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New Drugstore Makeup – First Impressions & A Makeup Look

New at the Drugstore – First Impressions & Created Makeup Look

Welcome back! Today I have an exciting series that I am starting! Each month I am going to try and check out my local CVS/Walgreens for new drugstore makeup. After purchasing I will create a look using all of the new products and I will then give you my first impressions of each product that I tried out. Hopefully you enjoy this series and will discover some awesome new and affordable beauty products!

Quick overview of what beauty products I got at CVS

My first impressions of new drugstore beauty products I purchased at CVS - What I thought!

& The Makeup Look I created using these new affordable beauty products

Drugstore beauty products first impressions and a makeup look. Affordable beauty. Beauty on a budget.

Now let’s jump into the products & what I thought!

DISCLAIMER: Affiliate links are used and all opinions are my own!!! Read more about that here.

Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Filter Foundation – First Impressions

My first impressions of the Revlon Photo Ready Insta Filter Foundation - Did I enjoy this drugstore beauty product?

I’m not positive how new this foundation is, BUT I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet so I really wanted to! I think what intrigued me most was the fact that this foundation has a beauty blender attached already to use.

My first impressions was that I was a bit shocked at the price… $17.99 WOAH. 

As I was trying this foundation out for the first time I thought to myself, drugstore sponges are usually a huge miss for me… I was convinced that I wasn’t going to enjoy the sponge at all, BUT I gave it a whirl.

At first I was wondering when the product was actually going to come out! I had to twist the bottom multiple times before the product finally came out onto the sponge (like a volcano!) 

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty blender applicator. I found it wasn’t terrible for a drugstore product! The one thing I noticed however was that I needed to apply a lot of the product to get the full coverage that I wanted.

I also noticed that either the foundation or the beauty blender had an odd smell…almost like a makeup brush that needed to be cleaned smell…you know what I mean? 

Overall, the foundation itself was really pretty on the skin! It looked natural and it did photograph very nicely which was great! I personally think that this foundation looks better on the skin when applied with a makeup brush. (maybe because I hate the smell so much) It was also pretty long lasting, although I didn’t do too much throughout the day. I still enjoyed it overall! 

My OG favorite foundation from the drugstore is the Revlon Color Stay foundation so I expected to enjoy this Photo Ready foundation too!

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Maybelline – The City Mini Palette (chill brunch neutrals) First Impressions

First impressions of Maybelline's The City Mini Palette - Is it worth it? Beauty on a budget.

First off, how gorgeous and cute is this mini palette?! I was drawn to this palette because of the shades. Since fall is RIGHT around the corner, I really wanted a warm toned palette. I also really love the plum shade. I figured I could create a perfect look with this palette.

The City Mini Palette (chill brunch neutrals) Swatches …

Swatches and first impressions of Maybelline's the city mini palette - beauty on a budget. is it worth it? Drugstore makeup

This palette swatched nicely! For drugstore makeup, the quality is definitely there when you swatch!

How about on the lids?

I will say, my first impressions of the shimmer shades was that they had a bit of fall out and were a tad bit chalky for my liking BUT, I did enjoy the look it created overall. When you have such an affordable makeup product it’s hard to get upset over the quality because it is SO affordable.

The matte orange/pink shades were very similar so it was harder to make one shade stand out over the other (if that makes sense) But, I added the plum shade to the outer corners of my eyes to help create that depth.

Overall, this palette helped me to create a beautiful autumnal make up look. It looked better in person than it did on camera. (in my opinion) 

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NYX Translucent Finishing Powder – First impressions

First impressions of the NYX translucent setting powder - drugstore makeup, beauty on a budget! is it worth it?

Yes, I know this product is not new. BUT, I have yet to try it (eeeek!) I figured it was about time to give this baby a whirl! I always hear so many good things about it so I had to jump on board and try it out myself.

They aren’t joking when they say this finishing powder is perfect for oily skin… BECAUSE IT IS. It really helped to keep my oily skin at bay. I will say it is super dusty! (but, that’s expected I guess) 

I really loved setting my under eyes with this translucent powder as well. I always LOVED my Laura Mercier loose powder but this NYX powder is a VERY close runner up!

If you want a good affordable translucent finishing powder, you need this in your life!

NYX Liquid Lip – Lingerie Line – Shade Teddy

First impressions, NYX Lingerie line liquid lipstick in the shade Teddy - Is it worth it? Drugstore makeup, beauty on a budget

When I was at the drugstore (CVS) I picked up two lippies! The first one being from NYX’s Lingerie Line in the shade Teddy. If you have been following me since day one then you KNOW that NYX Lingerie Line is my GO TO, OBSESSION! I am so obsessed with this liquid lipstick line!!!

The shades all range from nudes, to light pink, and chocolatey shades. They are also matte. I am usually not a fan of matte lipsticks but the way these liquid lipsticks feel on your lips are luxurious! It’s not too matte to the point where I feel like my lips are going to fall off. It also doesn’t enhance the cracks on my lips like most matte lipsticks do.

Here’s what it looks like on my lips…

Drugstore makeup first impressions - What's new at the drugstore, swatches and reviews!

