe.

Because remember, we are working as co-creators! We create WITH the universe. The universe has a role in all of this too. You also need to be flexible because sometimes we want to manifest something specific, but the universe has a better plan in store for us.

I’m going to use my friend’s story as an example. She really wanted to secure a job position as a nurse in the ICU.

She was so excited to go to the interview for this position and they offered her a position, she just had to go through the hiring process. Last minute they retracted their offer.

She was devastated, but I told her, there’s a plan for you. There’s a reason why this happened and there’s something better in store for you. You just have to let go of fear and control and really believe that the universe has your back.

That’s what she did. Next thing you know she secured a job at a hospital in the ICU where her friend works and the position is offering more. This was overall better for her and she will know someone already which is a huge plus!

This is just an example of needing to let go of that control aspect. Just go with the flow and remember that rejection is always divine protection, it’s not a NO!

That can be really hard to remember and learn because we always think we know what’s best, but ultimately, the universe knows what’s best. There’s unconditional love there when you truly tap into source energy.

Like when we tell a dog, no you can’t have chocolate. The dog doesn’t understand that the chocolate will make them sick, but we ultimately know the chocolate isn’t good for them. We are protecting the dog in those moments. That’s what the universe does for us. The universe may not always give us what we want, but it always gives us what we need.

The power of visualization

If you want to manifest quick, then visualization will speed up the process. It’s a huge part of my manifestation ritual and I am a big believer in visualization! You can do this during meditation, but I personally love to do it as I’m going to bed or while I am showering.

I use visualization for MANY things, not just manifesting. I do visualization to transmute energy too. If you are sensitive to energy like me, then perhaps this could help you too.

Anytime I am around a lot of people or even other people in general, my energy gets drained easily. I take on others’ emotions easily and I often find myself in situations where people open up to me and at times let out their problems.

I personally love being able to help and support others during their times of need, but it can be emotionally draining if I am not transmuting this energy. I can easily take on their emotions and mistaken them as my own which leads to these horrible moods where I feel drained and need to recharge.

One of my favorite ways to recharge is to put on some healing frequencies and then I hop in the shower. As I am in the shower I visualize the water from the shower as a recharging gold or bright light that is just taking all that energy I absorbed and is cleansing and transmuting this low vibrational energy away.

Remember, it’s all about intention. This really does work and help!

As for my manifesting, usually when I’m getting ready for bed I put on a high vibe frequency that is good for manifesting and I will visualize what it is I am trying to manifest.

I did this for my home that I bought. As I am closing my eyes to sleep I would visualize myself walking through my new home. I even visualized what it was like to have children in my new home and how it would be to have my own office space.

On top of visualizing my manifestation, I also tapped into that energy by really embodying the emotion of what it would feel like to have this manifestation come to fruition. Then I would show up daily embodying that emotion the best I could so that I could match my manifestation’s frequency and attract it towards me.

This is so powerful when it comes to manifesting, especially playing those manifesting frequencies while you sleep because when you are sleeping you are essentially in a meditative state.

If I have healing to do I’ll even play healing frequencies as I sleep. It’s a game changer!

The good & the bad perspectives 

Lastly I want to talk about the good and the bad and how we can handle unsettling emotions when they come up. I learned a lot of this through my own spiritual journey, but also some of these tidbits I learned during my therapy sessions.

For me personally, I have gone through a lot of emotional experiences that were really intense for me at a young age. As a child I also felt that if I was experiencing something good or happy, it would soon be replaced with something bad and negative. This is because during some of the most exciting times in my life or during times that were meant to be happy, I was always met with pain at the same time.

For example,

When I was about 8-9 years old I had my first experience of loss. I had a best friend at the time who was my neighbor. In previous episodes I talked about the struggles I went through with my dad and how I was afraid of him due to his anger that he had, so often I would go to my friend’s house to escape the chaos I felt at home.

My friend’s mom was like a second mom to me, so patient, loving and caring. One day I was at a friend’s house creating a 50th birthday card for her. We were supposed to go to her surprise 50th birthday party and I was so excited to give her this card I made. I called it the never ending card because no matter what way you opened it, it kept opening.

