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How I Find Inspiration For Blog Posts – 100 blog post ideas

How to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts – Plus 100+ Blog Post Ideas

If you are anything like me, then maybe you have found yourself feeling STUCK when it comes to creating new blog posts. Have you ever felt unmotivated or you lose your inspiration to write a new blog post? This happens to us all. I want to share with you ways that I get inspired and motivated to write new content, PLUS I am also sharing 100 + blog post ideas with you! Hoping these tips will help you get through your creative, writer’s block. 

100 blog post ideas

Use Pinterest

My favorite way to get inspired and think of new blog post ideas is by using Pinterest. A cool feature that Pinterest has is it suggests topic ideas for you based off of what you are sharing on Pinterest. It also lets you know which topics are trending! I love this feature! Chances are if I blog about a topic that is trending and then share my blog post on Pinterest, it has a chance to go viral! Whenever I feel stuck and don’t know what to blog about I will check out trending topics and ideas on Pinterest. 

To see this you have to click into the search bar and it will show your recent searches, suggested ideas, and trending ideas. 

If you still haven’t used Pinterest to grow your blog traffic you are missing out! Learn more about how to grow your blog traffic with consistent Pinterest strategies here

Go back and update old content

If you are feeling stuck and unmotivated when it comes to writing a new blog post, go back and update old content! I love doing this in general because it can help improve my SEO. Let’s be honest, most of the time our older blog posts aren’t always our best blog posts. When I update my old content I also get re-inspired to create new content!

You might be wondering what you should do to improve your old content, which is why I share strategies on what to do to update and improve your old content here.

Look at your analytics 

Another great way to get blog post ideas and feel motivated to write a new blog post is by analyzing your analytics. Figure out which blog posts are most popular and continue to put out content related to those popular blog posts.

You can also think about which content usually goes “viral” on Pinterest. For example, my 10 relationship reminders blog post always goes viral on Pinterest whenever I create a new pin. This makes me think that maybe I should write more blog posts related to relationships because they could also have the potential to go “viral” on Pinterest.

If you don’t have google analytics installed onto your website yet, it can be very helpful! It tells you which blog posts are popular! It also tells you what your audience’s interests are.

Have a brainstorming session 

I love brainstorming sessions when I am feeling a writer’s block. Try to set aside some time where you can sit with a notebook in a quiet space. Brainstorm blog post topics and title ideas. I usually will write down blog post topics from “beauty, motivation, lifestyle, business” and then write blog post titles that come to mind for each topic. This helps get my creative juices flowing and gives me tons of ideas!

You should also keep a list of blog post ideas nearby so you can jot down when a new one comes to mind! I like to use my notes on my phone to do this. I’ll admit it, I have hundreds of notes saved on my phone! OOPS. 

Find guest posters 

If you are really struggling and want to try and stick to a consistent blog post schedule, reach out to other bloggers in your niche and see if they’d be willing to guest post on your blog! This can help you when you aren’t able to get a new blog post up, feeling stuck, or even have a trip planned! Plus it’s great to collab with other bloggers! 

Come up with a series

Have you ever thought of coming up with a blog post series? This can help you come up with at lest 5-10 blog post ideas. For example, if you are a beauty blogger you can do a series like, “Friday Favorites” or a month of “Budget Beauty”. Maybe a series of “Organizing Your Home”, start with one room each blog post. It’s like a mini organization series. Hope this makes sense! 

Eliminating distractions 

I don’t know about you but I know that I get easily distracted! ESPECIALLY when I am writing a new blog post. It’s so easy to be in the middle of writing a blog post and next thing you know you are scrolling through social media for the next hour. I try to hide my phone and eliminate all distractions when I am ready to seriously sit down and write a new blog post. It helps a lot! 

Monthly blog vision

If you really want to take your blog seriously and get into a consistent posting schedule, then it’s time to create a monthly blog vision! This is when you map out your blog posts for the month in advance! Having content written in advance can make sticking to a consistent schedule a lot less stressful. I wrote about creating a monthly blog vision that you should definitely give a read if you are wanting to get more consistent with blogging! 

Ask your audience

When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to ASK your audience what they want to read next! This is also a great way to connect with your audience to hear what they enjoy reading from you! I usually will create polls on twitter or Instagram. You can also send an e-mail to your subscribers and ask them what they enjoy reading too!

Change up your space

This is something I have been struggling with lately. Since I work from home it is so easy for me to feel uninspired when I am home all the time. Sometimes changing up where I work can help to re-inspire me. You can also switch up your office.

I used to move my room around all the time as a kid because I LOVED change. Maybe move your desk around, decorate your space, create a vision board, and surround your desk with your favorite scents. It’s the little things that can make a huge difference. 

Blog Post Ideas

Here is a quick look at a brainstorming session. I am sharing 118 blog post ideas to help spark some creativity, inspiration and motivation!  