AND the best part is how long wearing the NYX lingerie lipsticks are. They last me almost all day! This line could be comparable to the Kylie Jenner Lipstick line in my opinion. They make my lips look full and luscious! If I ever reach for a lippie daily, it’s almost always from this line.

Maybelline New Shine Lipstick – Shade Spicy Sangria

Now, I also picked up a lipstick from Maybelline’s new Shine collection in the shade “Spicy Sangria”Honestly, I had to get this because it was screaming my name! I LOVE SANGRIA! (LOL) I haven’t used it on my lips yet but I did swatch it! I really loved the swatch! It gave off a perfect sheen and it looked like it would be gorgeous on the lips.

Swatches of both lippies …

New makeup at the drugstore, first impressions, swatches and reviews! Beauty on a budget, is this makeup worth it? Lipstick swatches.

The top is the shade Spicy Sangria by Maybelline and the bottom is the shade Teddy from Nyx’s Lingerie line…

I thought both swatched beautifully!

Loreal Infallible Highlighter Shaping Stick – “Slay in Rose”

I really love the Loreal Infallible line so I was excited to try out the highlighter! This highlighter was iffy for me. I really enjoyed how nicely it swatched. It honestly looked so beautiful on the back of my hand.

However, I have trouble with stick highlighters. I always find that stick highlighters pull my foundation and powder off almost ALWAYS. I found that to be the case with this highlighter.

My first impressions was that I also found it difficult to blend out. Stick highlights and bronzers tend to always create such a harsh line. I really wanted to love this product but for me it was just tough to work with!

Drugstore makeup first impressions - Loreal Infallible Highlight Stick, beauty on a budget. Is this product worth the hype?

As you can see it swatches so beautifully!!

I think this product would be perfect if you apply it by itself for a natural everyday glow. I will experiment a little bit more with this highlighter to see if I can apply it differently to make it work for me.

Curious to hear from those who have tried this highlighter, thoughts?! 

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e.l.f Precision Brushes – First Impressions

e.l.f precision brushes first impressions. Drugstore beauty products first impressions, beauty on a budget.

I LOVE e.l.f. brushes! Honestly, how can you not?! They are EXTREMELY affordable and the brushes are always so soft! I find the airbrush blender helped to blend in my foundation and the powder brush was perfect for applying my translucent powder. E.l.f. brushes have been a staple in my makeup collection since day one. I am ALL FOR affordable beauty products. JUST SAYING.

Revlon Volumazing Mascara

First impressions of the new Revlon Volumazing mascara. Beauty on a budget, drugstore makeup reviews.

My first impressions of this mascara is that it really is AMAZING! I don’t know if it’s because I have been using my Rodan & Fields lash boost serum or what! BUT, when I applied this mascara it looked like I had falsies on…it was a more natural falsies look though. It didn’t give me crusty, spider lashes. I also really hate when my mascara looks clumpy! The volumazing mascara did the opposite! It didn’t make my lashes look clumpy at all. I would definitely recommend!

First impressions of new drugstore beauty products and makeup. Beauty on a budget, what I thought!

Alright, that concludes my first impressions of all the new drugstore beauty products I tried out this month! I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried out any of these products, and/or which products you want me to try out next!!!


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  • Wynee

    I’m all about drugstore makeup so I enjoyed this post alot!

    • ellduclos

      Drugstore products are the best! So glad you enjoyed it, thank you.

  • Amina Means

    Very beautiful pictures!!! This products are a must have, running to go grab some of this goodies for myself!!

    • ellduclos

      So glad you liked it! Thank you!!! (:

  • Holly McCullough

    Thanks for the tips! I’m getting ready to shop for my fall colors. I’m a huge fan of the NYX powder and ELF brushes as well. For the price, they are amazing.

    • ellduclos

      You are so welcome! E.l.f. products are so awesome! I love how affordable they are! Same with NYX (:

  • Thanks for sharing! I love drugstore beauty finds! XO

    • ellduclos

      Aren’t drugstore beauty finds the best! You are very welcome (:

  • Jessica

    I think this is a great idea for a monthly series! My oldest daughter is just starting to take an interest in makeup, so it will be nice to get some recommendations that are affordable vs just having her default to makeup I use that may be a little more on the spendy side. 😉

  • Mary

    I have a few of these! I’ll have to check some of the other ones!

  • Lauren

    Always looking for a new good mascara! Thanks for the tips! Esp good to know for that highlighter!


  • Love your review of these items! I need to give the Elf brushes a try and always love NYX!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much!! I love their brushes (:

  • Catherine Dean

    Just a tip for the highlighter and any other cream/liquid products: don’t put them over powder, it’ll break down under the cream product. That may be why the stick pulls the powder. Try switching it up, and see what happens!

    • ellduclos

      very true! I ended up trying that way as well. It was better! Still just not my favorite highlighter though! But I really don’t like stick highlighters personally anyway. It’s not horrible though and you are right about putting the highlight on first, works better that way!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much! I tried the NYX liquid lipstick Lingerie line, it was absolutely pigmented and beautiful, just a bit dry after a couple hours. Anyway, I think I can pick affordable products from your blog.

    Four drugstore makeup brand can beat a high-end brand?

    • ellduclos

      Yess agreed definitely! Thanks so much!!!

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