The Blogging Blues + How to Snap Out of it

I think it’s safe to say that we all have had the case of the Blogging Blues at one time or another during our journey. It’s inevitable. There are many situations that you may encounter during your journey that might try to delay your success or stop you all together from ever achieving that success!

Today I want to go over these struggles and help you get over the Blogging Blues because 2018 is all about #THEPOWEROFPOSITIVITY so no blogging blues allowed!!!


How to get over the blogging blues and find your inspiration and motivation again.

When No One Supports You

Okay, maybe not “NO ONE” but, it is really difficult to make your blog successful when people you love don’t support you and your goals. In the beginning of my journey I had people that I know laugh at the idea of me trying to make it “big” through blogging. It hurts, I know. BUT here is why they are laughing; they don’t UNDERSTAND. Many people don’t understand how successful blogging can really be! They are so fast to say “get a real job”, NEWSFLASH – if it’s making you money, it’s a job. Maybe they don’t think it’s a “job” because it doesn’t seem like “hard work” to them. BUT GUESS WHAT, blogging is successfully is so much damn work! Again, they don’t understand…

Here’s what you do:

  • You prove them all WRONG. Let them motivate you to make it happen! If you don’t already know, I am a college dropout and so many told me I had to go to college to be successful. So, what did I do? I dropped out of college and became a blogger. It was time I went after my dream of being successful WITHOUT a college degree. Here I am slowly proving everyone wrong! SO DO JUST THAT!
  • Make all that don’t support you, WISH they did! First they’ll laugh at you and next thing you know they’re asking you HOW to do it!
  • Join a blogger community! You will meet SO many amazing, supportive bloggers! The blogging community is filled with kind souls who want to help other bloggers succeed. Not to mention they will inspire you to no end! I have a free blogging community that I created called Boss Girl Bloggers , filled with over 24,000 supporting female bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Loss of Inspiration + Motivation

There are SO many times when you can start to feel uninspired and unmotivated to write. This could be because you are burning yourself out (working too much) or simply because you have reached a writer’s block.

Here’s how to overcome this struggle:

    • Think back to your WHY. Remember why you started your blog and let that motivate you. Once you lose sight of your WHY, you begin to lose sight of your journey. So be sure to hold that WHY close to you throughout your entire blogging journey.
    • Pinterest has been a huge help for me when I am in need of inspiration. I will go onto Pinterest and look through all of the pins until something POPS into my mind.
    • Look through “Blog Post Ideas Lists.” They are always filled with some helpful ideas to help spark a new blog post! You can find these on Pinterest too!
    • Ask yourself, what inspires you? Is there music that inspires you and motivates you? For me, jazz music really helps to spark inspiration and motivation in me. Whenever I feel like I am coming down with the blogging blues I will turn on some jazz music and snap out of it!
    • Invest in a blog coach! A blog coach will help to keep you motivated, inspired, and on the right path during your blogging journey!
    • Find a blogger that inspires you! Is there a blogging that you look up to? Who motivates and inspires you? When you need a pick me up, go to their blog and read some of your favorite posts!
    • Switch up your space! OR create a space! Having a space that inspires you to write is important. For example: you might be better off with an “office space” rather than your bed. Even if it’s a small space you create in your room that is filled with inspiration! I find creating a  vision board to put in my space is extremely beneficial. Fill your vision board with images, quotes, etc. that inspire you and keep you motivated. Maybe a list of your goals hung up can help too! Fill it with some cute decor and office supplies!

Feelings of Loneliness

Let’s be honest, if blogging is your full time job, it can be very lonely. You are working from home MOST of the time. If you don’t have other blogger friends it can get lonely!

How to get through this: 

  • Switch up your work place. Go out to a local coffee shop or cafe. Work from somewhere other than your home. A change of scenery can be very refreshing and motivating.
  • Join Blogger communities again like boss girl bloggers and find bloggers in your area! I have met up with some awesome bloggers and it’s been really great knowing other bloggers in my area!
  • You can Join Style Collective, an awesome group of female bloggers ran by Annie Spano, she is so sweet! They have meet ups all the time! You can even create a meetup on there for your area!


Oh this struggle is so real! I am not going to sugar coat it, blogging can be EXHAUSTING. It’s a lot of work! Especially in the beginning! But I had to tell myself, don’t let that stop me!

How to get through this:

  • If you feel yourself getting burnt out & run down, be sure to give yourself a break!
  • Remember we can’t do it all. I like to give myself a 10 minute break after every hour of work. I also dedicate Sunday’s as days where I try to stay away from my phone. “Un plug” myself from the world for the day. Of course this doesn’t always happen because I love blogging! But it can be very necessary!
  • Make a routine that is realistic and stick to it! Have a time that you wake up every morning, each day, give yourself some alone time and enjoy a cup of coffee. Then make sure to have a set bedtime and night routine too that you practice everyday! Stick to these routines!

Feeling Like Giving Up

If this thought has come across your mind about blogging, you are not alone. There are many times when you can find yourself wanting to give up on your blogging journey.

Here is how to get through this:

  • If you give up, you will always have that WHAT IF in the back of your mind. WHAT IF I didn’t give up? Could I of made it? and guess what, you can’t fail unless you give up! Another reason why you shouldn’t.
  • You didn’t come this far JUST to come this far. Don’t waste all the hard work you have put into your journey. You didn’t work that hard for nothing. You need to continue until you get what you deserve! Happiness + success. I promise hard work is rewarded in the end! You just have to stick with it till the end!
  • Do you want to prove people that doubted you, wrong or right? I know my answer… Prove them wrong! Prove yourself right!
  • Don’t waste your potential of being a successful blogger by giving up! Your journey is worth so much more than that!

Feeling Like You Can’t Get Blog Traffic

This is a huge hurdle in the beginning. Your blog traffic might be low and you feel as if no one will care if you stop blogging or not anyway. Well you are wrong!

Here’s how to get through this: 

  • Even if just ONE person is reading your content, that one person is reading it for a reason! They LOVE what you have to say! So don’t stop! Don’t let those few who do care down. Also, didn’t you start this journey because you like to write? you have a passion for blogging? WRITE FOR YOURSELF, WRITE FOR YOU! Even if it feels like no ones reading, do it to make yourself happy!
  • There is nothing better than going after your passion and what makes you happy! Don’t let stats stop you from your success. The more you write and stay consistent, the more readers will come your way!
  • I also just figured out a blog traffic strategy that took my blog traffic from 5k monthly to 5k WEEKLY, I share this with a super affordable E Course. You can read reviews of the E course here to see if it’s for you, Or you can go ahead and purchase it HERE for only 20$ if you feel like this would benefit you!

Just remember when you catch a case of the Blogging Blues, it won’t last forever. Don’t give up, I am rooting for you – always!!! 

Until Next Time,