How to Create + Grow a SUCCESSFUL Facebook Group!

Hi lovies!! Most of you know of me because you are a part of my “Boss Girl Bloggers” Facebook group! Ever since my group took off and grew, I have had MANY ask me “How do you grow your facebook group? + How do you get people to participate actively in your threads?” Well, if you are reading this, I am about to answer all of your questions!

Let me first give you a little background info on my group + where it all began…

In April 2017 I first created my blog … I have ALWAYS watched youtubers and was inspired by what they did. I knew that I really HATED hearing myself talk, and I am not a great video editor so I decided to take a different path…Blogging.

I always loved to write and wanted to pursue blogging as a career path! You know what they say,

“If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

and I wanted to make this come true! So I read MANY articles on how to go about starting a blog. Of course there was trial and error, BUT one of the main focuses that bloggers would talk about is joining blogger Facebook groups. SO I DID! I joined about 15 or so.

Well, as I was participating in these groups I realized that they weren’t exactly what I expected them to be like. I didn’t really feel a sense of community. I had the idea to try and create one of my own! I thought, HEY IF THEY CAN DO IT SO CAN I! – and I bet you are thinking the same exact thing!!! – IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!!

At the end of April – Boss Girl Bloggers was BORN! (i’m so dramatic lol) And let me tell you guys, it was the BEST decision of my life!!! It is my own community of amazing ladies who support and empower one another. We all have a dream of pursuing our blogs and biz, and we help each other get there! I have loved helping everyone, theres not a day that goes by where I feel as if I made a poor decision.

Let me be the one to tell you creating your own successful facebook group WILL help your blog/biz. – WHY? Well because you have the ultimate power to create and utilize it any way you’d like! You can share your own posts, monitor what’s being shared, inspire others through your group, build connections AND if you build strong connections with your community (group), they will trust and value you, they will want to hear more from you! It’s an amazing feeling and I would not be where I am today without my group. 

Okay anyways, enough with the boring talk… Boss Girl Bloggers started off with 1 member, by month 2 I was at about 1,000 members. After that I lost track, but here I am at month 6 with – 20,000 Boss Girl Blogger members!!!! (3 months later we are now over 24,000 members!!) It was overwhelmingly shocking for me to see the numbers continue to increase, some days I had to approve over 500 members!!! If I can grow a successful group so can you!

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Just like anything else, keeping up with your group is SO MUCH WORK…it’s exhausting and will take a lot out of you, but it’s rewarding and can fill you with so much joy! So let’s jump into the tips!!!


I can’t stress this enough, if you are not active in your group it will not be what you need it to be. You want your members to look up to you, value you, appreciate the work you are putting into your group! If you value your group and support your members, you will get the support in return and you will see the members grow. Make sure you are engaging with your members, establishing connections, and taking the time to help your members when you can! There are many groups that I am a part of where the admins aren’t active at all which results in inactive members. This doesn’t establish the “community” vibe. These groups will get over looked.


What is your group going to be focused on? Maybe you are a MML marketer and have a product you swear by that you want your members to get hooked on too. If it’s wellness you need to target those who are also a lover of wellness. Maybe you want to create a place specifically for fashionistas. When I first started my group it was a lot of work, I private messaged those who I knew were into blogging and I knew that they maybe would be interested in a community of boss babes who support one another. So I went out of my way to directly message them and let them know about my group in hopes that maybe they’d want to join. I know sometimes this may not seem like the best way, maybe it will seem spammy but honestly you have to start somewhere! To my surprise almost every single one that I reached to directly joined! DO NOT ADD PEOPLE TO YOUR GROUP WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Nothing is more irritating than being put into a group without joining on your own. This is something that drives me nuts. Always invite, but don’t force others to join.


Wherever you can advertise your group do it! I will add my group to most of my blog posts. It doesn’t hurt to add to the end of your post “Have you had a chance to join my free community where boss babes come together to connect?” – or something of the sort! You should also add that you have a free group for others to join at the end of any email/newsletters you may send out monthly! No one will join a group if they aren’t aware it’s there in the first place! Even a landing page that has a JOIN MY FREE COMMUNITY can help too! I also have a link in my instagram bio (I use to help have multiple links in my instagram bio!) For reference here is my instagram – EllDuclos


Once you establish connections and create a group that has a sense of community, your members will spread the news for you! Trust me. If they enjoy your group they will want to have their friends join, they will create blog posts featuring your group, etc. The blogging community may have some bad apples but for the most part everyone is so supportive and kind! Create a space where your target audience feels a sense of community and you will go far.


Make sure that you have a name that will stand out and be remembered. Don’t make it too long or complicated. Also make sure your group description is clear and has keywords. Make sure that those looking at your group know what it will be all about once they join! Will they be learning how to blog? Are they going to be collaborating or learning how to sell products? Is your group focused on a specific niche only? Make sure they know! This helps you to attract the RIGHT audience too.


