10 Ideas for your Instagram Stories to Engage your Audience

Let me be the first to admit that I have been slackingggggg when it comes to my Instagram stories. I have definitely neglected my Instagram stories recently and I really want to get it going again. I figured writing this post and sharing my ideas would help inspire me to want to start it up again, and hopefully help others to do the same!

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All the Instagram stories tips you need to build an engaging audience through your videos!

If you are anything like me, maybe you are afraid to make use of your Instagram stories?

Here are a few fears I have:

  1. I hate my voice: This is a silly fear that I need to get over. I have to stop telling myself that my voice is hideous and remember that I am given this voice to USE IT, and inspire. If you feel the same way about your own voice, this is me telling you -> Your voice is beautiful, inspire others and use it!
  2. What if people judge or make fun of me: Another silly fear that really shouldn’t matter! Why should I care what others think of my videos? If they want to laugh, I will laugh with them! It’s all in good fun. JUDGE AWAY.
  3. I don’t look put together 90% of the time: This is the truth though…I love makeup and dressing up, but 90% of the time I am home with my hair in a messy bun, no make up on, SCRUBBING in my sweats. Is what it is. I am only human and I am only honest. This is what I am telling myself…people connect more with those who are REAL. Behind the scenes I am a rag doll, it’s fine. ENJOY!
  4. My life is boring and not exciting to watch: Yes.. this may be true but yet some how I still find myself watching videos of people eating lunch, cleaning their house, organizing their closet, sitting on the couch drinking wine…I mean it’s basic but yet I enjoy watching it? So I am sure at least one person will LOVE my boring life. (:

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories?

  1. It creates a more personal connection with your audience. There is something about putting a face and voice behind a feed or blog. I love getting to know the personality of some of my favorite Instagrammers! You can also build trust and community through your Instagram stories.
  2. It boosts your engagement! I can’t say this is 100% true BUT I do notice a ton more engagement on my own account when I utilize my Instagram stories.
  3. Instagram users are watching IG TV and IG Stories more than they are scrolling through their feed. Like I said, it’s just more entertaining!

If you are again, like me, maybe you have NO IDEA what the heck you should be posting on your Instagram stories… I have been brainstorming a list of ideas for my own stories, and maybe you can use these ideas too!

10 Ideas for your Instagram Stories

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1. Daily routines

I don’t know why but people LOVE watching daily routines. There’s just something about watching how someone else spends their day that is just MOTIVATING. I watch someone wake up and journal, I then immediately want to pull out my journal and do the same! I know I am not alone in this…you love watching daily routines too – DON’T LIE (: But in all seriousness, there are so many different routines you can do.

  • Daily morning routine
  • Daily night routine
  • Skincare routine
  • Everyday make up routine
  • Fall night routine
  • Winter night routine
  • Summer day routine
  • Getting ready for work routine
  • Cleaning routine


2. Challenges

I love challenges! It’s a great way to get your Instagram stories audience involved. You can even create your own hashtag for the challenge. Whenever your audience posts about the challenge in their Instagram stories or feed they can connect with you through the hash tag!! The challenges can range from 1 week to 30 days! The choice is yours!

Some challenge ideas:

  • Self care challenge
  • Fitness challenge
  • Finding happiness challenge
  • Instagram challenge
  • Blog challenge
  • Daily journaling challenge
  • Self love challenge
  • Meal prep challenge

You can get as creative as you want with your challenges!

3. Reviews/tutorials 

People love tutorials! We always want to learn something new! Your audience will appreciate you for teaching them something you know! Think about your niche, what is it that you know a lot about that you can teach your audience?

Tutorial Ideas:

  • Hair tutorial
  • Cooking tutorial
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Workout tutorial
  • Meal prep tutorial
  • Drawing tutorial

I also find that people love to watch product reviews! This is also a great way to make use of your sponsored brand collabs! Review products that you test out related to your niche.

4. Hauls 

Okay, we might not always be able to afford everything that is shown in a haul, BUT they are still fun to watch! (don’t ask me why, they just are!) & if you don’t know what a haul is, it’s basically showing your audience what you spent your money on shopping! LOL.