As I get into the car to show my mom, I instantly felt like something was wrong. My mom told me that Lisa had gotten really sick the night before and she didn’t make it. She was gone.

I remember being so devastated and all of those happy emotions were ripped away from me instantly.

As I was reflecting with my therapist, I realized that this was a reoccurring thing in my life. It’s like I couldn’t experience happiness without also experiencing pain.

Like when it was prom night and I was off to my first prom ever, but felt pain inside because my dad wasn’t there for me during those milestone moments.

Or when I was getting ready to go to my high school graduation and I was so excited to graduate, but my dad told me he wasn’t going to make it and my best friend called me the day I was graduating to tell me that her father passed away and she wasn’t going to make it either.

It was moments like these that constantly left me feeling like I wasn’t worthy of experiencing happiness and joy without also experiencing pain at the same time. I closed myself off emotionally for the longest time because I felt like I would always get let down.

Whenever something good was happening to me, I was always preparing for something to go wrong and the universe is ALWAYS testing me with this.

I recently just flew out to Texas to surprise my best friend for her 30th birthday and I was hesitant to spend the money, but I really wanted to enjoy my time with her. I rented us a cabin for the weekend and was prepared to have a relaxing and fun getaway.

In the middle of my stay I get a text from my husband telling me that we ran out of oil and that our furnace shut off. Of course being on vacation and getting disturb with this info is never fun. Now I’m panicking about how we would get oil since it was the weekend. I had to call and make an emergency delivery for oil and they came and filled it all up, but now here I am left with a $1000 bill just for oil after trying to enjoy my friend’s birthday and after I dropped all that money for this vacation.

At first I panicked, but then I took a step back and I noticed the universe is testing me to see how I would respond to this because it’s trying to get me to understand and recognize the patterns and mindsets that keep repeating from my past.

Subconsciously I believe that I am not worthy of relaxing, having a good time, enjoying life because I feel that every time I allow myself to do so, something will ruin it. Since I believe that, that’s exactly what happens.

I need to break this cycle and this is what I was talking to my therapist about today.

The way the universe works is that there’s the law of polarity. Everything has an opposite and you can’t have happy without sadness and you can’t have good without bad because if you never knew what bad feels like then you never would truly know what good feels like. You wouldn’t know what really made you happy unless you knew what made you sad. 

In life there’s always going to be good times and there’s always going to be bad times. There’s going to be times in your life where things feel easy and times when things feel really freaking tough.

But what my therapist told me was to not be so extreme, to not look at situations from a perspective of “wow this is awful, this is the worst case scenario” because then you hold on to that emotion so whenever something bad happens you instantly go into that “this is awful, worst case scenario” mindset and it makes the tough times feel more overwhelming than they need to be.

I’ve been trying my best to take a step back and realize that yeah, sometimes the universe is going to test me and I’m going to be dealt some cards that are a bit tricky, but I know I am going to come out on the other side. It will feel empowering when I do and it doesn’t have to break me. It doesn’t have to knock me down. It doesn’t have to be such an extreme wave if I don’t want it to be.

So now I’m riding the wave and I’m going with the flow of life because the truth is, we can’t stop the waves from coming, but we can control how we choose to react to them.

I am learning that yes there is both good and bad, but not every good thing that happens to me is going to be taken away. I am capable of happiness, joy, and good things. I am worthy of feeling these emotions and it’s my own mind that keeps me closed off from truly allowing myself to embrace those emotions fully. It’s something I am working on.

I am not perfect. I am human just like you and I am not ashamed of that. I can admit when I have a set back, when I fall down, get knocked over and experience those real life human emotions, but I always make a promise to myself that I will continue trying because I know I deserve that and so do you!

So when times feel tough as hell and you just want to give up, remember that breakthrough moments are right around the corner. The universe wants you to past the test and you can and you will!

Don’t settle and don’t forget, you matter!

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