Have you ever experienced a creative block? It’s normal, especially for content creators! Luckily, Heidi from HeidiHealth&Wellness is sharing with us, meditation & yoga that can HELP to bring that creativity back! The following words belong to Heidi, and I am so thankful she is willing to share her knowledge with us!

Meditation & Yoga for Channeling Your Inner Creative Goddess

meditation & yoga for your inner creative goddess

In January, Hindus honor the Goddess Saraswati; Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and nature…all that is beautiful in the non- material world.  This is the energy I connect to when producing creative expression. I shift myself out of the logical, critical thinking strategic left brain, to the visual, intuitive, receptive, expansive right brain mindset. It doesn’t always come the moment I sit down to type.  So, to cure my writers block, I have to tap into my inner Saraswati.

What Writers Block feels like 

Even though I’ve taught many yoga sequences, activities and guided meditations for classes in real time, when I sit down to write about the topic, surprisingly it doesn’t roll off the top of my head like it does when I’m present with students.  Here’s my inner chatter during writers block: I don’t have any ideas, total blank, there’s already so much out there on my topic, no one sees it anyway and of course the procrastination and self- distraction…ugh!  So, what’s a creative goddess to do in this situation?  Apply some yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to get in my zone and flow.

Yoga and Meditation for the creative

Heidi’s Rituals for Harnessing Creativity

#1: Freestyle Morning Journaling

creative working entrepreneur, yoga and meditation for the creative

I keep a handmade decorative journal next to my bed, and early in the morning before everyone wakes up, I sit and sip my coffee watching the sky turn into a new day to begin again, and find my yoga breath (nose breathing inhale and exhale).

Why? Because I like to balance my nervous system before the day begins by making sure I’m inhaling through nose and exhaling through nose.  Also, the mind is most quiet and receptive in the morning, so it’s easy to focus. Ideas begin to flow that I can jot down in my journal.  When I journal in the morning, it’s freestyle thoughts, observations and ideas.  I don’t formulate grammatical sentence structures.  It’s a stream of consciousness.

Usually, i’m recalling an experience or conversation that stood out and that I think is interesting to write about. I know I’ll forget it once I start my to-do list and errands for the day. This practice alone, helps me condition my mind for blogging. I find it helpful to process out the thoughts that I can organize later into content.

#2:  Set a creative goddess environment to work in.

meditation and yoga for the creative inner goddess

Set a scene in your space that makes you feel relaxed, focused and inspired. Before I open my laptop, I declutter my desk and floor space.  I turn on my space heater, and set the lighting, burn my incense, light my favorite candle…yes, I literally seduce myself into creative mode making a positive association with the work and set high intention for a positive outcome. Make the room comfortable and calm so there’s no distractions and you feel at ease.  NO STRESS.

#3: Visualization & Breath Meditation for Creative Flow

creativity, self love, meditation and yoga

Visualization exercise

Take a moment to close your eyes, calm your body and clear your mind.  Tune into your breath to center yourself.  Begin to visualize yourself living your long-term goal and desired outcome.  Picture what that looks like and feels like to you.  Then work backwards to what your why is.  What inspired your work and your desire to write about it and share yourself with everyone.  Do this without judgment.  Allow the freedom of desire, inspiration, positivity, and your passion for whatever it is you’re creating…It doesn’t have to have purpose. Some creativity is just for the love of the process. In visual meditation, don’t analyze.  Open up and be receptive to thoughts and ideas.

For example, my “Why” for blogging about women’s health, wellness and movement from a mindbody therapeutic angle comes from my experiences as a woman, a mother, and from teaching movement to people who are handicapped or have special needs or underserved.

I have a vision of making the abstract concept of meditation and mindbody connection understandable and accessible to every ABILITY and BODY because I know how empowering that feels. I visualize some great teaching moments and students and their questions all remind me why I write about it, and why I teach it.  When you do this visualization, the purpose is to get re- inspired to get over the writer’s block. Bring up those positive mental snap shots to energize yourself on the work that you’re doing

Breath Meditation

Take 3 minutes before you touch your keyboard to sit with both feet flat on the floor, lengthen your spine, slightly tuck chin, roll shoulders down away from ears. Inhale through the nose mentally saying the word “calm”, exhale through the nose mentally saying “release obstacle” (name your obstacle ie. doubt, procrastination, distraction, whatever is blocking). Repeat 5-10 cycles.  If you go off course to thinking, immediately come back to breath.

#4:  Five Minute Self-care Restorative Yoga Breaks

yoga and meditation with heidi

One of my biggest challenges as a writer is sitting for long periods of time at the keyboard.  To remedy that, I take 5-minute stretch and movement breaks every hour to open up shoulders, back and hips.  This relieves built up muscle tension from sitting in flexion with forward reaching arms typing and shoulder hunching. I use any pillows, yoga blocks and blankets I have and keep them near me on hand.

The body is made for movement. Long periods of sitting are unnatural and cause misalignments and pain. This small act of self-care is really a necessity to open up the body and re-energize. It’s a great way to acknowledge and reward your mind and body for all the creativity and hard work you’re manifesting and sharing.

Blessings for a Creative 2018 filled with Health, Wellness and Self-love



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