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A new series on the blog – Spotlight Saturday! This is when I feature members from Boss Girl Bloggers. They share their blogging journey thus far, as well as their struggles and how they overcame them! This week’s “Spotlight Saturday” is featuring Sam from Pink Mylk! I have followed Sam for a while now. She is the sweetest and I adore her content! Here’s her story!

Spotlight Saturday - Member Sam Pink Milk

What is Your Why?!

I started blogging this past August 2017, so I’m fairly new to this realm or industry, whatever you want to call it. I wanted to start a blog for a really long time prior to. I had all of these ideas, I was bursting with creativity, but I was lacking a creative outlet. I had no idea how to even start, but since it was still summer vacation, I strapped down and watched hours and hours of “How To” videos on youtube.

Over the past few months, I’ve grown a love for blogging. I love what I do. I really didn’t think blog posts would ever effect anyones life but over time, I’ve received so many messages from people about how I’ve inspired them. Whether it’s to travel, or to jump the gun and do something they’ve always wanted to do. The positive feedback has driven me to curate more and more content.

Currently I’m just working through the nitty gritty of it all, and trying to learn the ropes. It’s so much more work than I ever imagined but it is so rewarding, and it has been such an invaluable experience.

What have you learned about yourself through your blogging journey?

That I love to help others. Ever since I’ve started blogging, people I rarely talk to, or even complete strangers ask me for help on how to start a blog, how to utilize instagram, how to make their instagram cohesive. I know that sounds so minuscule but, you never know, I could be helping the next big entrepreneur make their social media shine! haha.

I’m partnered with Frank + Oak so whenever we’re working on a new campaign I go to their store to find some pieces to post about. The employees there are a blast, they always talk VSCO cam, lightroom, blogging with me, and always ask for my advice about how to start blogging or making better instagram feeds. At one point I was like…wow, this is REALLY cool!? Random people value my opinions about their social media and want to learn how to start a website from me? What the heck.

So it’s cool to see my creativity flourish and change every year to the point where people start to notice it. I’m trying to constantly build it up to something better and better, I love the constant challenge of offering something a little unique to a community that is saturated with loads of creativity already.

What struggles were you faced with in your journey, and how did you get through them?

Honestly, as of lately I’ve dealt with a lot of plagiarism, and it’s been really difficult to remain graceful, as much as I’d love to pull my hair out because of it haha! It’s hard to see all of your hard work be mimicked by someone else and see them get credit for it, it’s not right. Theres a difference between being inspired by someone and flat out copying them.

So if theres anything you get from my little blurb here; always be intentional and be yourself throughout the blogging process. What’s the point of doing something that has already been done? this is your chance to be creative and express your personality. Don’t sink behind someone else’s shadow because you’re not willing to/or too scared to put effort into your creative process. If there’s any place to be yourself it should certainly be your blog!

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