Some haul ideas:

  • Makeup haul
  • Target haul
  • Home decor haul
  • Grocery haul
  • Dollar store haul
  • Fall decor haul
  • Christmas decor haul
  • Healthy food haul
  • Fashion haul
  • Craft supplies haul

Surprisingly people LOVE watching hauls on Instagram stories!

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5. Advice / chats 

Ask your audience what they need advice on! Then talk to them in a video answering their advice. You can also do an Instagram live where your audience will tune in and ask you advice while your live! It can be a lot of fun, and it makes your audience feel that personal connection!

6. Product obsessions 

Hop on to your Instagram stories and let your audience know what products you have been obsessed with! If you have over 10k followers and you are a business Instagram account this is a great way to link to your affiliate products as well! That way your audience can purchase your favorite products and you can get commission! Only talk about products you are truly obsessed with.

7. Bits of daily life 

Like I said earlier, people LOVE watching other people live their lives. Feel free to show random bits of your daily life!


  • What you are eating
  • Check in on your Instagram stories when you are out and about
  • If you go to a cool location, show your audience
  • Morning cup of coffee? a sunset? the beach? IDK – you get the point!!!!

8. Question and answers 

This is one of my favorites I think! Ask your audience in your Instagram stories to send you questions to answer. You can answer them simply by responding in a video or respond to the questions in an Instagram live! I find this is a great way to get your audience to engage.

9. Daily inspiration/ affirmations 

I love all things positivity and motivation! That’s why daily affirmations are my favorite. I actually have a list of some of my favorite affirmations here. BUT – you can check in on your Instagram stories daily with motivational quotes or affirmations to help your audience start their day on a positive note!

10. Recipes / cooking 

I personally won’t do many of these on my Instagram stories because I am THE WORST cook… BUT I do love to watch them and learn recipes when I can! If you are a good cook or can bake, show that off on your Instagram stories!

These are just a few ideas that I had bouncing around in my head that I wanted to share!

Ways to Engage with your Audience through Instagram Stories

1. Shoutouts

You can use your stories to shoutout some of your followers. Many bloggers will do this on Fridays. “Follow Friday!” But you can do it whenever you’d like!

2. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to engage with your audience by asking them questions! Maybe you are showing off your Starbucks drink, that would be a perfect time to ask your audience “What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?” (get it?!)

3. Call to Action

It’s okay to use your Instagram stories for self promotion too! Maybe you have a new blog post?! Share a preview of it on your Instagram stories and tell your audience to “swipe up” to read more OR “Check out the link in my bio!” If you have a giveaway going on, post about it in your Instagram stories and tell your audience to check out your latest Instagram post to enter to win!

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Must Have Instagram Stories’ Products + Apps

Now I want to share some apps, tips, and products that I love to help make my Instagram stories brighter and I don’t know, “more professional”….

1. Unfold

This app is awesome! They have so many minimalistic templates to choose from to help make your Instagram stories look more elegant and put together. “Professional” you could say.

2. Storeo

Another app that helps create seamless Instagram stories. This app will allow you to record without having to worry about the 15 second countdown! You can record for full length of your choice and It will then seamlessly break up your video for you instead of worrying about losing your train of thought.

3. Lighting

At my home the lighting is garbage! You know the yellow undertone images you get with poor lighting? YUP, welcome to my life! I had to invest in quality lighting so my images and videos would look brighter and more appealing. (until I can buy my dream home LOL)

The lighting equipment I use and swear by is Limo Box Lights + the Neweer Ring Light. I love the box lights to give the room I am in more bright, white lighting. It will cancel out the yellow tones. My ring light is my obsession especially because I do selfies for beauty, or when I want to show off a make up look! It’s the bees knees!

(SIDE NOTE: If you want a bomb camera to use for video or vlogging – The cannon G7X is the BEST.)

Alright, that completes my thoughts for today! I hope you found this post to be a little bit helpful, and hopefully you will step outside your comfort zone and make some Instagram Stories today!! If you do, use #bossgirlbloggers or tag BossGirlBloggers in your videos so I can see the gorgeous content you create!


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