13 Ways I Exploded My Blog Traffic

I started implementing these strategies less than a month ago, and the results keep getting better EACH DAY! I have gone from 200 views daily to about 1,000 views daily AT LEAST. In fact TODAY, my views are over 1,700! The previous days were at least 1,000. This is HUGE for me. For a while I was only getting about 5,000 page views a month. But once I started to focus on my strategies, that’s when my blog traffic really EXPLODED. It’s hard work but once you figure it out, it’s worth it.

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This was before I started implementing my strategies. Less than a month ago.

How I exploded my blog traffic

After I implemented my strategies (less than a month later), 1,000 – 1,700, each day it usually rises! (mondays are the slowest days, from what I noticed.)


So here is what I have to suggest to you, & maybe you will see the same results I did! 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used, meaning if you purchase through my link I will receive commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever recommend products that I use and LOVE. Affiliate marketing allows me to continue to share free and affordable information and services! Thanks for your support!


If you have been noticing your blog traffic is stuck and won't increase, try out 13 of my favorite ways to grow my blog traffic!


ONE: Create Quality Content

Of course this seems like a “no-brainer” because who would want to continue going back to a blog whose quality is crap? When you put out content, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Would I come back to this blog again after reading this?
  2. Does this post provide valuable content?
  3. Is this post easy to navigate through? OR does it appeal to the eyes?

One mistake that I find bloggers to make is making their post unreadable. They fill their post with SO many pop ups and ads that you can barely read through the post without getting distracted. Make sure you aren’t filling your posts with useless pop ups. I know monetization is a goal for many, but having multiple pop ups and ads isn’t necessary, it’s frustrating.

TWO: Build Personal Connections (Create Trust) with your Audience

This is a huge part of what keeps your audience coming back for more, in result creating more traffic! You need to make sure that your audience trusts you! Not only will it keep them coming back for more, but it can help with monetizing your blog in the future, (making sales).

Make your readers feel valued, share free valuable information, and engage with your audience! The more of a personal connection you create, the more your readers will want to come back to your blog! Have them always leaving wanting more! RIGHT?!

THREE: Facebook Groups

When I first started my blog, Facebook groups is what I gravitated towards! There are so many helpful Facebook groups out there filled with supportive bloggers who help answer questions and give advice. The best part about most of the blogging community Facebook groups is that they usually have daily threads where you can promote your social medias and blog posts! This can be a great way to score some extra daily views!

Another thing I can recommend about Facebook groups is creating your own! My blog REALLY took off thanks to deciding to take the leap to create my own community! I created Boss Girl Bloggers early May 2017. It’s been 8 months and now my group is filled with over 25,000 female entrepreneurs and bloggers! I absolutely LOVE my group and everyone in it!

The thing about having your own Facebook group is that it’s YOURS. You can decide how to run it. Posting my blog posts in my group to share with my members helps a ton! The best part is, these members are a part of your group because YOU are providing them with valuable information! They respect you and your thoughts! It’s like your own community of friends! I think of my Facebook group as my “ride or dies” – I know they appreciate my input so they push me to continue to provide as much valuable information as I can!

If you want to read more about why you should start a Facebook group & how to grow it, read it here!

FOUR: Pinterest

I honestly think this is the golden key to the explosion of blog traffic! If you figure out how to properly use Pinterest to grow your blog, you will SERIOUSLY explode the traffic! It will shock you.

This topic is so huge that I actually created an E-Book that is filled with all of my Pinterest blog traffic strategies and how I also use Pinterest for affiliate marketing!

In just less than a month, utilizing this strategy made my blog views go from 200 a day to 1,500 a day. I get at least 700 views a day just from Pinterest alone. Sometimes even more!

I also started making over 3,000$ a month through my blog after utilizing these strategies too!

This might not sound like a lot for those who are more advanced in their blogging journey, but for just 8 months of getting my blog up and started, this is HUGE growth for me!

The power is in Pinterest – I’m tellin’ ya!!!

blog traffic strategy that you need to explode your stats

FIVE: Utilize Instagram

This is especially important for those who are beauty/fashion bloggers. Instagram is a very visual platform, which is why beauty and fashion bloggers can really explode due to Instagram! When I have a new blog post up, I will share about it on a new Instagram post AND I will also utilize my Instagram stories to let them know as well! Using both really helps.

Instagram stories will maybe reach those who might not of seen your Instagram post itself. Make sure to leave a link to your blog post in your bio!

If you have over 10k followers on Instagram and you are a business account, you can actually use the swipe up feature on Instagram stories to generate traffic to your blog as well!

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SIX: Tweet Tweet Twitter

I know many are skeptical to get their hands on twitter, BUT it can help grow your traffic. Not to mention the blogging community on twitter is phenomenal! There are many “twitter retweet” accounts that will retweet your new blog posts on twitter with their followers if you tag them. Many use hashtags on Twitter too to expand their reach. #BloggersTribe #SundayBlogShare #FemaleBloggerRetweet #BossGirlBloggers

Everytime I have a new blog post, I make sure that I share it with my followers over on twitter!

SEVEN: Interlink

This is something that is so important to do! Think about it, do you want a reader to come onto your blog, read one blog post, and then leave? NO! You want them to continue to browse through your content, read as many posts as they can, and get those views up for you!

