Creating a Monthly Vision for your Blog

Can you believe that we are going into the month of August already?! Time seriously flies…before you know it, it will be my favorite season, FALL! What I wanted to talk about today is how I create a monthly vision for my blog so that you can do the same!

Bloggers tend to struggle with staying consistent. Many find it hard to stick to a posting schedule! Before you know it, the month is up and you have only published one blog post!!

When it comes to blogging consistency is extremely important! Your readers are looking forward to new content and you want to make sure you are always delivering! Consistency can also help build trust with your audience, which in the long run, will bring you more sales.

I first want to mention that this post is sponsored by one of my favorite planner companies – bloom Daily Planners. I am obsessed with my vision planner and Bloom Daily Planners was kind enough to send me one of their newest vision planners from their collection!

This post is going to be all about how I use my vision planner to help create a vision for my blog each month! Not only does this help keep me consistent, BUT it helps to keep me organized and motivated as well.

how to create a monthly blog vision plus 100 blog post ideas.

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The Vision Planner

creating a monthly vision for your blog

First and foremost I am obsessed with how cute bloom Daily Planners are! They have so many different designs to choose from. I picked out a Vision Planner and there are 3 designs to choose from for the Vision Planners:

When you first open your planner you will see an inspirational quote of what BLOOM stands for which I personally LOVE. I think my favorite part about my vision planner is that it is FILLED with inspiration and motivational quotes.

Creating a monthly vision for your blog and blog post ideas

“Be inspired, Love yourself, Outline your vision, Organize priorities, Make it happen.” – bloom Daily Planners.

Plan Your Yearly Blog Goals + Visions

In your planner you will find a spot where you can plan out your yearly blog goals and visions.

creating a blog vision

What is it that you hope to accomplish in a year? You can break your goals down.

  1. Social Media GoalsDo you have certain goals for your social media? Do you hope to grow to a specific number of followers? Do you hope to score sponsored posts and brand collaborations? OR maybe your goal is to be more personal and go outside of your comfort zone by reaching out to your audience via Insta stories or IGTV! Whatever those social media goals are – WRITE THEM DOWN. 
  2. Blog Goals – Now you have to think about what goals you have for your blog. Do you hope to have a specific amount of blog traffic by next year? Do you want to make a specific amount of money through your blog? What about your blog appearance? Do you want to rebrand? Change the theme? Go self hosted? Be more consistent? Change your niche? WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?! Write those down too! 

You can see that there are areas in your vision planner where you can write down what you wish to improve on, places you want to travel to, goals, and new things to try! Take advantage of your vision planner and really write down EVERYTHING you want to accomplish. I love writing out my goals because it helps bring my vision to life. It also inspires and motivates me. 

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Creating a vision for your blog - Plus blog post ideas

Your vision planner will also come with a weekly scheduling template! You can use this to help schedule anything! Whether it be clients, blog posts, or even social media content! 

I personally don’t use this section for my blog post scheduling… I will talk about that in just a bit. BUT I do enjoy using this to schedule clients. Whenever I book a new client I will use my scheduling template to stay organized and to help make sure that I am not over booking myself.

You can really use this for whatever you think works best! 


NEXT – your vision planner will come with a bucket list. You can use this to write down things that you wish to accomplish in the next year. It can be goals and adventures related to your blog OR just general things you want to accomplish.

Some Blog Bucket List Ideas:

  • Score 3 sponsored post/brand collabs
  • Make $1,000 from my blog
  • Create an e-course and sell it
  • Grow to 10k IG followers
  • Travel across the country
  • Travel out of the country and write about it
  • Guest post on 5 of my favorite bloggers’ websites
  • Quit my full time job

(please excuse my poor handwriting) 

Creating a vision for your blog - and blog post ideas


What I love MOST about my vision planner is that each month there is a new inspiring quote as well as a section where you can write out your monthly vision!

Creating my Monthly Blog Vision

For August I wrote out my goals for each area of my life. I also am loving this quote “You are Capable of Amazing Things” … 

How to Plan Your Blog Content Each Month

Now for the fun part…. Planning out my content for the month!

I try to be as organized as possible. I am someone who likes to have their blog content planned out a month in advanced! If I have my content planned out ahead of time, I am able to stick to a more consistent schedule. I tried this last month and I was able to publish more blog posts than ever before! AND I noticed my blog traffic rising because I was posting more consistently. It’s a win/win!

So how do I plan a month in advance?

FIRST – Throughout the month I collect blog post ideas. I usually will write my ideas out as they come to me. I use my phone notes or I use my planner if it’s near me. 

Before the month comes to an end (usually two days before) I will take my blog post title ideas and plan them out throughout the month. I will use my monthly calendar spread to plan when I want each post up by!


Creating a vision for your blog - plus blog post title ideas

*This is just an example*

PRO TIP: If you blog about multiple niches/topics, try to dedicate specific days to each topic. For example shown above -> I chose Sundays for self care/motivation posts, Mondays for relationship advice, Tuesdays for blog tips, Wednesdays for beauty, and Fridays for fashion! Setting specific days of the week for each niche helps to make sure you aren’t ignoring any of your topics throughout the month.

