What’s Being A Full Time Blogger Really Like? A Day in the Life…

Do you want to know what REALLY drives me insane… When those who have never been a full time blogger, JUDGE and make assumptions about a full time blogger’s life. There are SO many people out there who make it seem like blogging “isn’t a real job.” They think that bloggers live some GLAMOROUS lifestyle and that we are “self entitled free loaders.”

It drives me CRAZY hearing all of these assumptions because it’s so so FAR from the truth. Last time I checked, the definition of Job is: “A paid position of regular employment.” AND “A task or piece of work, especially one that is paid.” Straight from the dictionary itself. THEREFORE – if you are getting paid while you are blogging, this is considered a JOB…it’s real ladies and gentlemen. One can sit there and try to say that it isn’t, but IT IS.

When I first started blogging I did have every intention in mind to turn it into my career. It’s something that I have always LOVED to do. It makes me happy and if my career is going to take up 50+ years of my life, you better believe I am going to pick a career path that makes me HAPPY. 

So that’s what I did. . . Fast forward 8 months later and I have been making consistent money that pays my bills and then some. And guess what, I didn’t get to this point by doing NOTHING. I put in a lot of hard work, a lot of sleepless nights, and a lot of hours.

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Do you ever wonder what the life of a full time blogger is really like? Well welcome to my life.

Let me help paint a picture of what being a full time blogger is REALLY like…


Blogging isn’t just typing up some quick piece of work and posting it hoping that it will be seen. NO. It’s WAY more than that.

First, you have to come up with a content schedule – (not all do this but this is what I do.) I spend hours planning out my month. Brainstorming content ideas and then putting them into a plan.

Next, you have to create the content. Put your plan into action. This is hours of writing, editing, RE editing, photography, photography editing, before you hit publish. Some nights I am up till 4am putting in WORK on my content creation. NOT to mention it’s not just about the content. You spend hours tweaking your site, web designing every little element, and more before you decide to finally publish.

After, you can’t just expect the views to come. You have to market your content. Figure out strategies that will make your content SEEN. This can take so much time! Just figuring out what strategies work. Marketing isn’t easy.

Then, you most likely have social media that you are constantly trying to grow to make sure your blog’s presence is in more than one platform. Social media management can be very time consuming. Again with finding the strategies to grow your presence.

To grow a brand, a business, your blog, it is exhausting, and sometimes mentally draining.

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ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS…in the beginning when you are working on turning your blog into a career, you probably work another full time job! OR you are a full time parent! OR you are a full time student! Now you are doing multiple time consuming activities and trying to juggle them all. Some days I would come home from an 11 hour shift (on my feet all day) to working on content creation until 3-4am.


This is such a huge struggle for me as a full time blogger. I try to find a balance between work life, family life, and social life but I still struggle. I am always wanting to dedicate ALL my time to blogging because I fear that if I don’t continue to dedicate every bit of my free time to blogging, I will lose progress.

There are still some times when my boyfriend will get frustrated because my phone is constantly in my hand. One thing I like to try and do is dedicate one day a week where I unplug from my phone. It doesn’t always happen and I know I should practice what I preach more BUT, I am crazy dedicated to my blog. I just can’t help it. It’s become my way out of depression and misery. I have so much fun doing it!

One thing you can do is work on your blog in the late hours and spend time with friends & family during the earlier hours.


The fear of losing everything I have worked so hard on is always in the back of my mind. I think this is a huge reason as to why I always celebrate small wins! Any progress is better than no progress! I would NEVER look down on someone who celebrated growing their account from 10 – 20 or even 0-1! Every progress is worth celebrating!

But I think one thing that bloggers who are trying to make it, should keep in mind is, it’s okay to take a step back. If you notice your blog traffic went down, or you made less this month as oppose to last month. It’s OKAY.

Instead of getting discouraged, take a closer look. Always keep track of what works and what doesn’t work. Track when and where you post your content and see how the time and days affect the outcome.