A great way to do this is by adding links to your old blog posts, in your new blog posts! This also helps to make sure your old blog posts are still receiving some action and aren’t left in the dark!

A way that I usually will do this is by putting Related: (and linking to an older post that is related to the content I am talking about.)

You should always link back to at least 1 or 2 previous posts!

EIGHT: Email List

If you don’t already have an email list growing, it’s time you start! Your email list is KEY to getting readers to come back, and even eventually marketing products and services.

An email list is essentially those who “subscribe” to your blog and want to receive emails and updates from you!

One of my favorite email list builders that I use is MailerLite. They are so user friendly and free for up to 1,000 subscribers!

A good way to grow your email list is by creating an opt in (something that those who subscribe to your blog will receive for free) For example: My opt in is a 28 day blog challenge! This has helped grow my email list a ton!

Depending on your niche here are some examples:


  • A list of beauty product dupes that are budget friendly and comparable to high end products
  • Beauty makeup tutorials
  • How tos
  • Beauty on a budget


  • Style guides
  • Fashion on a budget (budget friendly fashion pieces that compare to high end fashion)

Health + Wellness:

  • Fitness challenges
  • Yoga and meditation guides
  • Meal prep guides

Self Care

  • Self care workbork
  • Motivational quotes and aspirations
  • Guide to a more mindful lifestyle


  • Favorite products
  • A moms guide to parenting

Just get creative with it! Your options are limitless!

Once you have your email list growing, you can email monthly or weekly newsletters that link to previous posts you’ve posted that week or month!

NINE: Self Hosting

Once I started self hosting my blog, I noticed an increase in traffic. This might just be because I became more dedicated to make it happen (because I was investing in my blog) BUT Self hosting also allowed me to use plug ins, and make my blog look more professional!

Self hosting is when a server “hosts” your blog for you. They don’t own your blog, YOU own your blog. They are just letting you use their servers which is why self hosting costs money!

BUT before I started self hosting, I was on wordpress .com and even with a premium plan I wasn’t able to do much at all! Customizability was limited and I couldn’t use cool plug ins like YOAST SEO! (helps with Search Engine Optimization, which allows you to rank higher on google. This then turns into more blog views! HELLO no brainer.)

There are platforms like Squarespace that have trouble with SEO..I hear they are getting a little better but Self hosting WordPress is ideal in my opinion!

Now, I am able to have control over my blog completely, I can use amazing plug ins, grow my email list, and design my blog ANYWAY I want! It’s limitless.

My favorite host is SiteGround. Mainly because I LOVE their support team. They ended up transferring my account from wordpress .com to a self hosted wordpress .org at NO additional charge.

Their packages start at 3.95$ a month. I paid 48$ for an entire year. So worth it, and not even that pricey at all!

Once you sign up, you install wordpress onto the servers (your account) and that is the wordpress .org version that includes plug ins etc.

Their support team helped make my transfer experience a breeze and I will forever recommend SiteGround to all who wish to grow a successful blog! If you ever need help or want their assistance setting up, just message their live 24/7 chat team and you get instant help! Something I hear blue host (another self host server) lacks in.

TEN: Bring Old Posts Back to Life

Let’s face it, there might be days where we didn’t have the time to create a new blog post. Things don’t go according to plan, it’s life, it’s inevitable. Bringing old posts back to life is a quick and great way to bring traffic to your blog, especially when you may not have the time to create a new blog post.

Go back to old posts and create new “pinnable” images, proofread, fix any mistakes, and add any additional updated content if you are able to. Then RE SHARE! To all your social medias, Pinterest, etc.

I absolutely love doing this especially on Pinterest. It brings traffic to ALL my posts, even the old posts. Keeps old posts alive.

ELEVEN: Build Off of What’s Popular

Make sure you are keeping track of your analytics. If you notice some posts outshining others, that’s when you know your audience LOVES that content. Can you build off of it? Create a part two? Or an updated version of that popular post?

Always try to create content that you KNOW your audience will like.

One of my popular posts is How I Turned my Blog into a Career in 6 Months

I continue to update and add to that popular post, and create content that can relate to that post because I know it’s what my audience enjoys reading!

TWELVE: Make Sure You Have Social Media Share Buttons

If you don’t have social media share buttons on your post, this can create a huge issue. This makes it so that your audience can’t share your post to social medias, which is opposite of what you want! If they are able to share to social media, it helps spread your content and expand your reach, allowing you MORE TRAFFIC.

A plug in that I use and love for social sharing is Social Warfare

THIRTEEN: Consistency

Something that is really important when it comes to growing your blog traffic is staying consistent! Having a blog schedule helps a lot. That way your readers KNOW when you are going to update next, and can look forward to those days for a new post from you!

Having a posting schedule like: Monday, Wednesday, Friday OR Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday. Etc.

If you post once a month, or have long streaks where you aren’t updating, this can affect your blog traffic. Essentially, the more you post the more your blog traffic will increase. USUALLY.

But posting consistently as well as MASTERING your Pinterest Strategy are KEY when it comes to blog traffic!

I hope these tips help you! Growing your blog traffic is hard, especially in the beginning! But once you figure out a strategy, you are GOOD TO GO! And watching the traffic explode is quite a crazy rush!

Would love to hear from you in the comments!

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