As for writing the actual content, I try to write 2 weeks in advance! This way I know I will have my content written and ready to publish on the date it’s due to go live! It’s so important to stick to your schedule as much as possible if you want to stay consistent! When it comes to blogging it’s all about self discipline. You are your own boss of your blog, only YOU can make it happen!

Creating a monthly vision for your blog - PLUS blog post ideas

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Here is a list of blog post title ideas for different niches! Sometimes this can help spark inspiration and motivation to start writing again! Since it’s almost fall I will throw in some fall related topics as well! **You should start publishing your seasonal content 45 days prior (promote them on Pinterest 45 days prior as well!) If you still aren’t using Pinterest to promote and grow your blog traffic, I think you should definitely learn!!! This course is so helpful and will teach you all you need to know about Pinterest and growing your blog traffic!

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • Self love + care kit
  • The key to having a productive week
  • Fall essentials for a cozy day in
  • How I spend my Sunday
  • Dates you can do alone
  • 10 ways to live a happier life
  • Self care remedies
  • Powerful quotes to live by
  • Words of affirmation to start each day
  • Daily routines
  • How to cultivate a positive mindset
  • Becoming fearless – advice and tips
  • Lessons I’ve learned in my (20s, 30s, 40s etc.)
  • How to bring your dreams to reality
  • How to turn a negative thought into a positive
  • Self care rituals
  • Night time routine
  • Journal prompt ideas
  • How to plan and stay organized
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • How to boost productivity
  • Fitness routine + meals
  • My favorite books/movies/music and what they me
  • Fall bucket list
  • A letter to my younger/older self
  • Healthy habits to practice daily
  • How to take control of your Sunday
  • How to pursue your dreams when you’re afraid to
  • Habits to build confidence
  • Mindsets to help you pursue your dreams
  • How to live a less stressful life
  • How to invest in yourself
  • How to calm the anxious mind
  • How to feel rich
  • 5 healthy finance habits
  • How to stay sane while working from home
  • Creating a vision board
  • Journal ideas to spark creativity
  • Journal ideas to cultivate happiness
  • How to remove toxic energy from your life
  • What is my inspiration?
  • Monthly reflection
  • 20 truths about me and my life
  • How to reset your mind
  • 7 ways to unwind
  • Bedtime habits to better your sleep
  • 5 books I want to read this month

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  • Favorite drugstore products
  • Top mascaras
  • Fall make up must haves
  • Skin care routine
  • Everyday beauty routine
  • Must have high end products
  • Product loves and fails
  • Fall glam look
  • Everyday make up essentials
  • What’s in my make up bag
  • Makeup drugstore dupes for high end products
  • Fall lipstick favorites
  • Transitional make up from summer to fall
  • Sephora Favorites
  • (any brand) favorites
  • Night time skin care routine
  • Morning skin care routine
  • Organic beauty favorites
  • Top 10 all time favorite beauty products
  • What’s in my travel beauty bag
  • Makeup swatches of newest products
  • Products I regret buying
  • Products I would repurchase
  • Product empties (final thoughts)
  • Bright and bold look
  • Simple and elegant look
  • How to create the perfect wing
  • How to contour
  • Step by step makeup tutorials
  • Products that bloggers inspired me to buy
  • Fall skin care must haves
  • Halloween makeup looks
  • Hair care routine
  • Hair care must haves

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  • What’s in my closet
  • Summer to fall transitional pieces
  • Fall fashion must haves
  • Closet organization tips
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • My favorite boots for fall
  • Favorite fall trends
  • Daily Lookbooks
  • Fall fashion look book
  • 5 favorite sweaters
  • Top 5 favorite brands
  • How to style _____
  • How to wear bright and bold colors
  • How to love your body
  • Fashion tips
  • Simplifying your wardrobe
  • Closet detox
  • How to organize your closet
  • Affordable fashion picks
  • Fashion on a budget

Travel Blog Post Ideas

  • Hotel reviews
  • Top 10 things to do in ____
  • Travel essentials
  • How I pack my carry on
  • Things you don’t need to pack
  • How to pack for ______
  • Top 5 favorite beaches
  • Top 10 favorite destinations
  • How to theme park
  • Disney on a budget
  • Travel on a budget
  • How to purchase cheap airline tickets
  • How to Cruise on a budget
  • How to plan for a trip
  • How to save for a trip
  • Travel diaries
  • Traveler’s notebook
  • 10 hidden gems
  • Travel bucket list

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I hope you found this post helpful! I also hope that it brought you inspiration and motivation to start becoming a more consistent blogger! Summer is usually slow for us bloggers, but since fall is right around the corner, blog traffic should be picking back up! What better way to start a new season than with a new vision for your blog! & don’t forget to purchase your own vision plannerlet’s slay some goals! 

Until next time!