Pay attention to your strategies and study why it might have went wrong. Blogging successfully is all about trial and error. You NEED to pay attention to your strategies and build off of what works.

It’s so easy to give up if you are feeling like your blog is going in the opposite direction. But you CAN’T give up. You make it WORK and you turn your struggle into a COMEBACK. 


This can cut deep. As a blogger you are working from home, and if you are just starting out, chances are your friends aren’t bloggers. In the beginning it’s really hard to find your motivation because you might have so many who aren’t supportive (even those closest to you). I know that can make things very difficult.

Some things that help me are to:

Find Blogging Communities

There are so many blogging communities out there filled with supportive bloggers.

I have a community that I created called Boss Girl Bloggers – filled with over 30,000 supportive and helpful female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Get inspired & motivated. 

Style Collective is another one of my favorite blogging communities that founder Annie Spano created for female entrepreneurs to come and learn how to be female entrepreneurs! Filled with a ton of fashion, beauty bloggers that are supportive. They also constantly have meetups happening!

Change of Space

Being a blogger and working from home can become very lonely and repetitive if you don’t switch it up. Ways that I find my motivation and inspiration is by changing where I work. One day I might go to a local coffee shop instead of working at my home. I also try to find other bloggers in my area that I can be friends with. Having friends that have the same goals as you, helps to push one another till you reach them!

ALSO – Create an inspiring space where you can go to get away, blog and feel motivated. Like an office space, even if it’s in a small corner of a room. Fill it with motivation and inspiration! Vision boards are my favorite. Every month I like to re arrange and switch up my inspirational space! Clears my mind and refreshes my energy. 


This can happen often if you are someone who over analyzes. Let’s face it, as bloggers who are trying to “make it happen”, we over analyze our posts, wanting them to be PERFECT. But this is something we have to learn NOT to do.

Why? Because there is no such thing as perfect. The more you over analyze and nit pick EVERY LITTLE THING, the less content you are going to get published.

There have been so many posts that I created and just never published because I feared that they weren’t “good enough.” Instead of believing in my hard work and content creation, I just let my work go to waste.

Don’t over analyze. Believe that your content is worthy. If you spent hard work creating it, it’s worthy. 


This is so common, especially when you are putting yourself out there for the world to see and “judge.” Humans judge, there is no getting around that. There will be haters at some point in your blogging career. They will hate for a few reasons:

  1. They want to be where you are but don’t have the courage to start.
  2. They are envious. 
  3. They are ignorant. 

There are many who hate on bloggers without actually understanding what bloggers do in the first place. Many will try to say that bloggers are getting by “easy”, and that their job isn’t “real.” But that’s far from the truth. Brush it off, because you & those who keep up with you, know just how hard you work to continuously put out great content!

There are many who wish they could do what you are doing but are too afraid to take the leap and start. So instead, they spend their time bashing those who are living out the life they want for themselves.

OKAY ELL, This all sounds so negative…Why would I want to start a blog now?

Let me just say, starting a blog has been the BEST decision of my entire life. It has been the TURNING point of my financial stability. There are so many reason WHY you should start a blog.


This sounds silly but it’s true! You have so much freedom as a blogger. Your creativity is limitless, you can write about ANYTHING you want! You can work from ANYWHERE in the world. Even in bed in your PJs. WHAT!!! There is no limitations to what you can do with your blog. You can sell products, become your own business, make money COUNTLESS amounts of ways, and the best part is you can be HAPPY while doing it.


Being a blogger is like a writer’s dream. If you LOVE to write, you will LOVE to blog. You can share so many unique experiences with the world. You can inspire other’s through your writing. Blogging can be a career but it is HARD WORK to obtain. Once you figure out how to make it work, your writing will take you places you never could have imagined.


I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I blog. I strive to make an impact on others who have been through similar situations as me. I have been down, depressed, feeling like there was no career for me other than serving. But! Instead of letting depression get the best of me…I thought to myself, how can I be happy? How can I turn my happiness into a career?

