Today for Boss Girl Bloggers Member Spotlight Saturday, I am featuring Jen Decaro from Chic + Cheap Lifestyles! She focuses on fashion and DIY on a budget! I am so inspired by her blog! Who doesn’t enjoy finding cheap, but quality items?! Here’s her story:


My name is Jen DeCaro and I am the blogger behind Chic and Cheap Lifestyles – an affordable lifestyle blog focusing on fashion on a budget, DIY ideas, and cheap finds – whether that be in travel, beauty or lifestyle! My day to day job is a tax manager – and I have been told by many people that I don’t have the personality of an accountant – so I take that as a compliment!


I thought about starting this blog for years. Lauren Conrad’s launch of her lifestyle brand was actually my inspiration probably 5 or 6 years ago! But at that point, I didn’t have the confidence nor the drive to follow through with blogging so it just wasn’t the right time for me. I have followed fashion bloggers for years – admired their style, their gorgeous aesthetic, designer purses, beautiful vacations. I never thought about the affordability of it all. For the everyday girl, it wasn’t an attainable lifestyle. I wanted my readers to know that you can look good on a shoestring budget; you can take a dream vacation without breaking the bank & it’s totally possible to outfit a new wardrobe from a thrift store!


My biggest struggle has been literally getting over myself. I lacked so much confidence in what I was doing which led to me not caring about my blog as much as I should have. I  would write a post and then take two months off Рnobody was seeing it anyways, right?. I never told ANYBODY (even my own best friends!) that I was trying to start a blog. I also had no idea where to look for resources, photo tips, blogging tips, etc. & I knew no one who was doing what I was doing Рso I had 0 opportunities to network.

How I overcame my struggles:

Finding a Community: Like I had mentioned before, I had no idea what I was doing in the blogging world. But one simple Instagram post changed all of that. I posted an #ootd picture on my Instagram, and Style Social Pittsburgh (a local blogger group) reached out to me and liked my photo. I suddenly realized there was a community of like-minded creatives in my area – and I could connect with them! I began to quickly gain confidence in what I was doing. I connected with local girls in the area (some have turned into GREAT friendships). I found facebook groups (HELLO Boss Girl Bloggers!) where I could literally learn EVERYTHING I needed to know about creating a blog, using social media, etc. I now have a solid group of boss babes that I can bounce ideas off of. There is a support system out there and that gave me more confidence than I could have ever imagined. I now hand out my business card or show my Instagram confidently, proud of my side hustle. But without a network of girls behind me, it never would have happened. I recently saw a quote that I absolutely loved – “real queens fix each other’s crowns” and that is what I feel about surrounding yourself with other boss babes.


You only take away what you put in. Investing in myself and my blog has been key in overcoming my struggles. I realized that no, I didn’t need to hire a professional photographer to take my pictures, but I did need to invest in a camera and some photography lessons. I learned that I should self-host my blog, and buy a really good theme to stand out. I learned that I needed to invest in education – researching and reading articles on things that I probably still don’t understand – like coding and SEO. I also am learning new things every single day! But I think that is key to making it in the blogging world.