This is one of the most effective ways! Your email list is subscribed to you for a reason, they love your content and want to hear more from you! Once you create your group send out a newsletter that is focused on your group! Let your subscribers know what it’s all about and invite them to join you! Chances are, they definitely will!!


Don’t be afraid to share it on all of your social media accounts. Promoting your group on social media in the beginning is crucial! Like I said, no one will join unless they know about it! Tweet it, Facebook it, post it on your Facebook business page, Instagram it!


If you have a strong, established connection with your members, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to share your group with their friends! If they value your group enough they will want to support you! Nothing better than a community who supports one another.


Pinterest is your best friend in the blogging world – If you want to read a post all about Pinterest and growing your Pinterest traffic – HERE … Create a pin perfect image that links to your facebook group! Then, pin it to the appropriate group boards! This will help you so much. Pinterest is like a search engine so if you use the right keywords, your pin will get seen and people will find your facebook group!


I always tell you to have patience because if you don’t you will give up. What do I say giving up always leads to? Failure. So don’t give up! Have some patience, in time your group will grow and flourish! You will soon find your group to be filled with some of your best friends from all around the world! It’s truly an incredible experience that you won’t regret and it will help your blog and biz immensely! I promise you!



This can be a turn off to group admins. It’s nice to want to share your group and try to grow your members but, sharing your group in someone else’s group can be a little frustrating to group admins who have worked so hard growing their group already. Most groups will actually say that it is against their rules to promote other groups in theirs.


Many will get turned off if suddenly they are a part of a group that they didn’t request to be in. I see a lot of make up sellers who do this. I will magically be a part of lip sense groups etc. that I did not really care to be a part of. So make sure you are INVITING them rather than forcing them into a group.


You will thank me later. YES it’s a lot of work to keep up with approving messages BUT it will save you from your group turing into chaos and spam. The amount of spam posts that are sent into my group for approval a day is pretty frustrating but if I didn’t have my “admin approve posts” turned on, the group would be FILLED with spam. It also allows you to keep the group as organized and clean as possible. You want to make sure your group is filled with the right content and sometimes not every member is there for the right reasons, especially once your group grows very large.


I think one of the biggest contributions that helped me to grow my group is how active I try to stay. If you decide that your group is too much to keep up with and you go inactive in your group, it will begin to fail. You must participate in your group DAILY! Even if some days it’s only for a little. I can’t stress enough how important it is to communicate with your members, and make sure they know that you are there for them! Be a friend! Don’t be a stranger!



If you have a facebook group that is doing really well you should 100% connect your facebook business page to it. This will help you grow your Facebook business page. Once I connected mine to Boss Girl Bloggers, my facebook business page grew! It helps your members to notice your page, and if they support you and your group, they will support your business page too!


Once your group begins to grow, it can become very overwhelming. It’s okay to set rules and make those rules known to your members! It’s hard to keep up with 20,000 members but I make sure I try to keep my group as fair as possible. If there are members who are breaking the rules, make sure you address that to them and remove them if necessary. You want to keep your group as peaceful as possible.


Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have my boss ass ladies by my side. I can’t even say thank you enough to all of my group memebrs. They support me unconditionally and I value every single one of them. Make sure your group members always know how much you appreciate them and their support! Kindness goes a long way!!


Your members want to feel welcomed so if they do go out of their way to talk to you or message you, make sure you are answering them. Once your group grows larger I will admit, it does get difficult to keep up and respond to every single person BUT always try your best! That’s all that matters.



I receive a ton of messages daily and it can be a bit crazy at times! The messages are repetitive usually asking why a post hasn’t been approved yet or why someone isn’t participating on a like for like thread. You have to get used to the messages and repeating yourself A LOT.


It’s not easy running a huge group but it is worth it. It can be stressful especially when you are trying to run your blog + biz at the same time! But if you want it bad enough, you put up with the stress!


I have met some of the most AMAZING ladies because of my group. It’s hard because I don’t have any close friends who blog like I do. Sometimes it can feel lonely, so having this group and meeting such amazing people who are doing the same things as I am is truly amazing.


Some things are out of your control. Members will make it known when someone is acting up, being cruel, or not following rules. This WILL happen and it will be up to you to try and find a way to prevent it from happening. BUT IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. You can’t help what others do. But you can remove them from the situation before things get worse. But these are things that I have to deal with and I want to warn you ahead of time.


There will be members that will join your group SPECIFICALLY to spam it. That is why I approve posts first, because I don’t want my group to be filled with spam. Just simply remove members who are trying to spam your group.

I know some of these may have seemed pretty obvious, but there really is no other secrets to it. This is exactly how I went about creating and growing my facebook group and I really hope it helps you to grow yours too! I am so glad I went for it, and I think you will be too. I hope this helped and would love a share and comment if it did!!

If you want to learn how to start your own blog – HERE

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