That’s when I knew I wanted to become a content creator + coach. I wanted to inspire other females like me to GO OUT THERE and make YOUR DREAM JOB happen! There is nothing better than when your career, passion, and happiness collide and become ONE!

Do you want to live 50 + years doing a job that doesn’t inspire and motivate you, or do you want a creative job that allows you to see places you’ve NEVER seen and inspire others? Even if you can inspire ONE person, it’s worth the hard work.

FOUR: Pay Off Your Debts

Maybe you may not want to blog as a career, but you can still make it a side hustle and pay off any debt you might have! OR even save for something big! There are endless amounts of ways to make money blogging. I have a post dedicated to how I turned my blog into a side hustle HERE.

& an E-Course that can Grow your Blog Traffic .

FIVE: Meet New People

Being a blogger, and creating Boss Girl Bloggers has allowed me to meet some INCREDIBLE people. Some that even inspire me to work harder everyday and continue to live out my dream! It’s crazy to think that the internet can bring us close to those from all around the world!

How to make money as a blogger

What does a day in the life look like for a full time blogger?

I don’t know if I am a great representation because I truly dedicate all of my time to blogging and my Facebook group. BUT my days usually go like this:

Wake Up: Start my day with a positive thought. Don’t wake up with negativity. It will start your day off on a bad note. I will usually spend an hour when I wake up looking through my emails, social medias, group, and blog comments etc. I will do some engaging before getting up and starting my day.

Once I get up I like to go and get myself a coffee. This is one of the luxuries I enjoy the most. I always treat myself to a coffee to start off my day. For some reason it helps me to focus and feel more motivated.

I will then sit down at my “space” and open up my planner. I LOVE my planner. I find that scheduling my content with my planner helps me to stay focused. It also makes sure that I am getting enough content created and published. I’ll look at my planner and decide what tasks need to be done.

I will prioritize my tasks and then set timers to help me tackle and accomplish these tasks.

Usually I will set an hour for each task, sometimes more (depending on task). Once the timer is up, if the task isn’t finished I will put it to the bottom of my list. Once I try to accomplish each task, I will go back and try to finish those I couldn’t within the set time given.

Doing this really helps to keep me focused and productive. I don’t like when I focus to long on one task because then I fail to try and accomplish other important tasks too!

I like to take 5 minute breaks after each hour during the day. Whether it just be a quick snack or a breathing exercise to help refocus my mind. Taking breaks is important as a full time blogger. You don’t want to burn yourself out because that can create writers block and get you uninspired.

Try to always make sure you are eating meals. As a full time blogger it can be very easy to forget to eat! I have done this many times and it’s unhealthy. Always set aside breakfast, lunch and dinner! Drink plenty of water as well!

When to post & create?

I like to post about 3 times a week. Sometimes more if I can. This is just my personal preference and have seen positive outcomes from doing so. Creating a blog schedule can help keep you accountable.

Bulk Scheduling + Creating

For example: I might take Sundays to focus on my photography for the week. I will look at what posts are getting published this week and write down what photography I need. Then I will go ahead and shoot the photography I need for the week all on Sunday.

I love using Sundays to get myself ready for the week. Check my blog schedule and get my weekly posts typed out. Then on the day before I publish, I will go back and edit the typed up posts.

Always planning ahead is key! It will help you to stay motivated and on track!

I will usually plan an hour or two at night to spend engaging with my social media and group.

As you can see,  being a full time blogger I am constantly working over time. It’s the life I choose to live, and as much as there is a lot to it, I love every second of it. It’s not for the faint of heart, it can be demanding but the hard work eventually pays off.

You can either sit back and watch others chase their dreams, or you can GET UP and come face to face with your fears, push them aside & make your dreams HAPPEN!

The choice is ultimately YOURS…

I hope this helps motivate you to chase your dreams, and obtain a creative lifestyle that keeps you thriving! Live your life, don’t just go through the everyday motions. Go against the Norm.

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