5 Ways to Slay Your Inner Boss Girl

Today I wanted to switch it up a little and talk about 5 ways to slay your inner boss girl. How can you become more productive, on top of your sh*t, + reaching those long term goals? Well here are 5 ways I love to slay my inner boss girl, and you can too!

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5 ways to slay your inner boss girl! Become more productive, and crush your goals!


If there’s one way to really slay as a boss girl, it’s GETTING ORGANIZED. They say a clear space is a clear mind. In order to feel motivated, put together, and ready to slay, I need my space and crap organized.


  1. DECLUTTER – Consider donating clothing you haven’t worn in 6 months, ESPECIALLY clothing you haven’t worn in a year. Sell items that you have no use for anymore (textbooks, clothes, shoes, coats, etc) and lastly for decluttering, go through your email list and remove those who haven’t opened your emails in over a month. This helps to make sure only those who care about your emails are subscribed to your list. I call it my monthly “purge”. 
  2. CREATE FOLDERS – It’s important especially if you have your own side hustle/biz that you keep track of your expenses. You’ll want to know your expenses come tax season! Create folders in your email to stay organized. I also make sure to create & separate files/documents into folders & my images as well!
  3. ALWAYS PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF – if you make it a daily habit to always clean up after yourself, and clean something everyday … your space will never be messy. Some great ways to stay on top of your mess are: never going to bed with dishes in the sink, make your bed every morning, always wipe the sink, vacuum every 2 days, sweep everyday, bathroom cleanse once a week (toilets, tubs, sinks), don’t ever let the coffee table become cluttered, dust once a week, always fold & put away the laundry once it’s dry, and dirty clothes always go in the hamper. The more you keep up with, the less time it takes to clean!
  4. PLAN AHEAD – If you aren’t planning ahead, then you are probably losing your mind. Planning ahead allows me to feel sane. I love having my blog posts planned a month in advance. This helps to keep me organized and helps me meet deadlines! Having a set content schedule is a life saver. If you have important deadlines to make I suggest planning ahead and investing in a good planner .

For more organization tips check this article out.


This is seriously a money SAVING motto of mine. When you first start seeing a ton of income come in out of no where, and all of your hard work seems to be finally paying off, you are going to look at that extra money and want to spend it all. BUT DON’T. The key to saving money & feeling financially stable is by living like you don’t have money!!! But trust me, I know the key to a successful biz is to invest in it, and trust me I will and do invest in my biz. BUT I AM WISE. I don’t need to invest in luxurious items, at least not yet. I want to have a solid savings before I do any crazy spending.

Here are 8 investments I am glad I made when it came to my blog/biz in the first year!


  • Have a change jar (it can add up quick)
  • Eat in instead of out (crock pot meals)
  • Make your own coffee at home instead of purchasing daily starbucks.
  • Use money saving apps when you shop! Ebates is one of my favorites!
  • Ask yourself “do you want it or do you need it?” (If you want it then don’t buy it, if you need it then okay.)
  • Cut back on bills you don’t need. (Cable? Netflix? Sirius XM? … think about it)
  • Spend some time completing surveys online for extra cash. IT ADDS UP! Swagbucks is one of my favorites.
  • Any extra cash goes to savings, end of story.


If you are a boss girl then that means you are probably working towards an end result of being your own damn boss! Whether it be from blogging full time or starting your own online biz! There are some investments that are worth making. I talk about them in full HERE – like I mentioned above. But in the beginning of your journey to entrepreneurship don’t go TOO crazy with the spending. Let your money add up, then really decide.

BUT a few things you should DEFINITELY consider:

  • Having your blog/site self hosted. I use siteground because their support team is extremely helpful & they start at only $3.95 a month. Being self hosted really helped get my blog going. Read the differences between wordpress .com + wordpress .org HERE. Also read more about why I decided to self host HERE.
  • A good email list builder, I currently use mailerlite it’s great for just starting out and is free for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • A good theme. I suggest checking out Hello YouDesigns , Bluchic , Pipdig , & Creative Market
  • Stock images can help for branding while you are still learning photography. I really love ivory mix currently & creative market.
  • E-COURSES TO HELP YOU GROW. I have 2 if you are interested. They are only $20 each. Check them out HERE.

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In order to slay the day because you are a boss girl, you need to wake up with a positive mindset and refreshed energy. One way that helps get me motivated and ready for the day is by having a set morning routine.

My morning routine usually consists of

  • waking up with a set mantra, (positive mindset, positive self talk, today is going to be a good day.)
  • I like to diffuse my essential oils because it helps to increase my mood and feel energized (especially if I use my wild orange & balance blend) interested in purchasing some essential oils? Learn more here!
  • I have to have a cup of coffee every morning (a bad but necessary habit)
  • Having 30 mins of me time. Whether it’s journaling, exercising, yoga, meditation, or spending quiet time alone.


If you have an end goal that you are trying to achieve for instance “turning your passion into a career.” Then you need to work at this passion and goal EVERY DAMN DAY. There are no days off, literally. It can happen but it’s going to take dedication and work! Don’t let there be a day where you don’t do something to help progress forward in your strive to achieve your end goal! You must have a business mindset. And hard work is always paid off. After 10 months of hard work and dedication, I turned my passion into a career and I can promise you, it’s a lot of dedicated time. You can read about my journey HERE. Work hard + you will get rewarded!

I hope these 5 tips help to motivate + refocus your journey! Please share any other tips or which tip was your favorite in the comments below! & if you are ready to slay your inner boss girl – give this a share!

Here are 5 ways that I like to slay my inner boss girl and you can too!

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