  1. How to simplify your life
  2. How to stay productive & organized
  3. how to make the most out of your mornings
  4. Ways to instantly feel happier  
  5. How to make yourself a priority
  6. Why it’s okay to not have it all figured out
  7. How to evaluate your life
  8. Things to do every night before bed
  9. Shows worth watching on Netflix
  10. Top reads for personal growth 
  11. Monthly book list
  12. (season) morning routine
  13. (season) Night time routine
  14. How to relax when you are feeling stressed
  15. Habits to cut out of your life right now
  16. How to feel happier daily
  17. Healthy habits to improve your life
  18. Healthy living guide
  19. How to have a self care Sunday
  20. Self care tips
  21. Cleaning tips & hacks
  22. Best organization tips
  23. How to overcome rejection
  24. How to change your mindset
  25. How to organize your time
  26. Healthy morning habits
  27. How to get a best night’s rest
  28. How to build your confidence
  29. Self love ideas
  30. Questions to ask yourself every month
  31. How to deal with change
  32. Affirmations for a positive mindset
  33. How to practice gratitude 
  34. Motivational quotes
  35. How and what to declutter
  36. How to live a fearless life 
  37. Budgeting tips
  38. How to find your passion in life
  39. 20 things to accomplish before I turn (#)
  40. Ways to get motivated
  41. Removing negative energy from your life
  42. Why you need to follow your heart
  43. What I learned from a year of blogging
  44. How to have a more productive week.
  45. What is your inspiration ?
  46. 20 Truths about me + my life
  47. 20 Mistakes I made in my twenties
  48. How to save your money
  49. How to reset your mindset  
  50. Advice to my younger self
  51. Monthly goals  
  52. How to do a social media detox
  53. Things that get me through my Monday  
  54. Ways to unwind
  55. The biggest time wasters
  56. Bedtime habits to better your sleep  
  57. How to take control of your Sunday
  58. How to pursue your dreams when you’re afraid to
  59. How to make the most of setbacks
  60. (#) Afirmations for entrepreneurs
  61. Ways to go outside your comfort zone
  62. Dates to do alone (self love & care)
  63. Tips for organizing your closet
  64. Mindsets to have if you want to pursue your dreams
  65. Habits of confident women
  66. How to live a less stressful life
  67. Decor to cozy up your home
  68. (season) home decor favorites
  69. Work from home tips
  70. How to have a productive day
  71. How to increase your productivity at work
  72. How to stop procrastinating
  73. Habits for success
  74. Creating a success mindset
  75. How to achieve your goals  
  76. Self care for entrepreneurs
  77. How to create a business plan
  78. Summer skin care routine
  79. Daily skin care routine
  80. Favorite beauty products for the season
  81. Top 10 drugstore beauty products
  82. High end beauty products worth the splurge
  83. Products I regret buying
  84. Monthly beauty favorites
  85. Monthly empties
  86. Monthly products I would repurchase
  87. Skin care favorites
  88. Favorite (shade of ___) lipsticks
  89. Eyeshadow palettes I love
  90. Oldies but goodies for beauty products
  91. 10 Favorite products under $10
  92. Top 5 favorite ____
  93. (Season) trends
  94. Favorite pieces
  95. How to style a ____
  96. How to transition from (season to season)
  97. How to dress for a wedding
  98. Date night outfit ideas
  99. Guide to _____
  100. Travel on a budget tips
  101. Tips for packing
  102. How to find cheap flights and hotels
  103. Seasonal travel tips 
  104. A day in your life
  105. Journal prompt ideas 
  106. Travel bucket list
  107. Seasonal bucket list
  108. Favorite amazon products
  109. Home decor, amazon, beauty, fashion hauls
  110. How to do a life detox
  111. Tips for living a wealthier life 
  112. How to stay sane when working with social media
  113. Most repurchased beauty products
  114. Monthly reflections
  115. Round up posts
  116. How to create a money mindset 
  117. Mindset shifts for business
  118. Unhealthy mindsets holding you back


I hope you found these tips helpful! Here’s hoping we sparked those creative juices again! Can’t wait to here what you are going to blog about next! 


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  • Karen Monica

    I am definitely book marking this. Never thought of searching for ideas from Pinterest. Now I think I can write at least 10 post in advance.. Lol I better start planning for July posts.

    • ellduclos

      So glad you found it helpful! (:

  • Bri

    I love all your posts, Elle. Thank you for being such an inspiration! As a new blogger I can honestly say I wouldn’t have stayed as motivated if it weren’t for you!

    • Bri

      Ell* autocorrect 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!!!

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  • Britt

    You’ve got some great suggestions here, something for everyone! I’m sure this will be a HUGE help for anyone that finds themselves stuck in a blogging rut.

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    Thank you! I needed this.

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    Thanks so much for sharing! These are wonderful ideas and helped spark some inspiration.

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