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Dear Mom…Thank You

This is for all the strong, hard working, loving & caring mothers out there. Mom’s should be recognized and reminded how much they are loved not only on Mother’s Day but everyday.

Dear Mom,

Thank You Mom For Always Supporting me: Even if you thought my ideas were crazy. Thank you for believing in my most wildest dreams. For never telling me that I was dreaming too big. For telling me there is no such thing as a dream too big. For making sure that I knew if I pushed hard enough I would eventually reach that dream. You tell me to never give up even when I want to and I thank you for that. For reminding me constantly that things will get better even if it seems hard now.

Thank You Mom For Teaching Me How To Be Patient: You always knew that good things come to those who wait and work hard. You always say things will get better, if not today then tomorrow. You taught me that with determination and patience anything is possible.

Thank You Mom For Teaching Me How To Be Independent: I was scared at first, to go off into the world on my own. Even if you weren’t physically by my side you were there for me emotionally. When times get tough you support me. You taught me to never rely on anyone, to be a strong independent woman who works hard and can support herself. Thank you for letting me experience independence because without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thank You Mom For Loving Me Unconditionally: You loved me through my worst years and you loved me through my best. I may not have always been so kind to you. I regret all of the mean words I ever said growing up, the attitude I would give. I never meant any of it. Thank you for loving me even when I did something you disapproved of. Thank you for loving me when I would fight and scream. Your love is unconditional.

Thank You mom For Raising Me To Be The Best Human Being I Could Be: You raised me to be kind. You raised me to be humble. You raised me to be polite, to behave like a lady. You always put other’s before yourself and I honor you for that. Your heart is big and you are always giving.

Thank You Mom For Reminding Me To Never Take A Day For Granted: You are always positive and you taught me to live each day like it’s my last. Nothing in life is guaranteed. You always told me to take chances, a leap of faith. I appreciate the little things in life because you always do.

Thank You Mom For Listening To My Rants: Whether it was drama between friends or a rant about my job. You are there to listen and support. You never put me down, you never laugh at me or told me to stop talking. You listen, and you always know just the right words to say.

Thank You Mom For Taking Care Of Me: For cleaning up after my messes, for holding my hair back when I was sick. Thank you for making me home cooked meals even when you were exhausted. Thank you for picking me up when I would fall. Thank you for driving me around to my friends house, the movies or the mall. Thank you for the new school supplies and school clothes. Thank you for the birthday gifts, the Christmas presents, the money you spent on me. Thank you for the time you devoted to raising me into the person I am today.

Thank You For Calming Me Down: For being my shoulder to cry on. Thank you for dealing with my anxiety and helping me when I would panic. For allowing me to take up the bed when I was younger because of a “bad dream”. You are always there when I need you the most.

Thank You For Being My Best Friend: A mom and a best friend all in one, who could have asked for more? I can tell you my secrets and we can laugh and share stories. Thank you for being my shopping buddy and wine partner. For checking up on me, just because you miss me and want to make sure i’m doing okay.

Most Importantly, Thank You For Being My Mom: I am blessed to have a mother like you and I hope to live up to be half the woman you are. There’s no one who will ever take your place.

Happy Mother’s Day to every incredible mother out there & make sure they know everyday that they are appreciated and loved.




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