It’s that time again! BOSS GIRL BLOGGERS MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Today I am featuring the beautiful Brittany. She is from BeBright Daily. She is all about empowering and inspiring other young women & mothers that you can achieve anything! Here is her story:

About Brittany

Boss Girl Bloggers Member Spotlight Brittany from BeBright Daily
My name is Brittany Bright and I am the Mom Boss behind BeBright Daily. You can call me Brittany, Britt, Mama Bee, BeBright, or anything of the sort. I get called a lot of different names and I wear many different hats. I am a mom, an influencer, mompreneur, and a full-time Ad woman. I have a super adorable 14-month-old son named Jaxon. He gets all of the shine and is my biggest motivator when it comes to navigating the world.
Professionally, I have over 5.5 years of paid and internship experience in social media marketing, digital marketing, journalism, advertising, SEO, analytics, PR and more.

About BeBright Daily

BeBright Daily was launched in March 2017. My name is Brittany E. Bright, which shortens to B.E.Bright! I started my blog because I needed a creative outlet. I graduated college with my degree in marketing and corporate relations in August 2016, started my career a week later, and gave birth to Jaxon 3 months later in November 2016. I had to learn how to be a mom,  adult, and a working woman all within 3 months. It has been a difficult, but rewarding journey.
BeBright Daily Boss Girl Bloggers Spotlight
My blog was my chance to show other young women and young mothers that EVERYTHING in life is obtainable if you have the determination, faith, consistency, and persistence.
Over the past year, I have shifted from blogging about mom and work life, to also helping other bloggers and businesses implement business practices into their everyday blog duties.
In 2018, BeBright Daily has become the ultimate hub for the millennial mom and business babe! My services include blog coaching, digital marketing, social media marketing, branding, web design, and PR for bloggers.


The biggest struggle I have faced while running my blog and business has been learning the balance between work life, blog life, and mom life. I sometimes find it difficult to focus on my professional work life or find time to blog after work or on the weekends.
Although I work at an advertising agency, and I do the same for my clients at work as I do for my personal business clients, I still struggle to make the two work in harmony.
In 2018, I hope to find the perfect balance between them all.


My successes since starting BeBright Daily has been learning the value of consistency and hard work. I have spent the first year blogging, learning everything that I need to know about making it a full-time career. With my professional knowledge and education in marketing and PR, I will be able to fully implement multiple strategies and techniques in order to grow, monetize, and boss up.

Key Advice 

If there are a few things that I would like for other bloggers to know, it is that ‘nothing will work unless you do.’ And to ‘work smarter, not harder.’ 
Find a core support system. My family and boyfriend are my biggest supporters when it comes to blogging and running my side business. Online blogging communities will also play a huge role in cultivating a support system.
Run your blog like a business, or you will not make it very far. There is far more that goes into blogging beyond writing a post and waiting for others to read it. Define your niche, invest in quality photography, implement business strategies, and pay to play.


In conclusion, I would like to thank Lauren for giving me the opportunity to be featured on her website as well as Boss Girl Bloggers.
When you want something bad enough, you will work for it. The reward is in hard work, and in the end, it is all worth it. 
– Brittany